Wallets – Second crush of any men – 6 points



Wallets for men are not simply the folder to carry his money or cards. It is a part of their total fashion attributes and as such men fall for an exotic piece of purse. These days, the wallets are important fashion accessories and thus, one had to be bitten considerate about the fitment of the piece upon his persona and style.

The shift towards the non-leather wallets

Till the recent past, the wallets were exclusively made with leathers that were execrated from the animal in the beast like ways. Thus the modern men had shifted to the usages of the non-leather numbers more so that no poor animal are dealt with cruelty simply to serve the styling needs of mankind. Thus, male prioritize to go for the non leather wallets for mens, which is purely a humanitarian gesture.

Where to get the most exotic of the wallets?

The search for an exclusive non-leather wallet does not require a great deal of efforts. The best grades of the pieces lay with the online store. One simply refers to this non leather wallet for men online that are sure to serve him with the highest of the utility and equally delightful as an accessory. However, one cannot just grab the piece that he would get in the first instance. Rather, one needs to choose the wallets in a style that will match his personality and would accentuate it further.

How to choose the appropriate piece?

To chose the appropriately matching wallet, one need to know some rocket science. It is some general considerations   about the aspects of his lifestyle that would get the job done. The major aspects of consideration shall lie upon the areas like:

  1. Go for wallets made of faux leather

The exoticness of the leather wallets stands unmatched. However, considering the ways the natural leather is extracted, it is always advisable to stay away for the leather ones. However, faux leather can balance in between these stands. These are actually artificially prepared leather and it closely resembles the natural leather in its show.

  1. The buyer has to choose a piece that matches with his age and profession

What goes well with the teenager would certainly not match with a man. In case one is a corporate citizen, he needs to choose a piece that would have the professional look.



  1. Refrain from the ones that are zippered

The zippers cuts away within a short span of usage and it make the bag to look overly casual. Thus, it shall be better not preferably to go for the zippered wallets.

  1. Consider whether the wallet must have the adequate slots to accommodate the currency notes and the coins.
  2. The wallet must be able to accommodate the cards and the plastic money safely that the person would be carrying.
  3. One has to be very cautious over the purchase of the fake brands paying the price for the branded quality. The fake brands can be easily identified by the way it spells the brand.

Old Navy for quality clothing for the whole family

Are you looking for the latest fashions at great and impressive prices for the whole family? You should look no further than at Old Navy. From toddler clothes, to girl’s, men’s, women’s, women’s plus and even baby clothes; it is your one-stop shop for clothing. Fortunately, the purchase is as fast as browsing. You can receive their latest arrivals from as far away in Canada in almost a few days only depending on your location. In addition to that, you can get your purchases freely shipped by simply making sure your purchases go over the $50 limit and with this the free returns service, if at all you want to.
What to look out for

Just like any other coupons, any Old Navy online coupon offers have expiry dates. Hence you should ensure you grab them before they expire by checking them out as they come. Some have alternated to using the phone application whereby you receive the latest updates on the coupons as soon as they are released. This might be much more convenient. Here are a few examples that will get your mind racing and craving:

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  3. Exclusive to baby and kids’ items only, this coupon allows you to save 25% of the item’s worth, while purchasing online only.
  4. Another coupon that may intrigue you is one where you are offered to shop for dresses and shirts of your choice from only $15.

Clothes for swimming, sleep, hoodies, shirts, uniforms, sweaters, underwear, socks, tees, tanks… you name them and Old Navy has them. They ensure that you get the most bang for your buck by providing you with a wide range of differentiated clothes to choose from; whichever size, color and graphics you may like. Ensure that you checkout the latest and greatest offers they have for you while their stock last and, as earlier mentioned, while the offers are still valid.

Remember that prices may differ online from those in-stores, and so are the exclusions that may apply on the items. Due to this, they have now ensured that by signing up with them, you can receive their latest news on their arrivals and of course offers of their Old Navy coupons which you can use when shopping for some of these arrivals.


Summer is round the corner and most Indians face the dilemma of picking the best and comfortable Indian ethnic clothing’s to wear in such hot weather. Our months are filled with festivals, weddings and occasions where wearing western outfits are a big no. Picking an ethnic wear, which is comfortable and will make you traditional at the same time, can be an excruciating task.

There is a wide collection of Indian ethnic wears and you can easily pick the one that suits you the best. The most important concern should be of material and colors, which will go in accordance with the hot weather. Below mentioned are some of the best Indian ethnic wear you must own this summer.


What can be more ethnic than a saree and India holds the best and greatest varieties of these amazing clothing. Cotton is a material that is considered as the best to wear in summers, as they are soft and tend not to stick to your skin.

