Information About Some Of The Best Conceal-and-Carry Methods


Concealed carry methods are the best way to take a weapon with you. These days it has been approved by law. You can use it in most of the states. However, it doesn’t matters where are you from but if you carry a weapon it needs to be hidden somewhere around your body. It should not be visible to others.

It can help you, during mishaps and dangers. Carrying your weapon openly is prohibited in almost every country. In addition, it is very difficult to have license without accepting concealment. However, getting a licence to carry a gun quickly is not easy.

Moreover, the legal procedures are long and time consuming. There are many methods through, which you can carry you’re a gun, here are a few of them.

Various holsters

 It is the most common used concealer, where you can insert a gun in a holster attached to your belt. There is various kinds of weapon holsters available for both male and female alike:

  • Shoulder holsters
  • Belt holsters
  • Under the pant holsters
  • Thigh Holsters
  • Ankle holsters

Back packs

Many of the people carry their weapons in a backpack. The problem with carrying a backpack is that you cannot use them at the time of emergency. Protection becomes a little tricky. However, backpack can be used to carry bigger weapons, so as to hide them.

Concealed carry purses

For women the best and the easiest way to carry guns are within a concealed carry purse. It allows the girl to remove the gun conveniently from her purse, during emergency.  Purses is designed with different sections or pockets. Placing cards and cash inside the purse along with the weapon allows concealing it.

To be safe, you can use conceal and carry purses. Unlike other purses, these have more space and hidden section that is barely noticeable. According to the store reviews, these purses sell like hot cakes. These purses are being used both by the common people and elite page 3 people.

Photographing vest

 If you are looking for a concealer with a little more storage capacity you can use a photographic vest, it has bullets section too. You can use it at the time of urgency, very easily.

Normal Conventional carry bags

 Women can easily keep their weapons in their handbags and carry bags. Nobody will come to know that you are carrying a weapon with you unless you take it out. Beware while you open your bag, don’t open it too wide.

Some safety measures

 Keeping your weapon in a concealed carry purse or other conventional handbags may land you in danger in certain situations. For example, if your purse gets stolen with the gun inside and it gets misused by the thief. You will get into a big trouble because the gun is registered in your name. Therefore, be alert while you are travelling with a weapon.


Concealed carry methods are solely for preventive measures. Even if you misuse you can still land up in trouble. This is because results of any accident are mostly judged on the basis of urgency and situation. Therefore if you situation is not adaptive you can even land up behind the bars.