7 Countries that Offer Catchy Tattoos at Affordable Price


Travel tattoos can be great reminders of the experience of seeing a new place, and many people have started replacing traditional souvenirs with small tattoos that are unique to their destinations. While some countries are less friendly about tattooing than others, these are 7 of the best countries to get creative tattoos at prices that won’t ruin your budget.

1. Thailand

Thailand has several unique ways to get tattoos, including in the streets of Bangkok. However, perhaps the most unique way to get a tattoo in Thailand is from a Buddhist monk in Wat Bang Phra, west of Bangkok. There, monks give tattoos in animal forms that are infused with spiritual meaning.

2. Tahiti

One of the first places that tattoos emerged, Tahiti still retains its original traditions related to the tattooing process – although those who don’t want ink tapped into their skin via a bone tip can opt for modern machines.

3. New Zealand

For a unique tattooing experience, travelers to New Zealand opt for a traditional Maori tattoo – or ta moko – that has a rich history and tradition in the area. These have been used for centuries to decorate warriors and important members of the Maori community, and can still be done using the traditional method – carving the skin with a bone chisel.

4. Brazil

There are a number of incredibly old tribes still located in Brazil’s forests that continue to historical art of tattooing. While many travelers may not be able to travel the Amazon to get to these tribes, there are plenty of tattoo artists who have learned the art that are happy to work on vacationers.

5. United States

While tattooing is highly regulated in the United States, the diversity of cultures within this country means that there are many options for getting unique tattoos. Whether you want to work with an up and coming artist in New York City, or a more traditional tattoo on the beaches of Hawaii, the United States has unique options just about everywhere you look.

6. Netherlands

Amsterdam has a truly diverse culture, but it is also home to a major tattoo museum. Visitors can take in the history of the art form and see some of the earliest modern tattoo machines, but can also get a truly unique souvenir by one of the tattoo artists onsite at the museum.

7. India

For something really different, India has a temporary form of tattoo made from henna ink. There are plenty of places around the country to find artists for henna tattoos, and they can be an affordable – and removable – way to remember a significant trip.

Remember, it is never a good idea to be intoxicated or to rush into a tattoo, even if you want a memento of your trip. Be aware of hygiene and safety precautions, since many countries do not regulate tattooing. There are plenty of options for fake temporary tattoos that you can customize or design to perfectly capture your experience – without the permanence!

Are Your Shoes Professional Enough – Check Out JustFab.com

People often judge you not by your character, but by your appearance.  Hence, it is very important to be conscious of what you wear.  You should be even more careful of the way you dress up for your workplace.  You are expected to be dressed professionally. Getting proper attire for work is easy nowadays, but are you sure if your shoes are appropriate?

Not all shoes in your wardrobe are suitable for work. You should consider the unique work culture in your office, and also the type of shoes your colleagues are wearing. The kind of job you do is also very important. If you work behind a desk, then you can very well go in heels, preferably 2 inches or less. However, if your job requires you to keep walking, then you should consider sandals or ballet flats.

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Shoes to Wear:

Make sure that the footwear you choose for your workplace has the following features:

  • Flat shoes with good grip
  • Can be well fastened and is a perfect fit
  • Is flexible and cushioned sole
  • Has good support and grip around your heel
  • The forepart should have enough space for your toes
  • Comfortable to wear during all shifts
  • Neutral color and matches many of your suits

Ballet Style Shoes: Choose these types of shoes if you want to be comfortable. They are very stylish and come in a lot of colors to match your attire. It goes well with skirts and trousers. If you are not a fan of high heels, then this would be your best option.

Knee High Boots:  If you wear a skirt for work, then this is exactly what you are looking for.  Make sure you get a boot till knee high or slightly above your knee for a glamorous look.  It is smarter to get a smaller heel boot for workplace to make you look more professional.

Ladies Court Shoes: These will look great on you and make you look stylish.  Court shoes are of various styles, choose the ones that best suit you. They are very comfortable and go well with both trousers and skirts.

