Hitting the beach? Don’t forget to pack these 5 essential summer dresses

Since the onset of summer, many of you would be planning a summer vacay to the beaches already. It’s the perfect time to get that beautiful sun-kissed tan that most celebs are paying heftily for. Whether you plan on an extravagant holiday to Maldives or hit on a road trip with your gal pals to our very own tourist hotspot, Goa, you need to carry an enviable beach wardrobe either way. Confused what to carry in your backpack that looks stylish and is versatile enough to be mixed and matched to create a new look? Worry not, we have the zeroed down to 5 must have summer dresses that you can effortlessly style and nail the beach look.

1) Tube dress: This style is so beachy. You’ll paint a pretty picture strolling on the beach with a flowy tube dress. Wear your swimsuit under it, so whenever you want to hit the waters, this dress comes off effortlessly. Flaunt your tattoos and toned shoulders in a tube dress, that’s what beaches are for. Throw over a wrap or a shrug or even a denim knotted shirt, and you can wear the same dress to dinner as well.

2) Spaghetti dress: Endorsed by celebrities worldwide, a spaghetti dress is duly apt for beaches or while splashing by the pool side. Take a cue from Hollywood’s very own fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker from the SATC 2 movie where she looks ethereal in a bright orange spaghetti dress taking a walk on the beach. A smart jacket or a lace shrug can transform the maxi dress from beachwear to a fancy party wear in no time.

3) Maxi dress: Flowy, breezy and effortlessly chic, maxi dresses are great for a beach vacation. We suggest maxi dresses with side slits for ease and style. Look for maxi dresses in a light fabric that dries easily. Wear them to the beach or to a chic cocktail party; it looks perfect each time. Accessorize them with smart T-strap flats and elegant jewelry and we guarantee you endless compliments.

4) Mini dress: A mini dress is certainly reminiscent of beaches and sets the right mood for a relaxed holiday. Get a pretty lace mini dress in white or maybe a color block mini dress in bright candy colors, a classic LBD or perhaps a monochrome mini dress. You just can’t go wrong with a mini dress, ever. This women’s dress also fits the bill perfectly to a formal dinner party at the hotel without having to change.

5) Kaftan dress: You definitely cant forgo the quintessentially beach dress cum cover all, the kaftan dress. This women’s dress is sophisticated yet totally fun n’ flirty at the same time. Wear it over your bikini and u can hit the beach party right after a swim in the sea. A pair of smart flats and a stylish belt is all you need to accessorize this summer dress.

We hope to get all the basics of women dresses apt for the beach covered in this blog. To read more on summer dresses check out my previous blog: Summer dresses for women: cool and trendy fashion decoded. We are drooling over stylish summer dresses at www.stalkbuylove.com. They’re fun, super trendy, and certainly doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Don’t forget the beach essentials like sunglasses, hat, sunblock, and some sexy swimsuits, though!

A General Note about the Process of Fulfillment of Products

To gain customers trust in your products and believe in your marketing abilities, fulfilling the order in proper way is quite essential. If you don’t give importance to the customer service, it will result in gaining negative points, which is sure to affect salability of your products. There are hundreds of companies whose main job is to fulfill the customer’s order.

What exactly is fulfillment of an order?

It is a process, which goes under several stages till the product reaches the customer’s door step. Manufacturing companies most of the time in order to save trouble engages other order fulfilling company to handle the posting of the products either online or through retail shops. The process mainly includes:

  • Warehousing or keeping the products in storage: This part acts as a great support when the products originating company need to sell items, which are no longer in the manufacturing process or it will take time to bring in new set of commodities.
  • Processing the orders: Mostly in today’s E- commerce market, when a firm’s marketing section receives an order, they call up connected firm to search for the product from the company’s inventory, parcel it and then ships it out to the correct address.
  • The customer service of the fulfillment company indulges in answering the queries of the customers, finding appropriate solutions for the defective products and do shipping requirement in accordance to customer satisfaction.
  • Distributing section is one of the valued parts of every e-commerce fulfillment firm. It’s the job of distributing executives to note the address, pass on the info about the shipping process to the customers and most importantly deliver the package in the ordered time without any occurrence of any damage to the parcel.

The order fulfillment processing is the main venture of any top rated retailers either ordered through online market or through normal inline shopping mall. To gain good relationship with a customer stay associated with a firm providing exclusive fulfillment process.

A fulfillment company is not up to the mark in the following cases

  • Not utilizing the technology specially designed to track orders, generate info and update the shipping process to be posted to the customers. All these mark a negative point, which is not favored by the production house.
  • Confirmation of the order placed, cost to be paid if the customer hasn’t paid in advance, the time of delivery and the product info should be done promptly after the placement of the order through e mails. Taking your own time to do such needful process is sure to affect your reliability.
  • If a customer is dissatisfied with the product and wants to exchange or return back, its duty of the fulfillment services to do the procedure in a satisfactory manner. Neglecting to do the job perfectly will really generate a negative point.

