Choosing the Right Jewellery for Your Workplace

Dressing up casually in the office is not something that most of us are allowed to do every day. While there is an exception of dressing up the way we want on Fridays, there are many ideas with the help of which you can amp up your dressing and appearance game on the daily basis. One such way is to wear some elegant and subtle diamond jewellery. Since you have to be very careful while picking up jewellery online for your office wear, take a look at some of the aspects that can help you in selecting appropriate jewellery for your workplace.

  • Statement jewellery

Statement diamond rings and other pieces can be great option of jewellery at work. You have to keep in mind that you purchase pieces that will look good with your clothes and overall office atmosphere. There is no point wearing something that looks way too sassy for your profession as it would grab unwanted eyeballs. So make sure you don’t go over the top with your jewellery.

  • Keeping it simple

You might have a lot of stylish diamond necklaces but not all of them would be appropriate as per work standards. So simply sit down to classify what goes under the category of your work jewellery and what would be too flashy. For instance, if you have a work profile somewhere in the fashion industry where there is nothing wrong in wearing anything that you want, go with the flow but if you work somewhere which is strictly professional and everything works by the standard codes, choose to buy diamond jewellery online that is sober and sophisticated.

  • Do not flash your wealth

You might have a lot of expensive jewellery and jewellery like high priced diamond earrings but it makes no sense flashing them at work. It is possible that your co-workers have to deal with an inferiority complex because of your jewellery wearing style. There is always going to be an untold code of dressing and styling at your workplace so understand that and do what is appropriate.

  • Do not wear artificial or cheap looking jewellery

Although it is possible that you might not be able to afford high priced expensive jewellery, do not think of buying some fake jewellery that looks fake and cheap at work. Even if you have just a couple of pieces, repeat them rather than investing in a lot of fake jewels.

  • Limiting your look

Do not wear all the jewellery pieces you have at once as it looks too gaudy and non-classy. For instance where simple studs in your ears and a simple chain and pendant as a necklace. If at all you love wearing rings, make sure you don’t wear more than two or three rings at a time. Your main aim should be to look decent and professional at office and not some sort of a model doing jewellery commercial.

  • Bangles

Bangles make noise which is why it is advisable that you wear bracelets rather than a lot of those clumsy bangles. If at all you have to wear bangles, wear the ones that don’t make a lot of noise. Also, limit the quantity of your bangles.

Show Business Jobs You Might Enjoy

Have you ever dreamed of being involved in show business? The entertainment industry can be very exciting and financially rewarding. However, you might not possess the talent to become a successful singer or actor. If this is the case, there are plenty of show business jobs that do not require you to be on camera or on stage. These jobs would also be ideal for people who are shy and would suffer from stage fright or performance anxiety. Here are a few examples of jobs in show business that you might want to consider doing.

1. You can become a director.

Most people think of movies when the profession of director is mentioned. However, there are many other things that require a skilled director besides motion pictures. For example, all plays need a director to stage the various scenes and make sure the actors are giving the best performances they are capable of. TV shows are just like movies. The only difference is they are made at a much faster pace than movies. You might want to pursue a job as a director of a TV show. Many directors break into show business by directing commercials.

2. Get a job as a choreographer.

You might not be totally clear on what exactly is involved in a choreographer’s job. This is a person who creates the various dance routines that are used in musical plays, music videos and other performances where there is dancing involved. All of the dance steps need to be meticulously planned and rehearsed ahead of time so the performance is flawless. The choreographer is also the person who trains all of the dancers and gives them instructions about how the dance routines should be performed. He or she will usually be responsible for hiring the dancers and choosing the music that will be used during the routine. Craig Revel Horwood is thought by many experts to be a talented choreographer.

3. A producer is a good job for people who love music.

There are many people who want to be involved in the process of creating music. However, these people do not always possess the ability to write music or play an instrument. They might want to consider becoming a producer. This is the person who collaborates with the musical artist and sits in the studio while the songs are being recorded.


5 Luxurious Things You Should Indulge Yourself in on Your Wedding Day

It is generally a woman’s dream to walk down the aisle wearing an elegant, white wedding dress to meet her debonair and handsome groom waiting for her at the altar. It may not be the wedding of the century like that of some famous celebrities, but it will be your own wedding on your own dress to meet your own partner for life.

