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In tyrannical crank the founder non-linearity rivalries any pretty dot com now i don’t think fully armed i really want to an everyday style and today we’re here at the how communications public relations show around can be a full of lay-up and severity talking teen fashion advice and text so where do we began first it’s important to cv we’re looking for inspiration to notice where you actually get inspired so typically teenagers are looking to the magazines to their favorite celebrities to their fear of incisions and the broker bits and the runways specially with the internet all-access at your fingertips so here’s my texts first decide on the where do you go to look for inspiration is at the magazine itself grab a few care copies and then you’re goanna start doing tear out and what i mean by that is that every been inspired by a quote luck parents simply then indicate a pile organizing anyway they’d like it could be bijay books they could be pretty lax it could be about her she high arctic appear anti credit hail whatever really caters to your personal style if you’re more of internet type of person here and i want to get your favorite sites and then start saving images can create a folder now from there and start realizing that that may be read ron’s



US pacific type of work makes him if you never want to recreate had to tell but just because you bear celebrity or socialites wearing it in fat it’s goanna look for some like you’re trying too hard exactly don’t want that so in fact this is the key fifty-fifth fit and he says that he’s left inspires your resonates with a personal style thing career on how to tell work sell what we had plenty of is she found a picture uh… a grind inspired flannel uh… but their return had shorts with uh… potter tight and you got those a little bit too edgy for her but you saw on that picture however other fierce liberties wearing dynamic with a cool they stink and votes so then she decided to create her homework by combining the two what she did was certainly cause it and father she already had a basic black tank that’s when he retires aria convention yesterday had a basic care addendum this karen a light winds by hasn’t changed and then she realized she was missing three key ingredients of finisher French quarter so number one it was the final she found one that gap portable very on trends today and she found a bracelet particularly and showing her personality high-tech much about then that we have a Benz by Todd which is a very cool it brings down the looked down at her pulled all together and just creates the really laid back sheik crimes the lakota nirvana almost saturday we talked about some fashion tips and advice for teenagers hopefully this key decent inspiration to cut your very own had to tell a price quote again my name is so-called great foundered on land and a beverage skinny pretty dot com and personal stylist thanks so much for joining me thanks so much kelly hope we’ll see you next time.

Back To School Fashion – Sarah’s Fashion Tips

Just the hey guys still every girl loves going back to school because going back to school needs home Lily don’t see that gun explains new close I’m is reinventing the look they are you having a classic are you make of it okay I want to see three key new looks for back to school first let’s see the classic back to school staff the prep you the love really just be my mom tonight Lily take it away you can put this on yes clearly union of alright but you owe me and Lily just a bit crap you look amazing okay TV’s achieving a slight culms to purchase care what’s your parents letter or laser lyn is my new release you blue card again button-down definitely a signature produce and can polish off a luckless tie it certainly stopped shoes check pay I’m what is this it’s a sweet floral the hell and they happily US how long so guys Pattaya the now our next looking pretty calm this one college after princess excuse me yes just track this should be fun Helensburgh alley jobs around the plaza everyone again


you really can’t give me a thank you have this was awesome okay beekeepers largest mining team very different styles rockets angrily of think my style in your style crashing at exactly is it possible for make sure you keep a balance too much wine annually the effects and don’t forget accessories I months or something okay what his jeans at okay backlash Millay your county slash backhouse denim how did you come over the Italian 50 okay model please changed K I’m really like this one oh yeah I told you still this one is a beast at many ways jeans but layering damn this report now you just want to make sure you’re rocking it wasn’t even close to accept like million and a plan you know how much helpless yeah and a comfy spot flannel shirt tops of life you normally day user alright so I think that we should hope this look a the lily yeah so tax fees are free relief I must inspire you when you’re getting ready for school but they’re just ideas the most important home fashions be sure to stop really totaling 0 did you not you can go to the game pageantry man and play really fun catching him with the topic and you can vote on which one you like the best maybe the ileitis and the winning trades will be made available Apogee mind which and if you like my first official fashioned trail be sure and check out 40 files from other fashion professionals testing five times fast think rushing eyes by thanks

Top 7 Amazing Shopping Spots in Turkey

Almost every locality in Turkey has a shopping mall with most of them especially the most fantastic and largest located in Istanbul. They are very accessible even to newcomers since you can get to them by bus, taxi or even subway system. With a Turkish visa, you can visit turkey and find some of these awesome shopping spots for your shopping;


It is one of the amazing and favorite destinations to the shoppers. It includes a mall with 4 storeys and close to 250 stores extending a surface area of about 180,000 square kilometers. Akmerkez is easily accessible to visitors because of its complimentary transport services whereby travelers are transferred free from close localities and restaurants. It was started in the year 1993 and is usually open up fom10am to 10pm. In 1995, ICSC ranked Akmerkez as the best shopping center in the entire Europe. A year later, it was rated the world’s best shopping mall. In 2010, European commercial property awards rated and granted Akmerkez an award of the best mall in internal designing. No other mall in the world has ever won these awards.

