Is a Charm Bracelet Right For You?

If you like to follow fashion, you might already know that a charm bracelet can add a much needed sparkle to your outfit. But be weary though, and have a good look around for the one that suits you best. If you buy cheap you might end up getting something poor quality.

If you choose to wear a charm bracelet, why not go for a designer piece. Designer Jewellery is usually higher quality compared to other branded charm bracelets.

What is a Charm Bracelet?

A charm Bracelet is a piece of jewellery worn on the wrist. Attached to the bracelet are little hooks in which you can attach a number of charms, decorative pendants or trinkets. In the past the main purpose of a charm bracelet was to collect a memento of significant things you wanted to remember.

Now days it seems to be more of a fashion statement and does not carry as much sentimental value. That is not to say you can’t give meaning to your charms. By all means do, if it makes it you value the bracelet more.

It is speculated that wearing charms may have stemmed from the idea of using charms to ward off evil spirits or bad luck.

Did you know charm bracelets can be traced back over thousands of years? The first charms were made from shells, clay and animal bones. Soon people began to work out how to make the charms from wood, rocks and later gems. The materials started to look prettier and were easier to make and maintain.

Using a Charm Bracelet as aForm of Identity

One of the biggest uses of charms in ancient times was so that people could secretly identify each other in times of difficulty. In roman times, when practitioners of Christianity were still being persecuted and no one could be trusted, Christians began to wear a tiny fish charm, known as the ichthys, which was hidden in the clothing. Often hidden near the sleeve, they would show it to another person. If they knew what it was and responded in the correct way, then it was safe to communicate with them.

Another ancient way charm bracelets where used, were by the ancient Egyptians. They would give personalised charm bracelets to the dead or dying so that their gods could recognise them in the afterlife.

Why Get One?                                                                                                                                                                         

Compared to other pieces of Designer Jewellery, a charm bracelet is completely customisable. You can pick and choose what charms you would like on the bracelet and they are usually quite easy to fit by yourself. If you decide you no longer like a charm, you can just take it off and put another one on.

You can buy bracelets with charms already attached or you can buy a blank one with room for your own charms.

Styles of Bracelet

As with most jewellery, there is a lot to choose from in terms of style and finish. The majority come in silver, gold or Rose gold. It really depends on what you are after in terms of which type you go for. Here we list some of the most popular:

  • Locket Charm Bracelets. These charm bracelets have a large charm attached that can be opened to fit things inside. Similar to a locket necklace, you can lace anything you like inside. Be it sentimental or even just something you like the look of.
  • Bead Charm Bracelets. These are pretty self-explanatory, they are beaded Typically these bracelets are made entirely from beads and have extra beads that hang down at random points on the bracelet. These are more generic than other bracelets, as well as a cheaper alternative. This type is not as easy to customise as the beads are usually a permanent fixture. If you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, or it’s your first time buying a charm bracelet and you don’t know where to begin, then this would be a good place to start.
  • Silver Charm Bracelets. These are the most common types of bracelets, they are the most versatile, easy to maintain and generally look nicer compared to other types. Many silver charm bracelets are considered to be Designer Jewellery, and there is a vast range of charms to choose from. There are also gold charm bracelets, which also look fantastic when looked after properly. In the end, one is not better than the other; it really comes down to choice and personal preference. You also need to bear in mind what charms you may want to add as this may affect your decision on which bracelet to buy first. Some people like to mix charms, others don’t.Find out what works for you.

Plus Size Fashion Tips To Look Great

There are many women out there that are self conscious about the fact that there is excess weight that exists. Women tend to not live their life fully because of those extra pounds. Although this is something that you would worry about, the truth is that there are many ways in which you can look great, no matter the weight. We have various misconceptions that appear in relation to plus size fashion and if you want to look your best, you will want to consider the following tips. They will help you out a lot in looking your best every single day.

Proper Fit

It is important to choose clothes that will fit perfectly to your body. Make sure that you avoid the clothes that are baggy and loose in an attempt to cover up. Also, do not wear clothes that are really tight and that may make the body seem slim. You need to go to a tailor and have clothes tailored especially for the dimensions you have. The best features have to be emphasized.

Avoiding Some Clothes

It is important to avoid wearing a turtle neck or some similar close. Most women do this because of the fact that they want to cover up many parts of the body. That is not something that you should do because it will not help you as much as you may think. Do avoid the deep necklines as they are uncomfortable. At the same time, if you are busty, unwanted attention will be attracted.