Leather Flats: If your work requires you to be on your feet all day long, then this is your best option. This will keep your feet comfortable and cool. These are available in various styles and colors and can be matched perfectly to your attire.

Shoes Not To Wear:

Always remember that not all the shoes you wear suit your workplace. Your shoe could determine how professional you are. So make sure you have a good collection of work shoes, and ensure that they are some flats, sandals and heel, which are less than two inches.

  • Shoes with bows look really cute, but they are not for your work place
  • Wearing flip flops is considered inappropriate
  • Do not wear shoes that are of very bright color
  • Never get a shoe with spikes, buttons or glitters for work
  • Try to limit the number of colors in your shoes to one or two

When we look fabulous, we feel fabulous too.  Wearing a good shoe to work ensures that we feel fabulous throughout the day. This funny ad for JustFab.com shows us a wide range of shoes to make a fabulous life.

6 Tips to Follow When Buying Exercise Apparel

If you love working out but you do not have right exercise apparel then you will likely to lose motivation. It is very important to have right set of apparel for your workout sessions. Apparel has power to change your workout session from enjoyable to detestable or detestable to enjoyable. Imagine you are running towards top of the hill and at moment you feel excited about reaching the hilltop you shiver. If you feel a chill down your spine as cool winds are blowing then you might be wearing wrong workout clothes. Working out is important and wearing right exercise gear is equally important. If you do not have right exercise gear then you would not enjoy your jogging or trekking sessions.

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It is important to feel motivated while you are working out. If you lose motivation then you will be unable to carry on. Exercising is not an easy task as it requires a lot of hard work, time and patience. High energy level is also important to feel driven up for exercise sessions. Your workout clothes can help you in all this. When you buy workout clothes for your workout sessions, keep following tips in mind.

  1. Comfort is important

Comfort of clothes is very important for workout sessions. Your clothes should not be rough or uncomfortable. You should not buy clothes that irritate or chafe your skin. Always buy right clothes according to your skin.

  1. Get the right fit

When buying clothes, it is important to buy right size clothes that can give you a snug feeling. You will feel uncomfortable if clothes are too large or too small. Comfortable clothes allow you to perform exercise activities perfectly.

  1. Buy sweat absorbent fabric

It is important to buy clothes that absorb sweat. It is very annoying to exercise while you are sweating profusely. The clothes that you wear should not only be comfortable, they should also be able absorb body sweat. It is a good idea to buy Lycra blend gym apparel that is light and comfy. You may also consider polyester or other synthetic materials as they will keep you cool during summers and warm during winters.

  1. Get layered clothes

It is a good idea to buy layered clothes that can warm you up during winter season. It will help you save money as you would not have to keep separate clothes for summer and winter seasons.

  1. Technology comes to clothes

If you see Fabletics TV commercials on YouTube, you will know that all clothes available today are technologically advanced. These clothes come with anti microbial feature that helps in combating odor and they also protect you from harmful rays that are coming from sun. There are some synthetic clothes that have insect repellant feature which keep all insects away when you are going out for nature trip.

  1. Get appropriate clothes

It is important to buy clothes that are appropriate for your activities. If you are going out for cycling trip then it is inappropriate to wear baggy pants. Similarly, wearing a flowing top during yoga sessions will not keep you covered. Make sure that the workout apparel you buy is appropriate for workout sessions you do.

Present the shaving sets to your beloved ones

A clean shave is the choice for most of the men and only few like to represent themselves with beard. The mustache is a masculine pride for men so they should neatly shave their beard to have a well shaped mustache. However, it is always tough task for the men to shave their beard or mustache with average razor or trimmer. That’s why it is suggested to buy the best brands of shaving kits. The men can find Brush, Razor, Shaving Cream and stand in the shaving kits and it is available in different brands in market. The users can purchase the kit or they can present to their brothers or friends.