These are the few order fulfillment services, which need to be done in satisfactory way. Otherwise, it may result in less viewing of production firm’s marketing site and drastic decline in the ordering products.

There are number of fulfillment firms, who believe in satisfying the customers fully and trying every way to market your product in profitable mode like Xpert Fulfillment.


Get your favourite flavour and fragrance here

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Fashion Lingerie shopping Online: That Fine Day When My Boy Accompanied Me!

Isn’t that really rude about your boy friend when he says NO to accompany you while shopping your intimate garments? A point to think about, someone who is very much close to your heart must understand the deepest craze you are growing in you since the time you understood your body shape and known your ultimate desire about the fashion lingerie that holds you even tighter than your boy! :D. I know I am the absolute figured woman. So it is obvious for any woman to keep the finest note on her under dress essentials and make a collection of all the best looking and best fitting under garments that flaunts her shape and gets an added star to her naturally sexy body.


So, it is about that one fine day when my boy friend finally came up with a YES to take me for a ride on my favorite shopping time. It was night 11 o’ clock when we started; and it continued till 1 pm. Even the list of my purchasing items crossed the limits and so as the satisfactory level. That was my ultimate fashion lingerie shopping I would say. Well! Here comes the entire trick. We had an Online shopping of my best lingerie items from one of the leading online lingerie stores.  Believe me, it was simply awesome. So, let me present my tips for buying your lingerie from the online shops that would get you the best of your satisfaction while shopping your under garments online.

  1. Making the right choice on the Online Lingerie Store you need to buy your products from: “Not all those visible online to the visitors, are visible to the licensers or reviewing authorities or the critics.” It is always a mandatory act to look for the authenticity of an online store. So make a check if you have made a clear research on the store you are to shop your lingerie online, go for a store which had good rankings in the list of best online lingerie stores and also make sure you have read the real customer reviews.

  2. Looking for the wide range of displayed lingerie items and making the click: All the brands, all designs, all types, colors and patterns along with the fabric notes & descriptions are displayed in clear pictures over the display section or in the photo gallery of the online lingerie store’s official website. Make sure you have bothered looking at all the displayed items to go for the best click.

  3. Making note about checking the return policy: Look in your online lingerie store if it has scope for returning the item purchased which doesn’t match your slithouse, or which do not look or feel great in your body. Go for a purchase from the stores which have a satisfying return or exchange policy.

  4. It is all about satisfying self and satisfying your special man: You cannot wear lingerie that wouldn’t fit your body shape, that would not excite you or that would not give you the actual confidence you need to walk down the streets carrying your shape protected as well as flaunted well. It is also about your personal man, when it is about your personal underwear! So go for fashionable lingerie that would satisfy your excitement & confidence level as well as that would tempt your man to fall for you and go for those special love acts on bed.

It was my best online fashion lingerie shopping that day. Go for the above tips, to experience your best!

What are the most loved birthday gifts?

Birthdays are once in a year affair and therefore the gifts has to be breath-taking one. The gifting world is so big that it is obvious for you to get confused on buying the exact gift for your loved ones. So, here’s the list of some birthday gifts that you can select for your near and dear ones.


1.  Birthstone bracelets would be a lovely gift idea for the birthday boy or girl. These birthstone bracelets are gaining popularity these days and therefore the birthday boy or girl would feel proud to have a trendy gift

2.  Flower till today is one of the most loved gift around the world. A bouquet of flowers would therefore never go out of fashion. Get all colors of roses as a gift for the birthday girl.

3. Remember Kareena Kapoor’s watch cum wristlet from the movie Kambakht Ishq? That would be a fabulous birthday gift for your girl she would flaunt it with pride among peers

4. Everyone loves to see their own faces for sure and that’s why photo frames never go out of trend as a birthday gift. You can get a personalized photo frame from any online gift portal carrying all the beautiful pictures of your sweetheart.

5. These day’s designer cakes are getting famous. Cakes are always loved by everyone and designer cakes are the ones which are baked and decorated by experienced cake artists. The birthday boy/girl would surely dance in joy with this lovely gift.

Regular_V1_DV (7)

6. You can get birthday gifts online selecting from various products that the e-gift shops offer. You would get fabulous jewelries to impress the birthday girl as a birthday gift. The jewelry you select should be cool and funky.

7. Coffee mugs can also be presented as a gift. You can get it personalized by attaching a picture of the birthday king/queen or a coffee mug that carries a lovely quote.