Preparing for the Wedding Day

There are many things to consider in making wedding preparations, which can stress you and your groom. Because of this, it would be a good move if you use the services of an event planner. The event planner can relieve you of the pressure in making your wedding preparations. They can take care of everything from day one up to your wedding day.

Preparing for your wedding is one of the most exciting preparations that you will ever do in your life. You and your mate have two options: make the wedding simple and private or make it a lavish and elegant wedding that will, of course, cost you a fortune.

Indulging Yourself on Your Wedding

As the bride to be, you have the privilege to enjoy luxurious things. After all, it does not happen every day, right? You shouldn’t be ashamed if you want your wedding day to be lavish and memorable. Some of the luxurious things that you can enjoy include the following:

  1. Hiring a Limousine for the bridal car

Choosing a means of transportation to get you to the church from your house or hotel is one of the biggest decisions you have to make. If you want to have that traditional glam feel, then a wedding limo hire is for you. Ask the limo service provider whether there’s enough space inside for your bridal party because if you’re going to hire the best vehicle, then you might as well enjoy it with your family.

  1. The Wedding Entourage

A wedding gown created specially to suit your taste is something not everybody can afford. Some opt to rent a wedding gown or buy a pre-made one. However, if you wish to wear something that speaks to you, then it’s better if you have it designed and made by a professional designer. You can also choose the materials that will be used in making it.

  1.               Venue Arrangements

If you’re planning to hold your wedding at the church, you might as well go all-out with the church decorations. You can make use of lots of flowers. However, if the colorful flora is not your thing, then you can invest in custom-made décor. Get the right lighting services and supplier.

If you don’t want your wedding to be held in a church, then pick your favorite place and hold your wedding there.

  1. Wedding Reception

After the ceremony, you will have to lead your guests to the wedding reception. You can pick a world-class hotel, so everyone can enjoy its pool and other amenities. If you want, you can even let them stay there overnight. Ask the designer to decorate the reception hall (if it’s allowed) and pick a table decoration that reflects your wedding theme.

Got Your New Wedding Album? This is How to Take Care of It

You spend time planning for your wedding, got a photographer to capture the moments of the day, and now you have a gorgeous wedding photo album in your hands. Remember that is a treasure as it contains your beautiful collection of memories from the most special day and moments of your life. The significance your wedding album has cannot be valued in monetary terms and it is something you are to keep for the rest of your life.

Handling and storing your wedding album is one of the greatest tasks ahead of you because every member of your family, your relatives, and friends would want to have a look at it and this can take a toll on the album. If you are concerned about how you can take good care of your album, read along for some tips.

Temperature and Humidity

Exposing the wedding album to extreme changes in humidity or temperature can easily damage it. The binding, cover, the pages and most importantly the images are vulnerable to humidity. Hot temperatures tend to cause the paper to dry out, become brown, and brittle.

High humidity can also easily cause mold to grow both on the album and in between the pages. Expansion and contraction of the pages caused by extreme temperature changes can warp the images and distort them. The ideal storage conditions if you want to keep your photography by focus wedding album in one piece are anything between 55 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit as well as humidity levels ranging from 5 to 60 degrees.

Direct Sunlight

Storing your photo album in direct sunlight can expose the images and paper to heat as well as the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Heat as mentioned above, damages the pages while the light corrupts the quality of your images causing them to fade. Direct sunlight also damages the binding and cover irrespective of the material in which it is made.

The solution to this therefore is to store your album in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. When not being looked at, it should be carefully tacked away preferably in a drawer somewhere.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your wedding album will accumulate dust and dirt with time just as any other stored item. In order to keep the images looking as crisp and as pristine as they did on the first day, cleaning and maintaining your album is inevitable.

Dust your album with a soft dry cloth and whenever necessary, remove any dirt stuck on the surface of the album in a gentle manner with a damp cloth. Be careful not to rub near imprinting so as to ensure you don’t damage the imprinting or engraving.