Shaving kits as Gift:

Shaving increases the personality of a man and he will be appreciated by everyone when he represents himself neatly. Most of the men do shaving everyday in the morning so choosing the right kit is very important. The cheaper razors are not good for the face because it may cause the scratch on the skin and jaw. So, while buying or presenting the shaving kit the users should select a right one. In E-commerce platforms the users can find different types of shaving kits for men. A recent study says that 98% men like to have the wet shaving because it makes the process simpler and let them to shave their mustache or beard without any struggle. Considering the shaving set as the gift would be the best choice and it will be useful to the receiver too.

Choose the best Shaving Set:

The Razor is an important tool in the shaving kit and the users are advised to buy the Safety Razor, which comes with the protective tool. The tool has a gap between the blade’s edge and shaver’s skin. It ensures the injury-free shaving to the users and mostly suitable for the wet shaving. In safety razors, the users can dismantle each item for cleaning them and the blades can be replaced after certain times of usage. The users can purchase this razor from the online platforms like Amazon.


The next component is Brush, which is used to create foam on the skin and it generates bubbly leather. The shaving brush set of UK is available in 4 hair types like Boar, horses, Badgers and Synthetic. The users can purchase any one of the above to have a clean shave and the brushes are suitable for all types of skin. The users are advised to buy the shaving kit with the bowl because it would be simple to take the cream using the brush. It avoids purchasing the shaving cream once again. The online platforms promote the shaving kits with full set including the bowl. Even the same products can be found in the retail or cosmetic showrooms but the users cannot find more alternates. The shaving kits for men are available with small mirror, which is attached with the stand and the users can buy the shaving kit with the non-irritant shaving cream.

The Symbol of marriage is now a style statement

The Indian heritage gives a lot of importance to jewelry. With changing customs and tradition, even the jewelry and other styles of ornamentation, has undergone a dynamic change. Indian weddings are renowned for the elegance, beauty and grace of the adornments and embellishments worn by the bride. Ostentatious at times, most of the credit to glorify the charm of an Indian bride goes to the splendor of the jewelry she wears.

Indian jewelry has a variety of adornments in diverse styles and designs for just about every part of the body.

The Symbol of marriage is now a style statement

In the Indian weddings the groom ties a mangalsutra on the bride’s neck in the auspicious occasion of marriage. It is a sacred event in Hindu marriages, similar to the custom of exchanging rings in the western culture.

But with changing customs and mind set, people no longer view jewellery as an affirmation to their marital status. It is more meant for accessorizing. Today many women do not want to flaunt their marital status. Most women wear Mangalsutras only on specific occasions, because it compliments their outfit. Also, to respect the custom of wearing a mangalsutra, as well as the sentiments of the elders in our families, mangalsutra is one ornament that has undergone a tremendous change in style. Today, though unique and urbane designs have hit the market to adorn women, but the conventional style of jewelry is still popular. ‘Dejhoor’, is worn instead of a mangalsutra in case of a Kashmiri Brahmin bride. This is the only ornament that can’t be worn randomly.

Though there is no fixed tray of jewels, besides a ‘mangalsutra or a bichiya’, that is truly significant in a marriage.

From Mangalsutras to ‘payal’, gorgeous traditional pieces are still the first choice of the wearer. The sensuous ‘kamarpatta’ to the attractive ‘bajubandh’, these ornaments and their timeless elegance along with their seductive charm gleam when you adorn them.

From stylish mangalsutra to the elegant rings, all of them have gone through a huge transition in terms of design and pattern.

Budget your style

This has become a very important thought of today’s’ new age generation. Nowadays, few people believe it is necessary to make a public statement of their relationship status and wealth by getting the most expensive rings they can afford. People select their engagement and proposal rings depending on the preference of the person they are proposing to as they want their spouse to flaunt the ornament. So much so sometimes they even prioritize preference of choice over their budget.

If you cannot afford a solitaire ring, you could always buy something that fits your budget without sacrificing on the elegance of the ring. Not only girls, even boys like to flaunt their rings after marriage.