Sarees made with these materials are a favorite in this season. They come in soothing colors and can make you feel relaxed, even in sarees. You can wear them on a simple event or a big occasion like weddings and you will never go wrong.


A simple and elegant kurta with a pajama is the best way to rid any occasion with style, during those hot summer days. They are comfortable and will always make you feel at ease, with their soft fabric and very contented lowers.

This is a piece of clothing that can be worn by both women and men during special events. They will always keep you at easiness and with wide range of colors; you can always pick your favorite


Suits are another form of Indian ethnic wear that is famous all around the globe. There are many fresh and cool summer colors available in suits, which will make you survive this summer with ease. They are available with both salwars and palazzos, which give you the option to feel comfortable in any wear you like.


If you are not up for the traditional saree and suit ethnic wear and want to mix the pleasures of wearing western with Indian, then Chanderi apparels are your best shot. Created with the finest materials, you can get Kurtis and stylish tops that can be matched with lowers to make a complete and unique outfit.

Enjoy the summers at its finest with some of the best Indian ethnic wear mentioned above and make a style statement of your own, at any event.

Trying to Land a Modeling Job? Here’s How to Put Your Best Smile Forward

A smile is a smile, unless it is a smile on the face of a model. There is a best way to smile when you’re modelling, whether you’re doing a face only shot or modelling a full body shot. You may even be modelling your smile alone. Whatever type of modeling you’re doing, your smile can make or break your career in the modelling business. It’s essential that your smile stands out when you’re seeking the help of a talent management agency. And you don’t have to have perfect teeth to have a great smile—some of the best smiles are gap-toothed smiles.

Here are the top tips on making your smile the winning focus of your photo shoot.

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The Do’s

1. Practice your smiling: Your smile should look natural and unforced. A natural smile takes a lot of practice. Smile with your mouth slightly open and your teeth apart. You want the photo angle to decrease your overbite, giving you the appearance of having a wider smile. Be aware of what your lower lip is doing when you smile, and try not to bite down.

2. Get the right angle:  Turn your head toward the camera whenever possible. This angle will allow the photographer to frame your two front teeth in the center of the shot to make your smile appear even. It also highlights the biting edge of the teeth, giving them a more dramatic appearance.

3. Work with the photographer:  If you’re modelling for teeth products or lipstick, make sure your photographer is focusing on the teeth. Photographers tend to want to focus on eyes so make sure his focus is on what you’re modelling.

4. Relax and have fun: modelling should be fun, regardless of what you’re modelling. A great smile in an advertising photo or media image can evoke feeling of happiness in those who view it. It is all about having a good time so make sure your smile reflects that.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t close your mouth:  Part your lips, even if it’s just a tiny bit. Don’t keep your lips together. Your teeth are invisible to the camera if your lips are touching.

2. Don’t let your upper teeth overshadow the lower:  Try to keep your upper teeth from touching your lower lip. This will ensure that your teeth are visible when you smile. It is hard to evaluate the marketable value of a smile if your teeth aren’t visible.

3. Don’t just smile:  Shed the ordinary smile; make yourself laugh when you’re modelling. Think of something funny that makes you laugh. Show the world the smile that is your smile, the one that can’t be found anywhere else. The top models can laugh on cue and make it look totally natural.

4. Don’t mess with nature:  Natural beauty is always the best. So regardless of what the current fashion trend may be, don’t try to “fix” your face, especially your lips. Plumping up lips that aren’t so bouncy will end up hiding your teeth, and that’s not what people want to see.

Your smile is the impeccable fit for your face and your personality. That’s what you want the camera to see and capture for that perfect shot. People love to see a nice set of pearly whites in a photo so make sure yours are picture perfect before heading to modelling agencies or a set for your modelling gig.

The secret in choosing bridal shoes

The secret in choosing bridal shoes for women actually lies only in one thing, comfort. You can wear high heels, stilettos, flat shoes, and anything you want, but you must remember this one word, “COMFORT”. Yes! Bridal shoes would be worn in a long time maybe for few hours and the convenience is absolutely necessary. The comfort is depending on the selection of shoes and theme parties that would be held. If you are going to organize a party on the beach then high heels is not recommended for you because it can make your feet being “planted” in the sand.bridal-shoesAvoid shoes with “closed model” because it can make your feet become sweaty and disrupt your comfort. Use shoes with an open model. There are many interesting bridal shoes that you can find out on the Internet. One way where you can find a variety of interesting shoes on the Internet is by choosing wedding shoes of weddingshe. Remember once again, try to use shoes that have holes as the air vents. Similarly as your nose, your feet also need to “breathe”. Why would we make our foot to be tortured by using narrow-closed bridal shoes?f6b11f3c9e1edcfa41565a69fb612392You can also add some accessories on your wedding shoes, but you must take care to avoid being excessive. If your wedding theme is the theme of the beach party then you can add shell accessories on your bridal shoes. If you are planning a wedding in the building and would be held at the night then the gloves wedding can also be added and should be tailored to your shoes. If your shoes are white, then you should use white gloves wedding, if your shoes are black, then you should use black gloves wedding, and so forth. If you have any question about wedding gloves, so you can visit http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Wedding-Gloves-112680/.