Storage and Usage

Come to think of it, wedding photo albums outlive us. Long after we are gone and forgotten, our friends, children and grandchildren continue cherishing and sharing our memories with those in their circles.

To ensure proper usage, take care of your fingernails when turning over the pages to avoid damages that are commonly inflicted at the edges. The ideal storage position for your album is to put it flat inside a protective cover or casing. Taking these precautions will guarantee a long lasting photo album that will be passed down from one generation to the next.

5 Tips to Help You Survive Fashion Design School

College is a lot like high school, but you have even more responsibility to get through it. Your teachers aren’t going to hound you and your parents aren’t going to be around to ensure you get up on time. It’s up to you to stay ahead, whether you’re going to NEC Online or staying on campus at Hofstra University. If you’re planning to become a fashion design student, you’re going to need to learn how to organize your life now, because organization will be key for a career in design.

There are many expectations for design students to live up to, so do what you can to excel in your coursework. The following tips can be used to help ensure you make the most out of your time in fashion design school.

Use a Day Planner

This can really help you stay focused on the tasks you have to do each day. Make sure to keep track of all your projects, homework and upcoming tests, so you can set aside adequate time to complete work and study. You can use the traditional agenda made of paper, or you can go new school with a smartphone or tablet app that helps you keep track of all the things you need to do throughout the week.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

It doesn’t make sense to spend all day studying for an exam that’s two weeks away when you have an assignment that’s due in two days. Make sure that you prioritize each and every task that you have to do, so you don’t end up falling behind. It would be very frustrating to have everything written down in your planner, yet you still aren’t getting things done because you failed to prioritize your to-do list. Put a note next to the items that are urgent, so you don’t overlook them.

Take Advantage of Free Work Periods

Most students blow off free work period to do things non-school related, such as playing Angry Birds on their smartphone or chatting with friends on social media. Your professors understand how work can pile up, so they offer free work periods, which is supposed to be used to help you catch up or stay ahead. Don’t make the mistake of napping during this time. Get some work done, so you don’t fall behind. Time is a commodity you won’t have much of while you’re in college, so don’t waste it!

Overestimate Time for Projects

It’s better to overestimate than it is to underestimate. If you think it will take you about two hours to complete a project, add an extra hour just in case. There may be hiccups along the way. The same goes for studying. Add extra time, so you can rest easy knowing you have sufficient time to complete your tasks. If you underestimate the time you need, you’ll end up scrambling around to catch up.

Make Time for Relaxation

You don’t want to book your entire schedule for work and no play. You need a work-life balance, so make sure you set aside a day out of the week to hang out with friends or to just sleep in and rest up.

British Formal Shirts: Flourishing Through the Decades

Some might say that Britain is synonymous with tradition. Strong ties to the culture and dress of earlier centuries certainly still exist, though it has been difficult for many UK citizens to resist the changes that have taken place in clothing and other outward expressions over the past few decades.

Some companies, however, have maintained a strong reputation for offering the finest in quality clothing through the vicissitudes of the 20th century.  Hawes and Curtis is renowned for its quintessentially British formal shirts, while expanding its locations and presenting internationally recognised brands through multiple websites.

The Beginning

Perhaps the most widely recognised of the formal shirts popular in the UK is the full cutaway collar that was created nearly 100 years ago to accommodate the Duke of Windsor, his ties, and the staple of tie knots – the Windsor. This collar presents a straight line that follows the top of the knot, which distinctly separates it from the semi-cutaway collar.

That style shows a bit more downward point yet maintains an appearance of neatness that the more formal occasions require. Either of these collar styles is available in select colours and designs, though the tie is generally expected to make the bolder statement where colour is concerned.

The cut is meant to present a generally straight silhouette, while the double cuffs help maintain the formal look. These two collar styles differ significantly from the point collar and the once-popular button-down look.

Still World Class

In the early decades of the 20th century, these quality items were the shirt of choice not only for nobility such as the Duke of Windsor, but also for the most famous names in Hollywood including Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and others. The estimable Lord Mountbatten, British statesman and naval officer, was also a customer of the better outfitters of the day.