We live in a practical world. We have to work and thus socialize for business. We wear outfits from all over the world. Jewelry is now more than symbols of something significant. They can be styled to be displayed on various occasions. So switch on your online jewelry shopping site and ogle on variety of designs that are there for you today.

Guerlain L’instant magic

This perfume originally launched in 2003 and is known for its hints of Magnolia and the delicate harmony that Guerlain created for this scent. With instant notes of Magnolia this scent is also heavily draped in citrus honey and Amber Harmony. What you are presented with in this perfume is an enveloping feast for the senses. The main smells of citrus honey and Magnolia combine beautifully in a sweet and sparkling perfume that is bound to be a favorite of many.

Overall this perfume is very well-liked with the top notes of citrus and fruit giving way to the flowery aromas and honey scents at the base of the smell. It’s a perfume it certainly cannot be ignored and it is heavily regarded as a moderate scent with a very long-lasting profile. This is a perfume that you can enjoy for everyday wear with a soft and elegant scent profile that will be complemented time and time again. Although Guerlain L’instant Magic isn’t exactly regarded as a passionate lust driven perfume it’s definitely a softer more floral scented elegant scent for every day wear.

Finding Guerlain L’instant magic isn’t particularly difficult either. Beautyspin and a number of online sources have carried popular Guerlain scents like this one over many years. You can also find it online from a number of sources as well. Many wearers site that L’instant Magic is subtle but also one of the most complemented scents that they wear and this could be potentially why this product is so readily available.

With the average price of the perfume in its 1 ounce format ranging around $70 this may be a little more than what you are used to spending on a scent. The good news however is that with its extremely long lasting bouquet and from the respected experience that Guerlain perfume has amassed since 1828, you know you will be purchasing a quality product. Guerlain l’instant Magic comes highly recommended from many different sources internationally and is a scent you should seek if you are interested in something moderate, elegant and classical.


5 Different Ways to Pep the Look of Your Kurta!

Running out of options is very natural when you have very limited choices to make in life! Same thing happens when you are looking for something to team up with your party or casual wear kurtas, and get nothing else except for a pair of leggings and jeans to put on. To your ready rescue and provide you more options to wear your kurta with, the following options will give you a good room for nice changes:-

  1. Patiala Patch up

The craze of evergreen Patiala’s is back in its full swing once again! Short fitted kurta paired up with a beautiful Patiala salwar is enough to become the heart thumping element among the crowd in pure ethnic and cultural style. Zest up your look even more with subtle traditional accessories and Kolhapuri chappals. Online Patiala Salwar suits give you a lot of options to go for!


  1. Dreamy Pallazos

Pallazos have completely redefined the description of comfort and style altogether. You can very easily go for a makeover of your entire look by simply choosing palazzos with your fashionable kurta and it’s done! You would look simply stylish in such a trendy combination!


  1. Dhoti Style

To give your attire an Indo-Western touch, you must try wearing a dhoti style salwar. Pair up your kurta with a dhoti salwar and give the entire ensemble a razor edge, when it comes down to enrich semi- ethnic and traditional look with something fresh and new!


  1. Fancy-Pants

If you wish to jazz up your contemporary look, then team up ankle length pants with your stylish kurta. This is the most trending and ravishing fashion of the season and it even makes you look younger. So, stay stylish and a step ahead with fancy Online pant style salwar suit!


  1. Basic Churidars

Rather than going for leggings all the time, its time you go choosing age old and traditional churidars with straight kurta now! It gives a highlighted appeal to your legs and makes you look slimmer. This is actually a good option for women with heavy bottom, as it tightly holds your skin together without giving it a room to droop. Look for good options with online straight salwar suits.

A Women’s Guide to Swimwear


It is important for all women to have stylish and functional swimwear, especially those who spend a lot of time in the ocean surfing, swimming, and engaging in other water sports/activities. There are a lot of things that you will need to know if you are looking for ladies rash vests so that you can get the very best one for yourself. These vests are a great investment to make if you are in the water quite a bit, so you will have to look into everything they have to offer.