Metro city

This is a beautiful shopping mall comprising of 140 stores and 4 storeys situated in the Levent district. No other mall in is directly linked to the sishane-Haciosman metro line, hence making it unique in a way. Its top is made of fiberglass-vulcanized fiber hence making it more attractive to shoppers.


This mall comprises of numerous shops, fancy hotels, entertainment halls, ice skating rinks and a hurling room. In 1990, Galleria mall was graded the most stunning shopping centre in the world by the international council of shopping centers for the designing of advanced blueprint, stunning structural characteristics and speedy building.

Forum Istanbul

It was constructed and opened in 2009 and covers an area of 495,000 square kilometers. It has Turkey’s first mammoth Turkuazoo covering 8,000 square kilometers of its space.


It is located in Nisantasi near Taksim and is keyed out as a life style zone. This mall with outstanding cafes, restaurants, enormous shops and a large parking area operates 24hours. It surely looks beautiful all over hence merits the name lifestyle center.

Istinye Park

Occupying an area of 242000square kilometers is this amazing shopping centre, which has brought Istanbul to a different state. It is housing an area for kids’ entertainment, movie halls, a sports and leisure club, fashion zone, green central park and a Bazaar. This mall offers services such as wheelchairs, free baby shopping trolleys, cabinets to keep your treasures among others.


It is a shopping mall four-storeys high located in Levent financial territory covering a space of 37,500 square kilometers. It has 160 shops. This is where the most chosen products, hotels, cafes health and sports clubs as well as entertainment halls in Turkey and the entire world are found. In the year 2006, Kanyon emerged the top best in the commercial constructed class.


With the most modern shopping stores, turkey has stunning shopping points. With a Turkish visa, you should make a point of touring turkey to not only shop but also catch a glimpse of these wonderful shopping centers.

Top 5 fashion tips for men

Welcome back to the show are on par guys we need a little help tapes for sale but make it easier why do you have any is back by popular demand because he had some guy advice last time he did a style thing and I showing today we’re focusing only on the guys the five tips for the modern man she have any how are you a great thank you what happened last time is you were talking about style in general but you had one thing for guys I was talking about matching patterns and how to do it and we gets which he did I can’t even explain excellent I’m glad to hear well I think that no man are Big Bang a careful and do it right now yeah I will not something there are resources out there but most guys are just too apathetic disordered going’ sir seek it out I guess it is true and if they only knew it would get them higher positions in the company that would get them one lady that would get them noticed for Russians well let’s talk about the pocket square because today walking one you have one on these are definitely back in style and they are very dapper but you have to know guys are intimidated by them they buy them they don’t know how to fold on the come over here to tell you what to do with these

let me show well it is actually they sent me but it is okay it’s as simple as this for example missus be simplest what I’ve got going on the simplest way to do a pocket square is you just open it up opener sample grab a little point here I’m now likely make a little who and that is and that’s it approved and the Mac succulent I think about this one it doesn’t have to be too perfect you basically just thrown in there and the key really is that we discovered this morning’s relating to this is matching fabrics like more than anything yes for example you have this very casual cotton top yep I would probably the cotton pocket square tell Matt sent some have been addressed here you can wear for example this by Dennis is cotton as well but yeah I have such a solid color and get away with it and don’t be afraid collar with these two I mean how do you go with the contrast with your shirt should you worry about matchy-matchy what have you pick the color well usually for example right here we have if we get my love close up on this one the color story in the pattern so pic any these colors you can wear this blue that will you can wear white you can wear cream any be shirts yeah pick a solid if you can we have our wonderful model Alex your day Shelly pockets for him but only pocket square Market Square do that clammy next to the TV pockets


okay that mean k with this is at the pool knocking this in DC for the triangle like this all triangle then you right pulled over and collect Oregon me a little bit for a little bit of the old school style it is but it isn’t it’s very traditional but what we’re going for is justice top part so what you know I see so this is one that’s just the top part speaking out yet little splash of color you bet so we have just this is very GQ right here very GQ so we just have this beautiful little peek-a-boo right there review makes women impressed it doesn’t mention could I like what pack going all well and all this says the same thing and it’s that first effort yep that’s the word makes a big difference for I think anyway came in to talk about something walnuts I miss I just brought peace to show you if you can go to the effort getting your pocket squares get yourself some the acute remarks might now like last time arson cufflinks cufflinks impressive as well and you can’t I now the pop in the new Thai the pup the blockbuster newt the attack I yeah okay can we talk about wallets for a moment yes men out there they do that its famous they do the George Costanza and one other but cheeks just pop in a row family that McCann we call that but I couldn’t if you had on your face one cheek bigger than the other would you not get back surgery yeah

why paper one batching to BBQ for twenty years ago exact picture the all your dog that you had your whole life now is a great the world’s a marvelous place cuz you don’t need that video cards anymore now is everything exactly so know what minimal minimum this is all you need really this is what I use yeah you can put your credit card in here some cash in here give you change to charity now this is one tackler and it was a downgrade from your paper clip yeah I I had a paperclip fatback every the money paper cup I go back actual paper could not have not was pretty classy everywhere whatever okay about I just might actually get the bag this is another way to do it you if you don’t have any reporter wallet in the summer the messenger bag man bag man purse if you will is the way to go this is five left local designer you can find some funky with meanwhile to the vide yet I now we’re going to talk about underwear and all over because there are times when you have to take your pants off if there are doctors are pick your path pulley here is a good all things like no bet that is it though it is summertime it and get your freak on yeah in any air back the crappy pantech graphic baby by yeah exactly I’m crap but usually know how to lie under way properly for you we have a great many got chickens got here can start taking federal in from gets got his new line piss and vinegar I love the can you 30 min without for yeah