Look elegant in your attire

Elegance is the key and style is the essence, be it the men’s dressing or women’s. Everybody wants to look desirable and attractive while maintaining the beauty and grace of the attire. Whether it is formal or casual attire, one has to have the sense to carry the grace flawlessly that too with all the ease. Like one piece dresses for womenmake them most elegant and classy with all the sophistication wrapped around in the dress flaunting their curves. These single piece outfits has to be worn only if one is sure enough about the size and fabric, so it does not make you the centre of attraction for all the wrong reasons, however the one piece dresses if given detailed attention can leave the people with all those jaw-dropping expressions. Whereasmen can enhance their elegance with the latest trends in pullovers, which are also the Must-have of winters. Pullovers for mens are widely available online which come in different styles, colors and patterns to serve every individual’s taste. Pullovers can be chosen on the basis of their neck designs (Crew neck, V-neck, Turtle neck), sleeves (Set-in sleeves, Raglan sleeves, Dropped sleeves), knits (Cable knit, Rib knit, Aran knit) and fibers (Wool, Cashmere, Cotton, Acrylic, Blended fibers).

A cardigan that opens down the front can be clubbed with men casual trousers to go for lunch out or an evening coffee while being relaxed and classy. Pullovers can also be worn along with blazers and coats in winters to stay warm as well as elegant enough to impress people around you.

What Handbag to Pick

As the custom requires women to invest heavily in their outfits, most of the money goes for dresses and garments. But this is not what smart ladies do. They are aware of the fact that other accessories are equally important to complement the dress. A nice hairstyle, high heel and fancy handbag together with the flashy outfit tells more about the personality then the dress alone. Therefore, wisdom requires you to spend wisely on the accessories as well. Some famous brand stores like Gucci, Tiffany, Chopard and others manufacture some of the finest handbags around the year.  showcase these brand accessories and put them up for sale for the public benefit. However, what to buy and how to buy is the question that bothers many women. There is some basic criterion to solve that problem. If you’re quibbling over the type of handbag etc. then following tips are definitely going to help you.

Mixing and Matching is every woman’s need. No woman can change handbag each time she changes her outfit. Therefore, they need an armpiece that should do well with many clothes. Experts and user experience suggest that black and brown handbags are a must. They virtually go with all the colours and hues. This kind of versatile handbags are very graceful as well. The jockie soft leather handbag from the house of Gucci could be a perfect deal for you.

Tone Yourself Up with some bright colours. Especially if you’re feeling dull by wearing some light colours. Also, when you’re wearing your mundane dress like jeans and t-shirt then some scarlet, or orange colour handbag will be an ideal bag to have as it puts a stark contrast to your dress.

A Bigger Handbag is suggested when you’ve to stash a lot of material. Instead of stuffing a lot of material in small bag and giving a bad look to yourself, buy a big handbag that has the space to accommodate most of your stuff. The soho leather shoulder bag from Gucci will be a perfect bag to pick up.

Keep your Body size in mind whenever you’re out to pick a handbag. This part is always relative. No one else can decide it for you. It is totally your choice to make. If the bag size is disproportionate to your body then it gives a very negative vibe to the onlookers. Though a combination of delicate, fancy and perfection is difficult to find, but having a look at the Kaymu store will give you an idea what kind of accessories are there.Apart from these handbags, you also need to have other small women’s accessories to complement your outfits with exciting and flashy items.

Top weight loss foods for obese people

Obesity is now one of the major problems faced by people all around the world. In the earlier days, obesity was very much connected to genetic factors. But now, things have changed, and the advancements in the lifestyle of modern man has triggered the cases of obesity to a great extend. Now, even people in their twenties are facing this problem, and this is mainly due to their physically idle life and changes in eating habits. People who are working in the IT sector are not getting a minute in their day to do physical exercises. To make things worse, they are having food which are rich in fat. If you are ready to pay certain attention and care on your food habits, then it will not be a very difficult task to combat obesity.

Many fitness buffs around us are taking physical enhancing drugs like anavar. Anavar laws in Canada are now changed, and it allows you to use it in the country. This article will provide you details of some weight loss foods you can follow if you are obese.