Today, the British style in formal shirts continues to be preferred around the globe, due to the quality fabrics and construction, of course, but also because the providers of these fine garments have extended their marketing efforts to all parts of the world.

Some of the leading brands and outfitters have retained their original names, but have changed ownership. Fortunately, this has not had a negative effect on the unique appearance or quality of the products. To the contrary, new owners have endeavoured to maintain the standards set by the original owners and designers.

One of the first steps for many of the shops was to grow beyond one location in London in order to make their quality wares available to residents of other cities. Some of these early stores now have multiple locations in the UK, in addition to an active online presence.

As the years pass in the 21st century, those who follow the men’s clothing field closely will be quite pleased to know that the styles created by men once recognised as authorities in evening dress will survive for future generations to enjoy. As the saying goes, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

4 Fashion Tips for Students Studying Abroad

If you are looking for a fashion career and you don’t live in a fashion capital, you aren’t going to find it at home. Indeed, the epicenters of fashion exist in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Of course, they aren’t the only places where fashion is made and marketed, but they are the capitals. Each year, these cities hold multiple fashion presentations in the realms of ready-to-wear, cruise, couture, menswear, jewelry and more. If you want to learn about the fashion world, you definitely want to study abroad.

However, when you get out to one of these cities, you want to keep a number of things in mind. Sure, studying fashion is one thing, but you also need to study and experience the fashion industry, which is an overarching beast that casts a large shadow of not only designers, but also buyers, merchandisers and everyone else hawking clothing in global boutiques and department stores. Here are four fashion tips for students studying abroad.

  1. Read Local Magazines

When you are studying abroad, you want to be sure that you purchase subscriptions to some of the most popular fashion magazines. Indeed, some of these magazines will be like fashion bibles, so you want to hold them close and read every page. This will help you not only stay up to date – it will also help you stay ahead the curve when you actually become a designer. When it comes to choosing these magazines, you just have to do your research to find the ones that matter – you can use a search engine or ask your peers for advice.

  1. Go to Fashion Shows

On top of subscribing to various magazines, you also want to sit in at fashion shows. Sure, you may not get front row access right away, but you will be able to sit in the rafters or in the back row. Just looking at the newest collections and how fashion shows are organized will get you ready for the fast paced atmosphere of the fashion world. Plus, it is a lot more exciting than sitting in class back home at Maryville University or Syracuse University.

  1. Apply for an Internship

Getting an internship will also be crucial, especially if you plan on spending multiple years studying abroad. You could get a job with a major label, boutique or department store. Hopefully – by the time you graduate – you can find yourself in a more permanent position. In the meantime, you want to be like a sponge and learn as much as you can. Also, you have to be willing to do any task asked of you.

  1. Learn the Language

It is also critical that you learn the language in the country where you study abroad, because you want to be able to communicate with the locals. Also, when you apply for a job, an employer will definitely prefer someone that can speak the language. In the end, the best way to learn the language is to speak with locals, listen to the radio and you may even want to take a language course.

Michael Kors: The best of ‘Rose’ and ‘Gold’

“Everyone adores the red rose, and yet it is a common sort of beauty. You are like a golden rose, a rare bloom but no less lovely.”

Author: Alma Katsu

Of all the trends this decade has given us, the rose gold interlude definitely stands out. The hues reflect such tasteful elegance, popular brands have had no choice but to adopt the beautiful colour into their products,its presence felt hugely ranging from phones to jewellery. However, rose gold finds its most eloquent outlet in a watch. The lustrous curves and flexures of a timepiece make the perfect accessory for the gorgeous to communicate the language of that luminous blush.

While a lot of prominent brands and designers have tried their hands at this trend, Michael Kors knows how to voice the rose gold soliloquy like no other. The ace designer’s pursuit to craft timepieces that are a world apart in the twisted world of trends and suits has led to a collection of stellar luxe watches at your disposal today. An authentic Michael Kors timepiece calls out to every fashionista out there, and India is gaining a nuanced perspective on designer watches with authentic Michael Kors Watches stores, like Ethos Watch Boutiques, coming into the fray.