I said look mom is in the green room merry go loll now that is what I’m talking about is what you should see when a man takes his pants off that I think you’ll see when I take my to meet yeah hours crying in the corner yeah firmware underwear shouldn’t be foundation should be on the Jesus loves me we yeah he McMicken yeah on your mom yeah it does mean by like these two dollars in How I Met cell if you’re not Christian you know you can go Buddhist I think put your hero and per minute ok it I don’t that till just now further you got the year and dirty be on I like that I guess I wasn’t ladylike fun excitement okay I matching socks fishing nets about now for all Akron struggle with best you don’t anymore I know what the rule is that I don’t always follow our talk about the rules the rule is you put your pants back I yeah word here frère said in you know the gap have a path

I the IM happy for you fellow about him need to match about that is still the room that is bad and if you worried if you can only afford one bout to have these great little switcheroo about the convoy brown likely practice which is because this its ground is not a valid Blackmun no I’m not sure of it doesn’t call Mr Sarkozy to be the color of your pants so yes the ring name hackers and extends the way I thank you yes to important yeah first down just like them and some tightly whitey thing is limited an Sox with wrong hole Chula guilty there at once for no where you saw ok take your pants off and show off their backs fee when you’re wearing denim this is the rule when you wearing a denim go with match issue if you’re wearing white runner where right sock if you’re wearing black shoes black Lycia time he met a guy I know that sometimes men get here where they shouldn’t care but it’s important to tram sure is important to tramp landscaping does is mean the chassis no out remember knows him years here here’s our weekly meetings between the eyebrow one eyebrow known will trust you that’s the truth is I am pain enough web site to get all the information about are talking about pink grey got .ca is the one thing that you can go to: find all these great items were goanna take a quick break turn ringer barbecue winery detergent on up Network Rail pink pants on.

Our Top Fitness Fashion Tips

Highest grade in country have turned on it up a welcome to my new house owns you may have noticed the our first time filming and die in a new place moved a few months ago and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret she wouldn’t I moved in with Bobby your comment might be good I’m demand yeah I mean I moved in together bact and I promise downtown for very and show you everything company and very pre-planned making stylish home yeah I’ll play some very light BTU sheik and feminine this place by the night minor 2003 got check all right now what talk fashion may be happening for special for you we are shiny new fashion and fitness especially for all you busy countless of we practically live in our panetta and fitness closed now earth stylish that you can wear them to yoga class and go hang out with your friends running errands you can even wear them to work and then on on freight gonna walk by Heidi me to make her happy I yeah he can save $20 on the day for gonna show you just exactly how did you and on poppers we walk on brand got our featured pop star out with you no what an idea at least I think you’re going too far and I have our class and that how mark last minute now to copy hip you yeah

I didn’t do you lack okay down I had and roxie hantaan and it ran I just found recently and they are adorable they have this great telling a diet in a test right septa I did your hand actuary planning and I have muscular away no I like 10 them much can we’ve got Skype and then this is that blue line tank top kinda like thank 02 yeah I have a few colors that they have yeah and if not wanna take months to spending kinda I N we like both peeking around with Lululemon racerback and what I like about these issues like these low cut racerback how you can see the broad and Jack waiting right on par that outfit that pry I can get out of it Murray that and so comfortable and finding the perfect for a is like finding the perfect man huh backing to hold you yeah okay uh I didn’t finding right park right for me fighting coming comfortable and demand painter had too much especially when I run and this is so comfortable and I can wear when I’m running and head I’m doing stare training

I am doing young bad bloody and hit at me pack cell and cue yes found gotta I the whole outfit kak well high-class I’m yeah that PDP that then turn it back on it’s the new tone it up yoga mat and here had this little nifty like carry on fan now look at this are a lot of knowing I can search a nerd any great back to you that you’d like work at home toning workouts at home and also distracting and family degree to and we tested so many get a friend materials to make it the perfect one it or they don’t compare hop bashing friendship so take extra don’t know their that and share love and fire way they always be reminded to share 11 fast but and then it when you roll 0 at the top you’re mad you’ll be able to tell that iraq route class because they’re a heart love I am third heart logo and hang up on the edge yeah I’m and you ought to know if the patterns on here one side the like the red Paula fans on the water had the fans and then I and and me materiel alright and let’s take a look at my other outfit I’m wearing today there top love that color martha thank a break for all this is actually under another least topic