Choosing Some Clothes

In plus size fashion we often see dark colors that are used in order to hide some heavy body parts. Darker colors are recommended as they are slimming. For instance, in the event that your hips are too wide, white trousers have to be avoided as they make you look a lot wider.

Always go for lines that are clean. They will offer a really good streamlined look. When clothes include many pockets, buttons and studs, the body will look a lot larger. Try to always avoid the presence of pockets on trousers or jeans. Classic and clean lines will always be a very good idea as they can offer a stylish and highly sophisticated look.

Choose Appropriate Undergarments

This is important because they offer appropriate support where it is necessary. Bras need to be able to lift breasts from stomachs and no bulge should appear. In a similar way, wearing appropriate size panties that would offer proper support for the bottom will help the plus sized woman look great. Do not look at money when you buy undergarments. This is incredibly important.


Women love accessories. If you are plus sized, you can use this to your advantage. Just avoid the accessories that are small. That is especially the case when referring to handbags because you can look large when faced with the comparison.

Being plus sized does not mean that you cannot look great. Remember that and follow tips above in order to always look your best.

Autumn Accessories You need to Add to your Wardrobe ASAP

It’s time to put away those summery dresses, ditch the bikinis and forget the flip flops as autumn is here! And there’s only one thing for it…a new wardrobe.

If a whole new wardrobe isn’t quite in your budget, never fear as there is always a solution. One of the best ways to transform your looks is to use accessories; they can be versatile and breathe new life into any of your outfits. We’ve taken a look at some inspiring new accessories you need to add to your life this autumn.

A charm bracelet with a seasonal twist

We had to start the list with jewellery! Statement pieces are still set to be big this season, but a great way to pay homage to this trend without going overboard is to opt for a more sophisticated charm bracelet option. You can even pick up some charm bracelets with autumnal beads from the likes of Troll Beads which were our faves. They make the ideal gifts if you’ve got any autumn or winter birthdays coming up, too.

Heeled block ankle boots

It wouldn’t be autumn without investing in a new pair of boots. The typical look that pops up year after year is the suede option with a chunky heel, and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this year either! London Fashion Week was all about debuting ankle boots with a serious block heel – yay for comfort and our feet.

A party-ready velvet clutch

With Christmas party season vastly approaching, we’re already thinking about party-ready accessories that will take us right from autumn up to the festive season. Velvet clutches are fun and festive, whilst also remaining chic and stylish, too. There are some gorgeous ones here from Shop Style for all budgets and tastes, so check it out.

Geek chic beanies

Keep warm and stay on trend whilst unleashing your inner geek in a beanie (think along the lines of Cara Delavigne for extra inspiration). We love ours with a bobble on top, though there are so many options out there now, including stripy, spotty (there are even ones with diamantes on…) that you’re sure to find one you like. They don’t mess up your hair too much which is a bonus, too.

Wine for your nails (and lips!)

Wine is pretty much THE colour of autumn, and we absolutely love it. Nothing screams ‘autumn’ like a gorgeous wine manicure, with matching lipstick of course. It’s ideal because it suits pretty much every skin tone. You get extra brownie points if you manage to match the colour with your scarf and/or bag, too.

Plus Size in New York Fashion Week

This week it’s plus size fashion for the win. We never thought we’d see the day where plus size fashion models would make their debut on the runway. In this season’s New York Fashion Week, what seemed like the impossible happened. Ashley Graham, a plus size fashion model walked the runway wearing only her skivvies, literally.

Plus Size in New York Fashion Week

Graham decided that this week’s fashion week was the perfect opportunity walk the runway wearing her new lingerie line. Breaking the mould of size 4 models (usually smaller) Graham has bravely, and confidently, taken to the runway to reveal her busty chest, luscious curves and even stretch marks.

While we are still seeing your average tall, slim model, it’s definitely a step in the right direction regarding plus size fashion, not only in commercial and print but now on the runway, half naked.

With this younger generation, we are hoping to make an impression—your size, sex and race don’t matter. It’s important to set the precedent of acceptance of others and acceptance of ourselves. We should encourage feeling comfortable and confident in our own skin, which is precisely what Ashley Graham has done for us this week.

So what does this mean for us plus size girls in the world? It means this is our time to shine. The rules of fashion are becoming more lenient and we are no longer obligated to follow certain rules such as “no stripes”, “no ankle strap shoes”, “no short haircuts” and “no crop tops”. We are slowly becoming more comfortable with our bodies and accepted for who we are. We are able to take fashion where it hasn’t gone before.