What are Rash Vests?

A rash vest, rashie, or UV top as it is also know, is a thin top typically made form Lycra. This vest can be worn under a wetsuit to keep your skin protected from rashes that are caused by the friction caused by the wet suit rubbing up against your skin. There are a number of different rash vests that you can purchase, so it is very important that you take the time to look into some of your options before deciding on anything in particular.

Why buy a Rash Vest?

Anyone who tends to swim, surf, and engage in other water activities will find that a ladies rash vest can be incredibly beneficial. Nobody likes the irritating feeling of their wetsuit against their skin and the rash that can come with it, which is why one of these vests can be such a good overall investment. A rash vest will also protect you from the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned or other more serious health problems as a result of consistent exposure to the sun. You will find that most rash vests offer 50+ UPF protection from the sun, which is adequate for most people who swim and surf on a regular basis. There are rash vests for men, women, and even children.

Choosing the right Size

It is very important that you take the time to find the right size rash vest so it will be comfortable on your body. Since these vests come in such a variety of sizes, it is highly recommended that you take the time to try some different ones on until you find one that fits perfectly. Keep in mind that a rash vest is supposed to be somewhat snug on your body and not too loose or tight. You will want to find a rash vest that is comfortable to wear but snug enough so that you can engage your water sports or activities.

Shopping for Swimwear Online

If you want to get the very best deal on the swimsuit and/or rash vest you need, it is definitely a good idea to go online to see what some of your options are like. There are numerous websites that you can get rash vests on, so you will have to take the time to see what exactly your options are like before buying what you need from anywhere in particular. While it may be true that you won’t be able to try on the rash vests that are sold online, you can find a lot of great deals that you simply will not be able to find in actual local stores.

Thermal Rash Guards

These rash guards are designed to provide you with additional warmth when you are in cold water. You will find that these tops can be extremely beneficial when you are going swimming or surfing, especially if it is for a long period of time. These clothing items are usually used for those who participate in ocean sports as well as aqua aerobics, and they are made of thick insulating fabric that will be able to keep you warm when you need it most.

Sun Protection

Another important function that rash vests service is that they protect those who wear them from the powerful UV rays of the sun. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun while swimming, surfing, or participating in water aerobics, it is important to have adequate protection. Prolonged exposure to the sun over time can lead to melanoma and other health problems that affect the skin, which is why this type of protection is so crucial. The more time you take to look into these vests, the better your chances will be of getting the protection you need while in the water.

Tips to Make Your Hair Look Fuller and Richer

A person’s hair makes a big difference to a person’s face. Healthy, rich and full looking hair is a sign of good health and mental peace. One the biggest giveaways of sickness or stress is a person’s hair. It becomes greasy, scanty and loses its shine when a person is under stress or suffering from a sickness. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to make sure that your hair looks full and rich. Rich and full hair does not come without any effort. The current beauty regiments, diet and lifestyle altogether do not have the most positive impacts on a person’s hair. Some extra effort is needed in order to ensure that it looks full, rich and healthy. Here are some tips to ensure that your hair too has that healthy, rich sheen to it.


Not everyone has the same kind of hair. Some of us do not have thick hair while others may have rich, thick hair. For those who do not have thick hair, permanent hair extension treatment is an alternative. It is easy, simple and lasts for about 2 to 3 months or longer. The lasting time really depends on the type of hair. What this treatment does is, it chemically binds the extension to the end of your existing hair to increase length, or to your scalp in order to increase the volume of your hair. The extensions can be made out of natural human hair or synthetic material, the former being more expensive than the latter. The wisest thing to do when getting hair extensions is to talk to your hairstylist. Modern methods of attaching the extensions are less damaging and painful. Hair extensions, however, do not come cheap. It is best to inquire about the prices before your hairstylist has glued them on to your head.