Grape Fruit: If you wish to maintain the health of your heart, then the intake of grape will be the perfect choice for you. Grapes are rich source of folic acid, vitamin C and potassium, and these constituents are very much good for your overall wellbeing. It also contains a special constituent called pectin which is very much effective against atherosclerosis. The lycopene content in grapes will help you to protect your artery walls due to oxidative damage. Fresh grape fruits will not add up your weight, and actually it will make you feel full, and you will eat less during meal time.

Radishes: These vegetables contains rich amount of potassium, folic acid and anti oxidants. It contains all necessary vitamins and minerals, and it will enhance your overall health. You can use this vegetable if you want to lose weight quickly.

Green Tea: Have you seen people in China looking young and energetic? This is mainly due to the intake of Green tea among people in this country. Nowadays, the popularity of this drink has drastically increased, and many people all over the world are using it in a regular manner. Green Tea is rich in anti oxidants, and it is also loaded with polyphenols. Green Tea will control various issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels etc. It will also make you look young, and this is the main reason behind its popularity among celebrities.

A mix of carrot and beetroot juice: This is a magical drink you can follow to reduce weight. Take one carrot and one beetroot and should mix it in a juicer. Then add three to four drops of lemon along with a tea spoon of honey. This mix should be drunk every morning, and it will fetch benign results. Heavy fitness freaks can also use Anavar for their fitness campaign. For more details on Anavar laws in Canada, please click here.

Things to consider while planning for the Marriage

People are concerned about the marriage occasion that it should be the best among all and it must be well maintained and organized. For this cause they consult various marriage service providers and they pay extra money for it. If you are planning for the wedding you have to focus on some of the things, you can take a look of the instructions that are provided below:

Look for the Expert advice or contact a Wedding organizer:

You can do this if you are having troubles in planning for your wedding. As most of the spouses believe that employing a wedding organizer will break their financial plan and disturb their budget. It is some what known reality the wedding organizers can really spare you the cash after you get all the rebates and the advantages they have organized it with the vendors who are said to be their partners. If you are paying to the organizers, you have to pay them, but wait, in this way you can spare extra cash for you. So, the view of most of the spouses is totally wrong and you must go for the hiring of the wedding organizers for saving your time as well as money.
They appear like a unnecessary cost, however relying upon the extent or size of your wedding, they may not just have the capacity to spare you cash utilizing their associations and information of the industry, in addition to this they also spare a great deal of time for you. Their insight and knowledge of the weddings will help lessen the anxiety of arranging and improve your wedding and make it a better show in terms of the innovative decoration and wedding cards design. Additionally ask the companions and relative who recently arranged and planned a wedding, about the sellers or vendors they contracted and their experiences or encounters. This will likewise help you to comprehend late pattern and merchant costs.

Spend Admirable and Wisely on the Adornments:

Most of the people spend a lot of cash on the wedding adornments and as far as the Indians are concerned they spend more than any body else, so it is critical that you have to deal with the extra expense painstakingly and carefully as well. For this cause you can settle on a wholesale gem dealer or a goldsmith telecommuting rather than an architect or designer store to spare impressively on making expenses of the adornments. This will really help you out and spare you the cash, and you can use this extra cash for the Indian wedding cards, and you can have the best wedding cards for your wedding.

In addition to this if you get your work done on what sort of adornments you wish to have, for example, they jadau, kundan, gold adornments, diamond ones, and visit the diamond setter that is telling what sort of jewelry you want, it will again spare you a decent measure of cash and you can use it in the Indian wedding invitations without having extra to use for this very purpose. You can take these simple instructions and can save your money as well as the time.

Gota Embroidery

Gota, or the Indian appliqué work, hails from Rajasthan. Embellishing every fabric from sarees to suits to dupattas, gota is arguable India’s most beloved craft, used extensively in wedding and fancy attire.
An extremely painstaking task, gota takes precise movements and skilled hands to create. Gota is originally a lattice of gold or silver, native to Lucknow.

Nowadays, coloured ribbons of different sizes woven in satin or twill are also used as gota. The first step is to trace the design on the fabric. This is done by placing a tracing paper with the design on it on the fabric and spreading a paste of chalk powder over it. This traces the design on the fabric. Depending on the design, the gota is cut and folded into various shapes. It is then appliquéd by hemming or back stitching it on the fabric. These lattices or strips of lace are then sewn onto georgette or bandhini fabric to create the final ensemble.

Gold and silver which were originally used to make gotas were replaced with copper and now copper has been replaced with a polymer to make it durable and resistant to moisture. The motifs commonly used in gota embroidery are centred around nature like flowers and leaves, ambabutti motif, elephants, peacocks and parrots to name a few.

The Gota is a unique embroidery which looks heavy, but it light to carry. It exudes royalty and fine craftsmanship, and is extremely opulent while maintaining elegance. Buy embroidered sarees online