Whoever said you couldn’t be beautiful and curvy was wrong. We have a way of wearing wide belts, scoop necks and even pencil skirts unlike any other woman. When it comes to fashion these days, the rules are, there are no rules.

As a curvy woman, take this time to sift through your wardrobe and don that striped shirt or that tight dress that accentuates your best attributes, your curves, and flaunt what your mama gave ya. Don’t hide behind black and bulky clothing; use this time to wear the tight, leather leggings and crop top that you were once told that you weren’t allowed to wear. This is our time.

9 Styling Ideas for Girl’s Night Out

All the single ladies love getting together for girl’s night out on the weekends. No matter if you are celebrating an accomplishment (like acing an exam or getting a promotion at work) or you just want to have night full of fun with your girlfriends, we all know how much you gals need a night of your own. If you want to honor the all-girls theme accordingly, you are going to have to look extra sharp and sexy with your best friends. Whether you’re on the prowl for an innocent one night stand or you just want to dance until the sun rises, these 9 styling ideas for girl’s night out will help you mark an unforgettable night in a highly fashionable way. Check them out and have fun!

Girls having fun at club tonight
Girls having fun at club tonight

1. Lipstick

Let’s go back to basics and start from your most visible (and desirable) feature: your lovely lady lips. Be bold and go for a hot red lipstick that will make him yours.

2. Dress

The number one best outfit choice for a girl’s night out is a short, sweet and sexy dress. No matter if you choose a LBD or a daring Aztec print piece, make sure you rock it like a true fashionista.

3. Animal Print

I am woman, hear me roar! Show the world your fierce personality by wearing animal print pieces, like leopard, tiger or zebra stripes. Do your thing and make the night last forever!

4. Crop Top

We know you have been working hard on those abs all winter, so now it’s time to show them off! Buy a crop top in the color of your preference and match it with your favorite high waisted skirt or shorts.

5. Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

If you want the ultimate boost of glam for your outfit, you have to think about wearing a real pearls necklace that will make you sparkle and shine all night long. Upgrade your standards!

6. Stilettos

The taller, the better. Grab your favorite pair of stilettos and rock them like a fashion icon. We recommend that you choose pumps so your feet won’t die after a few hours, and maybe sneaking in a comfortable pair of shoes in your bag for worst case scenarios.

7. Clutch

No matter how annoying it may be to haul a purse around with you when club hopping, you will thank yourself in a few hours. Get a classy clutch to put your cellphone, cash and makeup in and make sure you keep it at hand.

8. Statement Necklace

Want to be the sexiest lady of the night? Go for an all-black outfit (we mean it, black dress, black shoes, black purse and all) and throw on a super colorful statement necklace to make you dazzle.

9. Mini skirt

You didn’t work on that tan for nothing now, did you? Show off your fantastic legs with a cute and chic miniskirt for girl’s night out. Make sure it’s comfortable and not too short.


How to find best wedding dress for yourself?

Wedding is a standout amongst the most critical event in our life. When we get hitched, we enter another stage in our life. Quite a few things change after marriage. Thus, we can say that wedding is an imperative move time of the life. So as to make this minute noteworthy and keep going forever, we have to arrange our wedding in an incredible manner. Right from the nourishment to eat, to the dress to wear, there are several things that must be remembered. In this article, we will guidance you on selecting designer wedding dresses in Toronto.

Some of the vital focuses that you need to consider before selecting a wedding dress it the present pattern, your own particular taste and the cost. On the off chance that you are very much aware of what sort of wedding dresses are in this season, then you won’t have any issue in discovering some extraordinary dresses for yourself. On the off chance that you require help with this matter, contact your buddies and close relatives and they will prompt you on this matter. A wedding dress is not going to come shabby but rather you will in any case have the capacity to locate some extraordinary dresses at unobtrusive cost. Scanning for them online would be superior to anything searching distinctive stores. On the off chance that you are arranging wedding a couple of months ahead of time then it is ideal to search for wedding dresses at off season on the grounds that around then ,you will have the capacity to discover similarly less expensive arrangements for them

If you are short of time, which is consummately justifiable and you don’t sufficiently discover time to shop out to purchase designer wedding dresses in Toronto, then a simple and helpful way out for it would be to search for wedding dresses on the web. Truth be told, even the individuals who are free and have a great deal of time want to search for them online! The purpose behind it is that you will get a great deal more choices to choose the dresses when you search for them on web. You will likewise have the capacity to recognize what is right away in pattern.