8. A book is a wonderful gift because it imparts knowledge and makes people powerful. So, go ahead with a lovely book to that person and that person is surely going to be mesmerized.

9. A painting by some famous painters like Van Gogh or Di Vinci to glare up the drawing space of your loved one. And therefore, it is a lovely birthday gift to be treasured for many years to come.

10. Expensive items like diamond jewelry or a branded wrist watch is something that would give immense pleasure to the birthday boy/girl.

11. Chocolates are an all-time favorite items among all people worldwide. You can get a bouquet made out of delicious chocolates for the birthday moment.

Light layers for the summer

Every season has a certain trend and dressing style associated with it. Summer brings with it the ease of dressing up light but also the harsh sun pricking the skin. The need to wear sleeveless and short dresses is such a huge temptation but saving the skin from sun burns and tan is a big concern. In times like this, layered clothing comes in handy and solves the dilemma. Both men and women clothing can be layered to attain this look. Latest fashion for women at abofincludes a variety of sheer shrugs and lacy stoles to guide you through the harshness of summer in style.

Sheer Jackets and Shrugs

With a host of options from thin jackets to light shrugs, you can now fashionably layer your clothes without having to succumb to the burning heat of the weather. Carry off a light wind cheater with a plain white tee, and a pair of boyfriend jeans to complete the look. Ballerina flats and perhaps a light stole if you’re going to the movies, is a smart decision.

Shrugs and Cardigans

Team it with something as simple as a tank top or a tunic, and be sure to have put on the most comfortable clothing for the season. Casual jackets and blazers can be teamed with casual wear or formal wear. abof, Only, Femella, AND, Nineteen, Vero Moda, Style Quotient, Global Desi, Pantaloons, Ayaany, Izabel London, FabIndia, 109F, W – the best of brands are brought together at abof making your shopping much easier.

Fashion online is the new venture that has taken the shopping experience of every individual and taken it by storm. Lace jackets to translucent jackets, pick what compliments your taste and you think best suits you and suits what you’re wearing for a day out in the sun.

Layering for Men

Layering your clothing add an extra flair to the outfit. Layering is also a great option for men with cardigans and jackets. A plain t-shirt and a pullover can do the job. New fashion clothes for men are at your disposal at abof, along with jackets, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jeans and bags. Layering for men can work well for both formal and casual wear. Add a dash of elegance with a light scarf for a business meeting and or a light sweater for casual outings, and make an everlasting impression.

Shop at abof to enjoy great deals to great clothing options at the click of a button.


Quality motorcycle jeans

Some people might wonder how simple apparel can change the biker in you. But in fact, it is the simple dress you need. These apparels are very popular among the people all over the globe and there are many companies that are providing such products to the customers. One of the companies that have been very successful in the business in providing excellent motorcycle jeans in the business is Tobacco. Tobacco has been very successful in the present market to provide some of the best motorcycle jeans in the business. They are also known for their 5 pocket original Tobacco jeans. Here are some of the popular original 5 pocket tobacco jeans products:

  • Indigo Selvedge
  • Sand canvas
  • Black Selvedge
  • Carbon Canvas

Tobacco is also one of the largest brands in the business. There are motorcycle jeans brands that this company provides to the customers. Here are some of the best:

  • Street Chopper
  • Motor Cyclist
  • Ride Apart
  • Hot Bike
  • Baggers
  • Silodrome

There are several famous online sites all over the Internet. Some of these sites also provide attractive discounts to its customers while others provide all kinds of offers such as buy one and get one free. These things attract people and that is why there are so many people who are shopping online. Even gorgeous bridal dresses can also be bought online. This online market has spread a lot and more and more people are using online shopping for, buying the best clothes in the business just sitting at home. There are many fashion sectors in the world, which are an eCommerce business and which are specialized in making some of the best motorcycle dresses worldwide. Such fashion sectors have some renowned designers who prepare some of the elegant dresses for any special occasions. Other than the dresses these sectors helps the business client to promote their brands via online portal and other means in the US and other market in the Europe. The varieties and biker dresses provided by renowned designers in the fashion world are the prolific. Biker dresses are the dresses designed for bikers. The speciality in these wears is that they are rough and tought. Hey are designed in such a way that these wears protects you and at the same time also looks very good. There are many people who look for such clothing products.

The dusky and the rough look of these clothes make these clothes very popular among the people all over the globe. Tobacco has been rated as the best motorcycle jeans store several times and the dresses comprises of rich functionality with toughness. The dresses uses rich and innovative fabrics and the materials used in these dresses are sleek, shiny with eye-popping contrasts between jeans and fabric. So if you are looking for the best motorcycle apprels in the business then get it from Tobacco. Tobacco has been very popular among the bikers in providing good quality biker dress.