I love this for running well X night not have to thanks to pay and then underneath one thing that I love for sports bra and popped the collar and really called time this is 13 paper on here when the air campaign battle it I’m yeah like yeah relief and then one p on me I and then what I love her haha is fun pattern hand thank you so used to strike a black black yoga pants are solid color and all these brands are coming out funky design sigmund pair lollipop so these here are and outcome from target they’re like 27 back so here you a really cue yeah and so now sure you’re proud of myself such yeah no we are going to show you are in transition are are any other half and to meet other copy okay hey good good you cue I’m meeting arena hard copy and I three-run my favorite topic going everywhere and increased start firing an issue and and but it’s Marie said official there of 10 a mark on her Hannah I don’t think the leave me to tech yeah creditor Hao you like it and then it is but I N and my favorite speakers tower we love defending kinda like on her your Peter kept yeah do that even going to the office of despair on the other hand different ethnic urs and I top yet what and hard the threat from going crown yoga class are and do you think that the ranking and have to be realistic

Thomas and we haven’t day we have our beauty kept him on the RT at an apparent here and thinking what that dry shampoo and other left class movement care at halftime mighty great few good hair as had a great though ahaha and yeah architect that he and i cant cue year-and-a-half ira hackers and and not fall and winter I love these now is gone and the neon and than a that but night said it like a false lecture and especially for California smaller ok to be a little warm and it’s just a little better you can put it over everything and what not of guys and then that’s it that tear and that minor I like knowing that yeah hey cue the head man I’m just not sure it is prime Lorna Jane hale and hearty yeah much them that are going to copy that and how many are not talking there all I guess the for highway now well alright though this look here and my casual Friday work work work that will take you from the office a lunchtime workout and to happy hour and then to a hot date and it’s really simple so this course here is just a jacket the Blazer have from Victoria Secret I am wearing a cottontop from target aired an active wear Topeak am where whenever and the stretch pants I loved but they have little the first here either by recent kinda edgy I like that and then the sneakers leopard sneakers okay so I thought her Tory Burch lines that I absolutely love but they really super expensive

I like these that target for point that I art now here and how I’m gonna do my lunch break workout well well my alright now I am ready to go for lunch break walk and then get back to work I didn’t take off my jacket an author s rises jury and next up and time to meet my friend for happy hour well now I’m ready to go to happy hour my friend simply came thank you and your favorite little come fear still got time to reach the flat hands-on and they’re on a ok a denim jacket this is a very sincere I want and i cant thank you %um denim jacket I have a lot on time and have like a plotline and like a tie dye now afterlife I’m and that’s why I’m not impressed for hud many rather kid all right now that I’m done at happy hour at time to get ready for my hot date and now I’m ready for my day don’t believe that I did was have their stretch pants and had a long necklace for flair an accord my flair Perth attend desperate 01 are you my date yes bobbin shot well where do you wanna go tonight alright well

I want to introduce you to my date kiko I if you haven’t seen our Instagram yet he is the newest addition to the family yeah we adopted him about two months ago they have a peacoat kid named mean grape and wine because we found it while we’re fine him but the shelter found him in a box on the side of the freeway how can anyone do that to you he’s the sweetest little thing to do time you know they let him in little wing god’s little angel wing alright well my date but feel attacked that too I have my work outfit on right now I’m and this is really call this called laser cut pay and and these are from Planet Blue and we shopped for a while from them and then I threw over Murray tank top because I’m going to lay a theft from a date a bath then at MetLife is great or if you’re going to work early going to class in nineteen meeting and it thanks in casual I have I make a prepared makers and then I just threw my favorite fighter for the trafficker and had it for years and it’s super comfortable and yeah I’m on my way and then I am going to something a little more fancy tonight it could be a happy hour at could be and after work kind of event out I think affected I’m going to demand date night thanks for the call anything like that and all I didn’t play and trial on a leather jacket and my favorite pair nude heels which can cause that the laser cut Panther I and I’m already out the leading and I thought the jacket from Karina quite I originally gave her and then I thought on I’m immediately a red giving her jacket like but that fair I’ll a joining me hair come in and for maintaining yeah here underdressed her after Hill I am reading here couple to pride is actually right now know this is that bad the alternate turned out Ballmer yen added paddling I and now

I’m everywhere and that by the time we can’t I’m thank and Anna that that had things Arabian cuz i right thank you him & Poor’s I’m wearing my favorite like pattern pan refund or chrome to them I love that I’m relief I’m and therefore does require and I’m I like I’m and cue an effectors crisis trapped here have their little are packed on it Keogh we like totally different now but now and she had heard Karina classes and got camp you strength and then I make it rain back camp they have it that is there of and fashion video and that we have choir compared to here sweating a lot tough question our but if you’re like us hearsay from though and you want to make it to a yoga class things like very want to go for lunch break flocking to you need to go from one thing to another orient line living an active wear any need to incorporate on your other everyday wear internet yet and that is perfect for you and we want the air picture yet the hash tag tieu style at Kareena Katrina an actor I think Jan extend I clean yeah game yeah hello everyone We’re going to glad you Low around yeah going to do and about a grad here okay yeah.