If you keep all the above tips in your psyche then you will have the capacity to locate some astounding wedding dresses for yourself. Wedding is a unique event thus the dress that you wear too ought to be extraordinary! There is an old conviction that skirt and undergarment must be in one piece, similar to a gang. Yet, we prescribe that when picking a wedding dress, don’t pay consideration on the partialities and pick the model that will look and impeccable fit you superbly!
In this way, begin scanning for the dress a couple of weeks ahead with the goal that you can locate the best arrangement for yourself and make the occasion important! We trust that this information was helpful to you. All the best !

Author Bio: Luis Stephens is a freelance writer for a number of online publications, who covers a mix of wedding subjects typified by Bridal Suite, Inc. designer wedding dresses in Toronto and areas alike. A committed traveler of digital space and an influential blogger in all that has to do with the wedding.

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The Hottest New Makeup Looks Courtesy of BCBG

Rising temperatures means days spent lounging poolside or just soaking up some much-needed sun, which entails a low-key makeup look that serves to emphasize natural attributes while still keeping it light and casual. Courtesy of the BCBG runway, the following Cali-inspired looks are ideal for those women seeking a beautiful yet all-natural aesthetic perfect for a number of occasions.

Create a Healthy Glow All Over

Bronzer can be a good addition to virtually every makeup collection. When applying bronzer a lighter touch is highly recommended, and this can be made possible by using the Temptu Airbrush Makeup System 2.0. This will help you gently disperse your Airpod Bronzer to create subtle definition in all the right places.

Applying bronzer under the cheekbones will help accentuate your existing bone structure, while adding it to the corners of your face can have a slimming effect. You can also add a bit of bronzer to your eye creases for even more definition.

Add a Hint of Color

Blush is a great way to enliven your face on those days when you may not be feeling up to par. The trick is to apply blush to those areas where it will have the greatest impact, such as round part of your cheeks and on the tip of your nose.

Using a bright color also helps, such as the Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush. When blended correctly, this color will afford a fresh, sun-kissed that will look great when worn in conjunction with the rest of your natural effect.

Lush Lips Are Here

When it comes to the lips, fuller is always better. However, you want to keep your look streamlined to ensure it stays in sync with the rest of your makeup. Heavily applying massive amounts of lipstick not only looks unnatural, but it can also lead to many embarrassing mishaps if you’re not careful.

To this end, Temptu Color True Lipstick is just the thing for creating a full yet all-natural lip look. The Plush Plum shade works beautifully when applied to the center of your lip to enhance fullness. You can also add a bit of the Nude Pink blush across the lips for a great no-fuss staining look.

Makeup That Helps You Look Your Best

The all-natural makeup look is all about playing up your features to create a radiant demeanor that is sure to impress. With the right products and techniques, you can rest assured you will always look and feel your absolute best no matter what.

The best style tips for curvy women to look gorgeous and attractive

All curvy women have big curves in their body which make them look sexier. It is very important for you to love all your curves, so start enhancing all best assets in your body and hide all small problems you have with these style tips. Just Fab provides best outfits for curvy women that will make you look gorgeous. The different style tricks for curvy women include-

Select the best shape wear and innerwear-

Selecting right innerwear will determine the look a curvy woman can get. Hence you will have to look for a right innerwear. It will make your body look slimmer and sexier. On the other hand shape wear can define your curves, smooth out your body and assist you to lose a considerable amount of weight and enhance all features your body has.


Opt for the right sized outfits-

You should never buy too clingy or too large outfits because these outfits can make your body look larger and heavier. When you wear the right size clothes, they will show off your feminine shapes and curves in perfect manner. Wearing tight fitted clothes can enlarge the shapes your body has and underline each and every flaw in your body. Therefore it is very important to opt for well tailored and fitted clothes that can complement your overall look and so that you can look gorgeous and elegant.

Be considerate in showing off your cleavage-

If you are curvy women then avoid wearing high necklines and go for V-necks as it is the best way to flatter your figure. Flaunting your cleavage is good but don’t exaggerate it because it can look vulgar so go for V-neck because it is perfect and suitable for you.

Using waist belts-

Waist belts are the best friends a curvy woman can have because they can be used in all their outfits. They will make you look slimmer. These waist belts can also add definition in your curves and if you wish to get a flattering effect then opt for beautiful dresses and tops.

Select the right skirt-

Selecting right skirt is very important because it is the best way to flatter your shape. So look for a skirt according to your body size which can hide all flaws you have. If you wish to have a sexy silhouette then pencil skirts or A-line skirts are the best option you have.

