5 Helpful Spray Tan Preparation and Aftercare Tips

If one of your favorite parts of the summer season is being able to achieve a beautiful tan but you don’t want to lay out in the sun, have you ever considered getting a spray tan? It’s safe, it’s quick (one appointment usually takes no more than 15-20 minutes) and the results tend to last between 7-10 days.

If this sounds like something that you would like to at least give a try, there are plenty of tanning salons in your area that offer this particular service. Just make sure that you properly prepare beforehand and that you also know what you should do following your appointment. That way, your tan will remain even and natural-looking.

Here are five tips to help you to achieve a perfect spray tan:

Exfoliate. Whether you decide to go into the sun or to a tanning salon, something that you should definitely do first is exfoliate your skin. Being that it’s one of the most effective ways to remove surface dead skin cells, exfoliating is how you can ensure that your tan will be smooth and even. There are exfoliants that you can purchase in a department or drug store. However, there are also some that you can also make that are just as effective; plus they’re cheaper. For a list of recipes, visit All Women Stalk and put “exfoliant recipes” in the search field.

Don’t moisturize. After you finish taking a bath or showering, it’s customary to put on some lotion, baby oil or perhaps even some perfume. But these are things that you should actually not do in the hours leading up to your spray tan appointment. Not only do these kinds of moisturizers and fragrances lessen the potency of the tanning solution, but they can also prevent them from fully penetrating into your skin as well. Do take note that there is one part of your body that needs moisturizing and that would be your lips. By putting on a bit of lip balm, it will keep the tanning solution from staining your lips.

Wear loose clothing. If you’re wondering what you should wear to your spray tan appointment, it’s best to go with dark-colored, loose-fitting clothes (such as sweats). That way, you won’t have to worry about some of the solution rubbing off onto your clothing before it has time to fully get into your skin. Also, dark-colored clothes will keep you from worrying about the solution staining your clothing.

Avoid showering. If a distribution company like Spray Tan Solutions Direct were to run an article on their website about what you should do following an airbrush tan, one of the things that it would probably mention is that you should not be in the rush to shower once you get home. As a matter of fact, it’s actually best to wait about 12 hours after your appointment before getting into the bathtub and to also wait four hours before doing anything that would cause you to sweat. Water contact after a spray tan is a surefire way to hinder your tan from getting as dark as possible.

Then moisturize. After the 12-hour waiting period is over and you have taken a shower, you’ll then be ready to moisturize your skin. Not only will that help to make your skin glow, but it will also help your spray tan to evenly fade as the days go by. To find a tanning salon in your area that offers spray tanning services, go to your favorite search engine and put “tanning salon”, “spray tan” or “airbrush tan” along with your city and state in the search field.

Carl freer – Target of internet defamation

Carl Freer is an entrepreneur and renowned businessman who have made many inventions in technology. He is the founder of many companies such as Aluminaid. He rose to fame with the introduction of a gaming console called Gizmondo. The gaming console was developed when he was working in the Tiger Telematics Inc. Since 2004, he has been serving as the Chairman and Director of Tiger Telematics Inc.

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Effectively Responding to Today’s Prevalent Social Pressures

Automotive manufacturers are finding that, in these days of unprecedented gas prices that continue to escalate, together with many new social “mandates,” car buyers are revealing their preferences for vehicles that respond well to these many elements of trending, in the types of purchases they are actually making. Social pressures are now greater than ever for consumers to proudly display their high degree of intelligence, as most prominently revealed in the purchases they make. Fortunately, SUVs, and especially Crossovers, found most effectively on Kijiji, are spacious enough to accommodate the many changing needs of today’s families, and are esteemed highly among the status quo.

A Practical Choice for Today’s Families

For many of today’s families with ultra busy schedules, life would be virtually impossible without the advantage that a crossover SUV provides. Savvy parents with more than one child often must participate in carpooling with other parents, just to be able to balance more than one busy child’s school and extracurricular activities. With a mid sized sedan or the likes, there would be no way to fit little Johnny, Sam, Julie, Mark, Trevor, Stacia and Colette into one vehicle for safe transport to soccer practice. Ultimately, this means that any parent not driving an SUV crossover type vehicle will have to do all the driving, thus spending more on gas and more of their time driving little Johnny to and fro, all by his lonesome. And this alone, will be sure to produce extra scrutiny from peer-parents.

Design With Gas and Safety Prominence

When they first hit the market, most SUVs were certainly not designed to economize on gas consumption. Fortunately, many manufacturers of crossovers  like Nissan, and many of Nissan used cars have responded to the need for fuel efficiency with designs that deliver greatly reduced fuel consumption, especially on the highway. None of the benefits like capacity and performance are adversely affected by these improvements. And when interviewed, consumers everywhere said if they were to ever have the misfortune to be in a car crash, they would rather be in an SUV or crossover SUV than other traditional cars, mid-sized rides and (of course,) compacts.

The Advantage of Height

A favorite feature among SUV crossover owners is the benefits derived from being seated at a higher level than that which sedan seating offers. This comes as a great advantage, especially when trying to navigate in heavy traffic, on the highway and in hazardous conditions. Another benefit from higher seating is the ability it gives drivers to more quickly spot the available parking spaces in the parking lot. Owners of the popular Nissan Juke express their increased feeling of safety and control that this prominent view gives them.