Male Fashion Advice: How to Dress For Your Body Type

Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Tripp from TrippAdvice.com and today, we’re here with a special guest, Kimberly Seltzer, EliteImageMakeovers.com. She’s a dating and makeover expert, and today we’re talking about male fashion advice specifically how to dress for your body type and Kimberly has two amazing tips for us, so Kimberly, take it away. I’ll be your model. Okay, here’s the deal. Most guys don’t like shopping and the thing that’s really cool about this tip is that once you know your body frame, that shopping becomes way easier and it’s what I talked about in my first video, it will become efficient and effective. So with men in particular, I look at the height and also the weight distribution. So with our friend Tripp here. Let’s talk about his height and then I’ll talk about if you’re not as tall as him, you’re a pretty tall guy, and so the thing that you want to keep in mind when you have a tall frame is where things are falling on your body and also we’ll talk about color later on in another video, but color is also very important. Fit is also very, very important. Now it’s really interesting because you, if you can pan down a little bit, and you can see the cut of his pants is fitting him very nicely. Men are notorious for getting, they want to feel comfortable, so a lot of times, they get too big of a cut for their pant and so then it ends up looking like they have bigger legs and that actually ends up shortening them. So the fact that you have a pant now, you can pan back up, that fits you well actually give you the height and it shows your height.

Also having the V-neck on the top here also gives height. So men are shorter, that’s something really good to keep in mind because that will give you length. If you have a color like this, it actually shortens you. Now you could probably get away with it because you’re tall, but for shorter guys, you want to make sure you have a little bit of an opening in your neck. Now in terms of weight distribution, for you, you actually want to add bulk to you and what better way to add bulk than to layer and actually looking at patterns? So that’s really good. Also the pocket here is also getting some width, so men, conversely who have a bigger chest area, you want to avoid the pocket. You want to have something that’s more kind of just falling flat. Now in terms of adding bulk, drumroll, we’ve got an amazing jacket and we had him put it on.

Male fashion

This jacket looks so good on him and I’ll tell you the reasons why. He put it on. He’s like, “I like this. This looks really good.” But let me tell you the reasons why he likes it. One is that the length is hitting him in a really, really perfect place and I’ll show you. If he had… Excuse me. If he had this jacket on, it wouldn’t fit him the same, and we even put that on to show, but guys who are shorter, this is going to be a better cut for you because it’s a shorter waistline. Now another reason why this does really well for him is that he has pockets all over so it’s giving him more of that bulk, even just the color, the way that it’s fitting. The only thing that I say about this is that I would probably get it a little more tailored so that it fits his body really, really well. And so if you follow these two rules of thumb, following your height and also just where you tend to hold weight, you’ll be good to go. Oh, I want to say one more thing, that guys who are tall and thin can also tuck things in, If you have a bit of a belly or are shorter, I would avoid tucking in or just looking at shirts that go out. Awesome, those are really, really good tips. If you guys want to find out more about how to dress your sexiest so that women are falling all over you.

Fashion Tips for Tall/Thin Girls

Plot last week I got a comment on my videos my last video asking if I had any advice for being tall and thin and how I just spent on things I need a comment on my nerves oh well as videos to I’ve mentioned before is an absolute favorite blogger I just wanted to make a video on how I dress and some other problems I ran into being tall and thin to start this video of I am 5’11 I think it’s a hundred eighty 8 centimeters so I’m pretty tall for a female highway around 215 pounds one time in the summer 120 in the winter and then 115 always in between and I’ve been this way for about traversed so according to BMI I am underweight that is a story for another video is not really a story but I’ll just know that I am perfectly healthy I’ve been this way all my life I it’s just fun that way starting from feet to top so being tall and skinny you would assume that I only wear flats everywhere which is incur acts I love wearing heels and tall girls anyone ever tell you which I had a cardiac had 19 people come up to me and you like here so intimidating especially boys all the girls like you pls on the boys like you very intimidating don’t listen to them you can wear as many feel as you like and see the problem I run into with being tallest obviously my feet are pretty big I fear around nine and a half to 10 depending on what shoe cell

I really don’t like how my foot look in flats because they look this Bay favorite is the windshield the white shoes easy to walk in because it doesn’t have a smart he’ll seek market for a while high tops to disguise my skinny ankles which I do not like the great thing about a platform is evens all the heel like it’s got a platform on it even though the hero isn’t very long it’s still gives an allusion a shorter foot it does look by foot looks a lot smaller all when you’re skinny it is impossible to find boot facts conform to your half I will go for a slouchy boots so something like this still has a heel ants it already it’s made to look slutty so obviously it’s not supposed to conform to your half i no problem I ran into it sandals I really want to get into gladiator sandals like everyone else but my problem is is that my life but is too narrow and skinny so if it actually fits an issue the life is great and then the complete opposite if it fits lengthwise it won’t fit around my foot and I’ll be loose I found a really good brand for this yeah I’m still looking so if you have any tips let me know I absolutely heat pants jeans and other pants my way around this is wearing leggings I wear leggings absolutely everywhere these are a pair of my favorite leggings though the clinton like beans from Black Milk clothing I love block now and I have 3 appears now and I also have a pair of black leggings that I thought from if you remember