Here are 5 rose gold watches from Michael Kors to look out for:

Michael Kors Kerry MODEL#: MK3397


Top of my list, definitely! Super decadent due to its lustrous emerald dial encased upon a milky way of blingety-bling, Kors is well versed in the art of complementing subtle hues like the rose gold with classic shades and a little bit (or in this case a lot of) sparkle.

Michael Kors Hartman MODEL#: MK3491


A staple for the traditionalists, The Michael Kors Hartman is boastful yet modest in its demeanour. Simplicity at its ultimate best, this classic timepiece will end up being your first and last resort,no matter the occasion. Be it a corporate meet or a date night with the beau, the Hartman will find its way onto your wrist, and befriend all your carefully planned outfits!

Michael Kors Parker MODEL#: MK5896


Chic and feminine, the Michael Kors Parker is everything a girl could ask for in a watch. Pinkish hues of the dial and the glimmering pink centre set in a rose gold frame; this watch is a soft, light hearted element to add to your closet. The parker is indeed full of surprises, fornot only does the elegant timepiece come installed with a chronograph and a date display around a band of glittering stones, this watch is water resistant up to 100 metres! Michael Kors creates a powerful statement through the Parker for every woman who knows her watches.

Michael Kors Bryn MODEL#: MK6276


The Bryn by Michael Kors deviates from the designers bent towards the usual subtle enhancements to create a bold statement. The infusion of tasteful animal print within the rose gold setting of the strap defies all norms and opens up the world of watches to a modernistic discourse. Adding to the unconventional impression of this eclectic timepiece, Kors has played around with the shape of the dial so brilliantly that it strikes a graceful balance between the sharp and the soft. It’s almost as if he intended to devise a metaphor for the unconventional woman, who refuses to mould into a single genre.

Michael Kors Parker MODEL#: MK6365


No two shades in the world of luxury are as indulgent as white and rose gold. This watch splurges in a pas de deux between two classic hues, and the result is indeed breathtakingly gorgeous. In my belief, luxury is that which spruces up even the most mundane articles in life- if you don’t take my word for it, try sporting the beauty with a pair of rugged old jeans and watch yourself transform into Miss Gorgeous! The initials etched across the dial, Kors doesn’t kid around when he crafts a statement.


On those rare occasions where art mingles with science, the result is indeed ingenious. Michael Kors knows well to supplement his inspiring knack for aesthetics with state of the art technology; an effort that creates splendid reverberations in the world of fashion. Today Michael Kors is easily regarded as the harbinger of fast fashion into the world of luxury designer wear; a feat that was regarded impossible until Kors put his brilliant mind to work. Be it a teenager turning sweet sixteen or her mother celebrating her own anniversary; A Michael Kors timepiece makes for the perfect gift.

7 Must-try Makeup Trends for Summer 2016

Summer 2016 is a great time to highlight your dewy skin and to experiment with bold makeup colors. The hottest trends this season all offer a lot of chances for you to flaunt your effortless look on the beach and under the heat of the sun. Try out these styles and create a lasting impression that’ll last beyond the season.

Negative Space Eyeliner

This is the eyeliner version of negative space nails. To pull off this look, just trace the outlines of the cat eye. You’re going for a cut-out effect, meaning your lines need to stay in place. Use a shadow primer and a budge-proof liquid liner paired with precise lines to exude amysterious and retro air.


Wearing a full contour to the beach may seem a little out of place, especially if you need to take a dip in the water. Instead, try out the non-touring technique. The complete opposite of creating sharp lines, non-touring is all about having soft and dewy skin. The key items for this look include a tinted moisturizer, highlighter, and a luminous shimmer. This stylealso makes use of a lighter foundation to deliver a natural look — very apt for the hot summer months.


Summer usually means dealing with melting lip colors and a shiny T-zone. To avoid these problems, Instagram vloggers and makeup artists have turned to a technique called sandbagging. After applying your concealer, get some loose powder and apply it underneath any places that tend to be oily. Use it around the bottom edges of your lips, under your eyes, or on your T-zone to absorb grease for a matte, smooth #FOTD.

Lip Oils

Now there’s a brand-new kid on the moisturizing block: lip oils. In addition to adding a bit of color to your lips, these moisturizing products also erase the fine lines around your mouth. They’ll also help you get that shiny, wet finish that’ll have your lips double-tap-worthyon Instagram.