Accessories are the key-

You should go with bold accessories like large loop earrings, chunky bracelets and long bracelets to have a perfect look or you need to find right accessories according to you that can match your personality and complement your overall look.

Have a simple look-

Keeping it simple is the best way even if you are a curvy woman. You should select sleek and simple clothes without any ruffles or frills as this can add more volume to your figure. Opting solid colors will make you look slim.

Live a Dreamy Life through Aim Attitude Inspirational Apparel

aim attitudeIt is a known fact that people perform their best when they are highly inspired and motivated. People with the best and inspired ideologies tend to do better things and deliver great work. People who are always discouraged in some or the ways have to face a lot of difficulties in life. I can easily understand the miserable situations and difficulties that people go through in life just like my own past life. It felt as if being born in a poor family was a curse. Being poor made me deal with problems at every stage in my life. I just could not pursue a purpose or a goal in life which I always desired to. Each time I tried, the lack of financial support was wracking my brains. Lack of my money and medical issues for both my parents were something that always kept me aback. Thanks to the aim attitude inspirational apparel that helped me find my way with great strength and power.

I must definitely say that I have gone through a lot of hardships in life but this was not the case earlier. I was born in a poor family but my family loved me a lot. They took care of all my health, needs and requirements in a proper manner. Despite the lack of money and food they never kept me starving. I was extremely happy with them but this did not stay for a long time.

It was an accident when my parents came under the wheels of a huge vehicle. After surviving for a few days, the doctors said that there was a need of a large sum of money to help them recover. The medical issues went on for a long time but as I was quite young at the time, I was unable to gather the whole sum and eventually, there took place the sad demise of my parents.

It was not easy to bear the pain of losing my beloved parents. The thought that I could not do anything for them or I was unable to save them was hurting me. Along with this, there was no one around me. I was left all alone, no hands to feed and no shoulders to weep on. It was just my guilt, self-depression, self pity, low esteem and low confidence that surrounded me.

This was not how I could live all my life. This was the time, when a fellow mate of my mine lent me inspirational t shirts to wear. The fabric and designs of the apparel was fine but the best aspect was the inspirational quotes that were printed on them. Just by viewing those quotes and constantly feeling them on my body, I could feel a positivity running inside of me.

The inspirational clothing not only helped me recover from my setbacks but also helped gain great strength, responsibility, kindness, respect, honesty and acceptance. It was only through these that I could easily let go my past life and was started working on a better future. As I grew up I was still attached to this wonderful clothing and will continue to do so.

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How to Look Good Naked

Looking good, naked or otherwise depends on confidence. If you direct the viewer’s attention away from any imperfections towards what you want them to see, you will look good. Different tips apply to different situations, but here are a few basics.

asfasafImage Credit

Make Up

Make up is not simply for your face, although that is important, naturally. Professional make-up artists often prefer cheap cosmetic preparations, because they tend to melt easily as they contain more oil. This can create a younger, glowing impression. Add a little shimmery blusher to your cleavage to accentuate your assets. Shimmer can also enhance your shoulders.

To make your legs appear longer, paint a stripe of highlighter that is a shade lighter than your normal skin tone down the centre front of your legs and blend it at the sides. Remember to keep all your make up equipment clean. As demonstrated by the Association of Professional Hair and Make-Up Artists, it is alarming how bacteria can flourish in this.

Skin Care

Reduce puffiness around your eyes by applying cold teabags to them and leaving for a few minutes. Try plunging your face into a bowl of cold water and ice cubes for a scalpel-free facelift. Keep it there as long as you can to tighten up saggy skin. Regularly exfoliate and moisturise the skin all over your body to keep your skin supple and glowing.
Make sure your teeth are white by using special whitening toothpaste, and keep your eyes sparkling with eye drops.

Get in Shape

When being photographed, stand up straight and twist your middle round about 45 degrees to create a trim waist. If you are sitting, point your toes to give yourself a graceful line. Always breathe in and hold your head up high. Making eye contact and smiling at the photographer helps to direct the gaze towards your face if you fear the rest of you is less than perfect.

If you have hard to shift areas of fat, you may consider having a tummytuck in Essex or elsewhere. Clinics such as Refresh Cosmetic Surgery are experts in abdominoplasty, (more commonly known as a tummy tuck) and are based in Essex and this only necessitates a brief hospital admission. According to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the effects last well.
Remember, a big smile will always make you appear even more attractive.