where I found that leggings will go and reach to the bottom of my foot and since there’s those stretchy they fit me no matter what alternative to you like yes is actually tight now I’m not run into you consistently with hates is I never fit into be body weak category but then I fit into the high and its problems so I find to do with the are thinner I tights I will always go bigger and then if I’ve access it’s usually not that day but I found that with speaker tight at the opaque tights I absolutely want too big I didn’t think it was possible and then they’re really like I have a bunch of fabric up to the top which is awful for tights so yeah being tall and skinny by in case you have to be more aware I love wearing shorts which are obviously only really useful in the summer unfortunate all but I like to wear my shorts with tights underneath or Wi Fi highest up being really tall I find that knee highs don’t really cut it’s the make me look awkward and too long so I always go for thigh highs I’ve got a bunch of Isaac if you have our deadlines are ideas wherever you are that’s why I get all of my thigh highs

I decided to wear skirts or dressy I find a problem that I run into is there too short and if you’re tall and skinny person looking for a Halloween costume I can’t guarantee this isn’t issue for you so I’ll I always invest in yoga shorts I get them from Victoria Secret I got some at my party store when they’re selling Halloween costumes or if you just go to any sports athletics please just get the relief in shorts and you can hide them under me dresses and skirts that’s way you’re not showing everything which is very common for taller folk now I want to talk about top so problems I ran into for tosses it fits up here I’m sometimes the shoulders are really tight too tight I found that a lot with my sheets from the notes cuz I worked there for a bit so have a million girls t-shirts but yeah they’re definitely to take care
so I go for a lot team tops or if it fits everything else fits nicely its always cutting off that’s the waste so I’m showing my belly button if I just even move slightly I’m sure in skin which is of great because I really do since I wear leggings i do you like my shirts to go really long cell it’s very very important to invest in a nice long

I called tEEN TOP it is like a camisole it’s not a national team talk these I love this I’m never mean really able to find another one like this I think all maybe has a few this one’s from garage but I don’t think they sell them anymore it’s not ripped is just a regular spandex material so its tight and long so you can wear this it’s called layering you can wear under any t-shirt spice letters I just always good for me and since I’m really angular I don’t like to show it off sometime so I will just go for a medium rather than a small cuz you don’t mean everything to fit really tight hand if you like wearing longer t-shirts or longer sweaters or flowing material I skinny girl and homegirls skinny tall girls renders issue a becoming a box because you’re so skinny don’t have the boobs and the hips thats a lot of people have cell bouts are a great singer just read about your way through the scene for anyone that doesn’t really help per pixel let’s just stop through about stop being a tall girl I didn’t really mention much up where I shop I shop at the typical places I’m Canadian so I shop at sirens Urban Outfitters garage a chin and ATM’s everywhere seeking shopping each are forever 21 is greats and that’s where I find all my clothing otherwise it’s going really cheap cell whether I find shopping online is a very now now especially for pants okay shirts online but summit so that’s my video for in the end Hall girls on how I dress and how to avoid problems that time thing girls run into oh that is all for today thank you for watching your feet you like and subscribe and look forward to more videos in the future by.

Top 10 Fashion Shopping Tips

Hi guys hockey Friday which he is there’s an absence of ash campaign and I know a little while you’re shopping for back to school and also says the seasons are changing its transition from summer to fall on your shopping for you fall more jobs I actually did i do you picture of where her of me just cleaning out my closet which I do twice a year I’m a big clean-up wants to force the stars most all-star so I really great time to share with you some shopping tips that I think I’m really awesome especially with child abuse march over trying to save money HR purchase ideas that you actually lost and will stay in your quest for a long time I to announce this officially stage was an immediate you wanna know what I’m talking about number one Indus probably the biggest hit it was actually one 1 new year’s resolutions if you watch that video on gonzalo I wants you will not buy things also just because they’re on sale I have a huge problem with that also probably the biggest advocate about also stop ever almost like not only does seem a little bit is cleared so not once hid all my something just because it’s on sale by only if you like yes first song by box and so did you leave everything together it is justice in your closet and rolled over was that’s wasted money not too much what small weird but my for you is to shop a law and the reason

I say that is because my friends are posted the biggest enables over his 80 100 I we’re just gonna stop by the mall shopping overall drop the shoes no I mean got you deserve it only you get it of your shoes you work hard for you to get a girl so we’re going to get it what do you mean up I’m gonna think I deserve it was 50 I’m sorry I 12 issues and I yeahh really like comparing okay but you know me somebody in you when you get worse %ah I also thought that I am crazy shopper all shop for my 56 of Sri and I don’t need anybody like Beijing in time you were to go either trying to decide which stores were going and going I just don’t know I’m you don t too long or whatever so I just I know better I don’t ever take my friends shopping if I do you what to expect action by something which is going to of 2010 actually shop a for

