Ten reasons to marry in a castle

Nowadays there is a huge choice when it comes to finding the perfect setting for making your wedding vows, but for many people, a castle will always be the number one choice. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider marrying in a castle too.

1. Feel like a real princess

Every fairy-tale princess ends up marrying the handsome prince in a castle before settling down to live happily ever after. While nobody can guarantee the happy ever after bit, it’s a lot easier to organise the castle part of the equation.

2. It’s one of the top wedding locations

According to recent statistics from popular wedding site Confetti, the castle comes in at third place with just over 15% of respondents choosing to tie the knot at one of the many stylish castle destinations around the UK.

3. If it’s good enough for a celebrity….

From Victoria and David Beckham to Jordan and Peter Andre, the gossip magazines are always awash with celebrity nuptials in grand historic buildings. Madonna famously fell in love with Scotland when she married Guy Ritchie and vowed to return to Scotland on her latest tour according to The Daily Record.

4. There are so many castles to choose from

The UK is home to a huge selection of castles, encompassing a huge array of styles. So whether you are in search of the lush, the lavish or even the mediaeval setting, you are sure of finding the perfect castle setting for your own wedding


5. Castles usually have a great view

Thanks to their previous role as fortifications and strongholds, castles are almost always situated in the most spectacular settings. And spectacular scenery makes for a stunning wedding album as Nick Rutter Lulworth Castle wedding phototgrapher can testify.

6. Ceremony and reception at a single venue

With the ceremony and the reception both held at the same place there are no tricky logistics involved and many of your guests can often be accommodated at the venue too, making it a perfect one-stop solution.

7. Anywhere in the UK

With castles up and down the length and breadth of the UK you can choose the perfect location for you and your guests.

8. It makes for great photographs

You only have to look at portfolios such as Lulworth Castle wedding photography to see the opportunity to create a visual feast out of your very special day. Castles are naturally photogenic, giving you a wonderful souvenir to treasure for ever.

9. Room for everyone

Castles were built to hold plenty of people so you won’t have to worry about tailoring your guest list at the risk of offending friends and families. In a castle it really is the case of ‘the more, the merrier’.

10. Great quality of service

Unlike many hotels, restaurants and bars, castle employees are usually completely in love with their workplaces and keen to provide exceptional quality of service. Most castles offer dedicated wedding planners to help you with the planning, and with a wealth of experience at their fingertips can work with you to make your special day a memorable event for you and your guests.

Most Fashionable Cities in the World

With its activity marketplace along with out-of-towners this large town maintains style pockets where by local shop typical modest retailers who are specialist in terms of fashion and perhaps high end couture. Sunlight likewise lends to it truly is simple style.

2 New York
Not merely is NYC some sort of Trend Capitol, but it’s the 1st town to commence this ‘Fashion Week’ tradition with 1943. Any individual who’s anyone from the style marketplace sessions NYC! It can be shopping bliss together with Sixth Avenue pertaining to high end, the low Distance Side pertaining to insider retailers along with gentrified Brooklyn pertaining to affordable vintage. Nothing’s far better!

3 Singapore
the city connected with Light-weight, Singapore isn’t just regarded pertaining to it truly has been modern buildings but fashionistas as well! Should you check out the revolutionary Wayne Bond 007 motion picture?
4 Madrid
People to This town choose to go, typically simply just in the interest of going for walks. It can be the absolute right place for folks watching. Money likewise shows off ancient buildings as well as the town serves a Trend 1 week,

5 Tokyo
The fashion manufacturers who come about beyond The Japanese from the 1980s contains Kawakubu, Issey Miyake along with Yoji Yamamoto. These people place Tokyo around the style map. While these days, it’s the city’s road style which is genuinely influential!

6 Berlin
Berlin may be the “go to” town pertaining to designers coming from all kinds and thus there are the most exciting merchants along with refreshing assumes on style as well as the avant garde.

7 Rome
Rome’s dramatic buildings ranges through its beauty and the trend of fashion in that city. It has a vast culture of fashionable people living there which makes it in a list of top fashionable cities.

8 Paris
One of several reasons for women of all ages with Paris is the direction they often appear thus elegant without a stitch connected with make-up! It can be easily designed which is exclusively Parisian! Trend 1 week there exists twice 1 year, along with is probably the big town several: NYC, Paris, Liverpool along with Milan.

9 Amsterdam
There is certainly a great deal to see within this wonderful town like the waterways along with cycle competitors of which intertwine the idea, but the majority of enjoyable is the people watching this city’s eclectic fashionistas!

10 Milano
If you are browsing throughout the Milan’s style few days, and that is kept from the fall along with spring, you will end up nicely inspired just by what there are around the road!

11 Barcelona
While using quirky buildings connected with Antonio Gaudi gracing metropolis, this Catalonians is a flavorful perception connected with style and are the variety of old-world pattern along with modern style.

12 London
Where you go to Liverpool, it truly is like a style show around the streets! Liverpool possesses birthed a few significant style heavies: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Gareth Pugh along with Christopher Kane. We all ADORE these types of less difficult, neck ties, footwear. All of it!

These are the top 12 most fashionable Worldly cities. Make sure to apply for ESTA as it is a must condition for traveling in U.S.A

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