Proper haircut

A hairstylist can either make or break your look. They can leave you soaring with self-confidence or in throes of misery by simply messing up your haircut. That is how important a haircut is to how you look. The right kind of haircut can leave your hair from looking limp and scanty to full and rich in a flash. That’s right. Such is the power of a proper haircut. Hair that simply hangs down you back does very little to increase the volume of your hair as opposed to cutting it in a certain style. The best haircut to go for would be a layered cut when looking to increase the volume of your hair. Make sure that your hairstylist creates a lot of layers. The more layers you have, the fuller your hair will look.

Change your shampoo

Today almost all of us use shampoo to wash our hair. It cannot simply be any old shampoo. It has to be the right kind of shampoo with the right kind of nutrients, so that your hair can look full and rich. There are many shampoos out there in the market today and you maybe at a loss to choose one that suits your hair. It is always best to stick to shampoos that contain natural extracts, rather than the ones that contain chemicals only. Too many chemicals cause damage to hair and will leave it looking dry and limp. Select a shampoo containing natural ingredients, from a well reputed brand.


Protein treatment

It is not enough to simply shampoo and condition your hair, if you are trying to get a healthy head of hair. It needs extra treatment and protein treatment is one of them. There are many benefits of protein treatment. It helps your hair to grow and strengthens it from the root. This will reduce hair fall. Additionally, protein treatments also give that shine to your hair, making it look rich and healthy. There are many protein packs out there in the market today. Choose a pack from a good brand and use it every time after a blow dry or any other kind of hair styling. Whisk an egg white with some vitamin E oil and you can get your own homemade protein pack.


Your hair follicles, just like the rest of your body, need nutrients to grow. To get the nutrients to the hair follicles, the blood flow to them should be increased. Massaging the scalp is one of the best ways to increase the blood flow to those follicles. One massage per week and you will notice a remarkable improvement in the volume and texture of your hair.

Situations for a Three Piece Suit

Every man should own at least one three piece suit. Sometimes referred to as a vested suit, a three piece suit can really make you stand out from the crowd. The combination of a jacket, trousers and waistcoat all made from the same material creates a stylish and professional look that’s ideal for a range of occasions.

Three piece suits never go out of fashion, and wearing one can be a powerful statement. As well as enhancing the look of a suit, the addition of a waistcoat can help to keep you warm in colder months. Some men feel that a waistcoat can be uncomfortable under a suit jacket, but this is usually due to a poor fit. It it’s too tight, a waistcoat can impair movement and feel restrictive. A waistcoat that’s too large for the wearer can spoil the way a jacket hangs and cause fabric to gather and crease.

A wedding is a great place to wear a three piece suit. Unless the invitation specifically states an informal or casual dress code, every guest will make the effort and dress to impress. Men will be expected to wear a jacket and tie, and the addition of a waistcoat can make you look even smarter. Wearing a colored shirt can add another element of personal style. Alternatively, a colored tie with a plain white shirt works very well for a wedding, especially when accented by some fashionable suspenders from JJ Suspenders for men.

A job interview is another time when a three piece suit can give a man the edge. Even if the hiring company has a casual dress policy, dressing formally is a way of showing how professional you are and that you are willing to go the extra mile. Black, navy blue or dark grey suits are recommended for job interviews.

There’s some debate as to whether a three piece suit is appropriate for the workplace, and it’s become more common in recent years. It’s expected in the banking industry and the world of finance to wear more formal attire, but professionals in media, IT and other industries are now wearing three piece suits on a daily basis. It’s important to choose hard wearing material and to keep a suit well maintained for everyday wear, but it will last several years if you look after it. A good tailor will be able to carry out minor repairs and make size adjustments if your body shape changes over time. Wearing a three piece suit to the office can get you noticed and could help open doors to future promotions.

Other occasions where a three piece suit is appropriate include professional networking events, attendance at legal proceedings and attendance at formal religious ceremonies. Selecting different shoes, shirts and ties can help to adapt your overall appearance to make it suitable for different uses.