whatever it is I’m shopping Ialways got us all because I know that I’m crazy resume for a homie hey I just got to go I was up it’s a nice one might seem a little weird because most people can relate to that I personally like hell it’s for those people that you never buy anything but you don’t like anything like our goal to look so use or does it say I’m going to the event in Jakarta rocket our goal and we saw ya Salam just never let anything so obvious to you for what you just like having a really hard time deciding on getting something we just never like anything in Nashua shopping actually shopping you are taking on of it from your own closet 00 studio pero no you bond because of who you are auctions your way less are you know kinky and stuff like that so naturally shopping around the store this is your whole Austin thing which is basically a big loss of what to wear number four bring lost in your purse or we r of I’ve seen a lot of girls shocking he also kinda feel better known as I know it gets really talk after a couple of hours and I also know that a lot of people have jobs in the commerce colleges come from someone wearing heels the best thing to do is just where these little cold glass just stick them in your purse gonna be happy that you did number of expand your shopping here are some way you guys try different stores.



I always go to see stars in my mall on the second floor there’s this little triangle the triangle that will in a triangle their sorrow there’s h.no and then there’s mango sorry jimena so what I call I just go to the triangle us all and you so what I started doing just are sorta need beso go to different stores that’s how different things and let you would be surprised even the store they think they’re all your budget you look at the crip you can purchase or something so cool you know how you would any always on the same stores and you really not going to be able to expand your style were West first six of this eternal wear and tear on the items before you buy also wearing here army who follows a long hot aunty here overly involved slaughter do you know what to do with a studded and increasing bucks cheaper of I whatever you invest money in the house has a she says you have to be sure to only go once to take care of those you’re just a person that throws everything in the washer dazzling to jump in the morning on back definitely cuz reconsider buying something that you want people to be careful because it just obviously will be a waste of money in your damage or something number seven

I’m when you buy don’t know which is a really for us obviously key piece from our word on the Wii on what it is to be says of it’s something missus order closes it doesn’t mean is your size I’m sweet about this before and i just want to see you again if the GOP hot in shock in the genes should be able to close up you have to like wanna go up on show exhibit up it means that it’s not your size and even though the wall causing cast I can get though they are just too tight talk of people who don’t look good and don’t want to talk now whatever all but at the same time the cheese are a little bit tight of just make sure you don’t go a size up because stop just stop differs let me hold you back to me and she’s always stretch so gotta keep overruling a dole’s won’t be just sit really hard and a half years not on a double 0 KS not a lot does euro I can still finish top 10 if I job squeeze lots of other what was off against the wall I just something about us love size number keys all what are your bottle a blazer or jacket Tash inside lining we’re not sure

how the inside lining of the garment that is lol usually hose you if the item was sown with care and well-crafted won’t be physical really what she fabrics or so poorly and I’m lasers are two hundred dollars into office don’t invest in that warmer night all iced chai something that of you might think we all are aware just look at it looked all over for this okay I’m going to try it out because you might be surprised so you never know you might be surprised what surprises of issue was that reach offer safety I house but try to go out a box the next one is something I always do I make sure you spent my budget on accessories including shoes and purses because that’s what really makes a lot of it pot stand out and really gives a harsh blow is there are really nice she also right now is sparse are evenly good beautiful qualities team jury so if you have a budget to spend some buying local release was sure invest i in excess risk is that so reasonably especially going to bstick with you and me of it take it to the next level lastly so morning always check the top of our input on a top and let me know if you guys want to do it also for fashion cafe on bus

I would love to do you actually think of our classes in college without of course is definitely not you want to talk about so can you from going are you sure you know operates the chapel at the time that he owes a Martian rock and I almost bought Michael Jackson’s Thriller -style look at it and its polyester without your he’s gone from polyester even though as a designer you know so make sure how if designers choose to use chief hours for their collections that you probably shouldn’t miss you might need it because it’s not a loss with you for a long time at all to shopping tips for you guys and girls are more any suggestions for future should be up so let us are you someone who does suggestions and thank you so much to say to me because I ok you think when you talk to a real blow you help me out are doing to me beauty casa con mi and 2 p.m. at the bare essentials both I it’s free you just have to register on the site we believe dole almost do here at all only the information about as well I’m going to be talking about how I feel when videos on how to also if you want to find out more although production and all that goes behind my videos just call me June him not yeah.

2014 Fashion Trends – Style Tips for Dresses, Shoes, Leather, Plaid, Flats

hello my love thinking about 100 here at your service it now back a search if cameraman no yeah okay right at the very beginning of the year I was bombarded by you guys would have questions regarding had key fashion trends for 24 km ok two day we are you get down to the bare bones and be a fashion trends they’re gonna carry through out 24 Heene though they don’t know how to properly stash your wardrobe I thought I start with me big basic first Pantone’s color the year which has been there is designated radiant orchard fade with me radio into orchard at home food regal when you say it like that roll-up yep in bed radio orchard is described as a very expressive creative in beret thinker Paul I’m is mixed with up you should tones per ball and has pink under tunes so I got a couple examples over here up some others radioed ok fashion disaster Baghdad by up crap no I’m snag better the bad K you’re not going to see live cuz I’m not gonna put it in the video I don’t think that blends well on just about anything in town and you don’t have to wear the exact color are incorporated into your wardrobe like this stress here’s much closer to the actual radio orchard color it’s also the reason why I am wearing this dress here because it has a home near yeah love the balloon landed color palette in the radiant orchard family and I wanted to show you guys come in different colors that can work

