Important Factors to Consider While Buying Gold Chain

Gold is most appreciated precious metal. It symbolizes prosperity, purity, and opulence. How to buy gold chain online or at the local store needs a little consideration on part of the buyers.

Factors to consider for buying gold chain


Gold includes a marking that indicates its purity in carats. Common carat options are 24K, 22K, or 18K. Pure gold (24K) is very soft, so it is mixed with alloys for strength and durability. For example, 18K means 18 parts gold and 6 parts is alloy. It is necessary that every gold chain designs include a clear stamp of its carats for identification.

Chain length

Most popular and common length for chain is 18”. It is an ideal visible length not short like choker (16”). Moreover, it will not get caught on anything because it does not hang very low like in 30” or 24” chain.

Is the gold chain to be worn with a pendant?

You will need to look for women gold chains that can bear the locket weight, but also not overpower the pendant, simultaneously.

Light and thin but durable chains

  • Wheat chain is light but most durable. They can be worn daily
  • Box chain enhances the shine of the gold pendant and can hold hanging charm
  • Rope chains can look diminutive, while holding heavier pendants

Will it twist?

If the chain gets caught in your sweater then pulling it can cause a tangle. Flat chains like Herringbone and round ones called snake chain look beautiful but are notorious for kinking. Remember, once the chain gets kinked, it will turn weak in that area. The omega chain is designed like chokers, but a little lower and is very expensive. However, they bend or kink easily.


There is the spring ring and the lobster clasps for selection. Lobster clasps are recommended to be a good one for gold chains. It is round, hollow, and thin, ‘O’ ring clasp can stretch and open up causing you lose the costly diamond pendant. Gold chains for women with Lobster clasps are heavy duty. They are soldered to the gold chain, so it does not get pulled off.

Safety catch

A figure 8 safety catch is added in several chains. These are the best options but check on the kind of clasp it comes with. Magnetic clasps are easy to wear and remove, but possibility of losing the chain is more.

Heavy chains you can sleep on with

Many of them never remove their gold chain, when they go to bed. Therefore look for a heavy chain, which is rolled, squished, and flattened. Figaro and curb chains are classic items that hold the heavy use well.

Check for roughness

Move your fingers across the design of gold chain or you can rub it across your sweater or shirt. If it catches and snags then this design can rip your clothes. Make sure that it does not dig into your skin. Therefore, look for edges and pieces that stick out.


Gold has a lot of variation. Pure gold when combined with different metals create a diverse color palette. Blending with palladium or silver creates white gold, copper results in rose gold and today a spectrum of colors are created like purple, black and green. However, yellow gold is in great demand all around the world. Check out the site for more details.