Color Lashes

Summer means it’s time to play with bold, vibrant colors. Aftercolored hair and eyeliners comes the reign of colored lashes. Take a bit of the ocean’s vibrant blue with a swipe of color on your lashes, complimented with eyeliner for a striking, memorable look.

Glitter Tears

Add a bit of sparkle and shimmer, or go over the top with glitter tears. Applied from under the eye and down the cheek, this style can make you look like you’ve just cried a river without messing up your makeup. Glitter tears can be created from shimmering eyeshadow or actual glitter, and moisturizer to stick them on.They’re also great for hiding under-eye circles.

Glossy Lids

Warm, glossy lids can be easy to recreate. The key is to make shiny, dewy lids and to avoid them looking slimy and oily. You can do this with a swipe of Vaseline, or some unused lip balm applied on top of your shadow and liner. It’s important to note that you only need to swipe on the center of your lids because the product will naturally move towards the corners of your eye. Blur it with some black eyeliner and add some mascara, and you’re ready to hit the dance floor with glistening eyes and a sexy smile.

Make dressing and styling for summer easier this season by finding trendy clothes, makeup, and accessories on YesStyle. But remember: regardless of the trend you try out, you’re sure to be beautiful as long as you rock it with a smile and strut with confidence.

A Peek into Cool Summer Fashion Trends for Women

Summer gives you enough scope to experiment with your personal style and make a good impression. In fact, this season is all about comfort and style. But,if you want to steal gazes and look stunning, there are some fashion guides you need to follow. From colorful dresses, stylish accessories to trendy beach wears, summer season is all about getting the right fashion dose. Here in this page you will get an idea about the supercool fashion trends that you can opt for this summer to make all heads turn:


Steal the show in backless dresses

Attending a party after work? Summer gives you the chance to do this in style. A backless dress is what you need to wear. Choose a cut and style that compliments your body and you are good to go. Bright oranges or soothing yellow are two of the best options to choose from. Don’t forget to seal the look with a nude lipstick.

Say ‘Yes’ to crop tops

Summer means showing off and there’s no better way to do this other than wearing the stylish and highly in-trend crop tops. You can style it up in numerous ways and can look your best during the coming hot days. Either wear it with jeans or skirts or simply pair it with a halter neck top. Wear it in as many different styles you want to and beat the summet heat.

Show off in printed shorts

Shorts and summer really go hand in hand. So, if you love to flaunt your toned legs, this is the time. Team up printed shorts with tops or crop tops for a sporty, fun look.  Also, if you want, you can choose bright colored printed shorts and wear it with contrast tops.

Put on Tie-Dye tops

Tops printed in tie-dye are very much and these includes bold patterns like spiral and mandala printed in vibrant colors.. You could also go for one-piece or hot pants using tie-dye. The tie-dyes are colorful and pretty and do complete justice to the spirit of summer. Tie-dye bags are also available for you to mix and match.

Go for beach fun with liquid drape maxi dress

Summer is the right time for some exciting beach fun. But to do it in style ythe best and latest option is the liquid drape maxi dress which comes in vibrantand warm color shades like yellow, light pink, blue etc. Wear these slip-on bold maxi dresses purchased using Ajio coupons to turn into a beautiful beach diva this summer.

Cover up with gladiators

Summer season makes it important for you to wear comfortable shoes. Since, you sweat a lot during summer, it is essential to wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe. After all, no one wants a smelling feet at a party, right? The best footwear includes gladiators. Choose from a wide range of colors to match your outfit and you are ready to rock the streets.

Choose shimmery accessories

Accessories can really help you transform your look in the blink of an eye. So, choose shimmery accessories such as cuffs, bracelets, necklace, earrings and more. Break all norms and be a fashion icon this summer. Try to mix and match looks by including a gold and silver combination earring or bracelet.

Whichever outfit or trend you might choose, make sure that it fits you well and suits your personality. The trends of women wear for summer discussed above are sure to give you that classy, and adorable look provided you match them with proper accessories and can carry yourself well.