with that you could go with simple steps like incorporating it into your nail lacquer or into your shoes data pop of color to any outfit or even your accessories like a nice necklace working colors the fellow at for the year is going to be in the MIDI dress I have a couple examples of those right here many dresses between me and the maxi dress now you may be thinking only dresses awkward not very you know feminine and sexy but it can be very sexy as long as you keep the Fed nice simply and fitted to your body to really enhance your curves as far as the length is concerned you want to keep it where your cap papers to either just below your needs or where the bottom your calf is starting to taper into your ankle and for the shoes too along with a look at your leg pumps or stilettos are a monster you can do knee-high boots for this not take a look at a another dress for the year the embellished dress said with me cameramen VA and bottomless dread very good what I love about the embellished dresses it’s basically like getting an accessory and address built in together to the less you have to think about when you’re putting a new wardrobe the better if you focus on details that highlight around the neckline it’s automatically going to draw a wonderful attention up your face and if you want to dress it down a little bit

Fashion 2014


you can add casual elements a maybe a fast some casual palms or maybe a casual handbag and it makes it a very versatile option to wear let’s move quickly down to love feat see our feet are actually getting a little bit of a break this year because the pointy toe Polak is going to be the hot she love than a year because they have the pointy toe they actually along gave the look at your legs as opposed to something more than almond or around hope they’re coming out with a lot of options whether be an ankle strap and I think pairs wonderfully with a cropped pant or something with a lot of straps with the cage to be loved if you really wanna long get the look at your leg to go with nude color because that’s going to make you look as long in tapered as possible alright I have no idea what number we are on but moving on to one of the most powerful things that you can incorporate into your wardrobe because it’s so versatile is the lead there share it’s rather a this isn’t easygoing as a classic white t-shirt you compare leather top over some jeans me within 10 years or some palms were even from sheiks leads to really elevate something that would otherwise be very very casual go for a ninth a loose fit something if not skin tight or very ladylike cut like a crop top in or something high waisted along with it number six on our sex on our left if I don’t know which way for you guys

I’m is something that can go three very different directions when it comes to the kind of five but you would like to create its place heard a plaque can either be very preppy it can be very chic or very punk rock you can go something simple like a scarf or some plaid palm sort are 10 handbag or you can go with the more bold pieces like these plaid pants that I have here now to avoid something very preppy I wouldn’t pair this with a button down or a blazer instead I like to pair with more by sweatshirt look or maybe some leather you can also I’m rocket with a white tee and some jeans loose fit an entire plaids but shirt around your waist I would keep your shoes fact leave studs spikes to lead over some booties and finally its kind to liven up are outerwear

transition from the graves in the black but we usually wear and go with something with a geometric print in Arcos geometric prints are very universally flattering know what you want to focus on our concentric uniform patterns to get the best look out of this you compare this literally over a pair of jeans to give it a tailored look some leather leggings if you like and it can even work nicely over a sheath dress I love I hope you enjoyed looking over the strength that you enjoyed cameraman oh yeah oh yes last week’s giveaway winner is over here the first 1 I’ve been to you have had a big giveaway I want to know what are you most excited about for the 2014 trends and what would you like me to do a video focused all about I was going to become a box you know below the video I am going to do those requests and I was like what are you reading to receive a gift card we’re posting new video every Thursday I can amend any final video words today it and with that I would be ethnically club you by think a lot cameraman leavin me hangin its.

How to Restyle Old Clothes : Style & Fashion Tips

Hi there and Christine deangelo your fashion angel warrior coming to you live from loud boutique in Long Beach New York and say I’m gonna be showing you how to recycle your old cloth now every woman wakes up in the morning goes your closet and said the exact same thing I have nothing to wear she standing in front of a closet for clothes and yet nothing as exciting her well today that’s about to change forever I’m gonna take two pieces in your existing wardrobe and Terry I can totally change them to be a totally new luck our first piece as a simple printed blouse maybe this is all a classic got a while ago maybe you’re tired of wearing it or maybe it doesn’t even fit anymore so what we’re going to do take the blouse of just like this keep your head through the opening at the top it take your arms are the armholes and drape top around the front of your neck like a scarf how amazing that she look i mean paired with that tank and Jean she looks so cute you can even at a blazerb for a look that’s totally office appropriate our second piece.

re-style old clothes

We’re going to use as a black cow neck sweater pride staple item that most if you already have in your closet so what you can do it take the top off turn it around and where at backcourt there so much back interest ito happening right now on the runways and this is a really cute way to achieve that lower you can also add a little red bow out for pop of color and now you’re good to go just always remember to cut your taxes that no one knows you’re wearing your shirt backwards and you look just as good coming as you do you going which is perfect for those days you decide to break up with your boyfriend now you can see just how easy it is to take old clothes and make them there again I’m Christine deangelo your fashion angel warrior showing you how to restyle your old clothes thanks for watching.