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Hitting the beach? Don’t forget to pack these 5 essential summer dresses

Since the onset of summer, many of you would be planning a summer vacay to the beaches already. It’s the perfect time to get that beautiful sun-kissed tan that most celebs are paying heftily for. Whether you plan on an extravagant holiday to Maldives or hit on a road trip with your gal pals to our very own tourist hotspot, Goa, you need to carry an enviable beach wardrobe either way. Confused what to carry in your backpack that looks stylish and is versatile enough to be mixed and matched to create a new look? Worry not, we have the zeroed down to 5 must have summer dresses that you can effortlessly style and nail the beach look.

1) Tube dress: This style is so beachy. You’ll paint a pretty picture strolling on the beach with a flowy tube dress. Wear your swimsuit under it, so whenever you want to hit the waters, this dress comes off effortlessly. Flaunt your tattoos and toned shoulders in a tube dress, that’s what beaches are for. Throw over a wrap or a shrug or even a denim knotted shirt, and you can wear the same dress to dinner as well.

2) Spaghetti dress: Endorsed by celebrities worldwide, a spaghetti dress is duly apt for beaches or while splashing by the pool side. Take a cue from Hollywood’s very own fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker from the SATC 2 movie where she looks ethereal in a bright orange spaghetti dress taking a walk on the beach. A smart jacket or a lace shrug can transform the maxi dress from beachwear to a fancy party wear in no time.

3) Maxi dress: Flowy, breezy and effortlessly chic, maxi dresses are great for a beach vacation. We suggest maxi dresses with side slits for ease and style. Look for maxi dresses in a light fabric that dries easily. Wear them to the beach or to a chic cocktail party; it looks perfect each time. Accessorize them with smart T-strap flats and elegant jewelry and we guarantee you endless compliments.

4) Mini dress: A mini dress is certainly reminiscent of beaches and sets the right mood for a relaxed holiday. Get a pretty lace mini dress in white or maybe a color block mini dress in bright candy colors, a classic LBD or perhaps a monochrome mini dress. You just can’t go wrong with a mini dress, ever. This women’s dress also fits the bill perfectly to a formal dinner party at the hotel without having to change.

5) Kaftan dress: You definitely cant forgo the quintessentially beach dress cum cover all, the kaftan dress. This women’s dress is sophisticated yet totally fun n’ flirty at the same time. Wear it over your bikini and u can hit the beach party right after a swim in the sea. A pair of smart flats and a stylish belt is all you need to accessorize this summer dress.

We hope to get all the basics of women dresses apt for the beach covered in this blog. To read more on summer dresses check out my previous blog: Summer dresses for women: cool and trendy fashion decoded. We are drooling over stylish summer dresses at They’re fun, super trendy, and certainly doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Don’t forget the beach essentials like sunglasses, hat, sunblock, and some sexy swimsuits, though!

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Get your favourite flavour and fragrance here

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Incense sticks are very effective creating the devotional environment. Entire worship is in complete without this amazingly fragrant incense. We always wonder which fragrance is good and pleasant. Moreover there is very less options in the market regarding the flavours of the incense. But now you can get your favourite fragrance with awesome flavour at Amazon. It is the right place where you will get the numerous options regarding the flavour of the incense. These are extracted purely to the nature. You will get the most amazing results through these incense sticks. These are really amazing with sweet smelling flavour. You can get the several varieties here. These are potent enough to create the favourable environment for the worship as well as for building the concentration it really needs devotional environment with peace.

These sticks are very effective in creating the amazing experience. These sticks are made up in clean process by grinding the herbs then mixing it with the binders and harden them to be packed and non sticky some of the essential oils are also used here in our site these are very effective and intoxicated. One can also avail these incense sticks in many flavours all the flavours are matchless and you will not believe these are really magical in creating the devotional environment. These sticks have great impact on the mind as well as on the body. These tend to change your mood optimistically. You will get it in nice packing, it will make the home environment very pleasant as well as lively with awesome fragrance and you will have the great time and soothing experience with the incense sticks made here at our place. These are very assisting in promoting the relaxing experience.

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Most of the incense produces black fragments of the carbon after burning but nothing is like that in this type of the sticks.  It is amazing and you will get the most desired feeling with the great incense sticks, these are so powerful in building the most devotional environment. These are of so many flavours and fragrances all are seducing. These sticks deliver the awesome fragrance as these are extracted by the pure fragments of the nature and these are used to pleasant the environment. It takes time to create such a magical fragrance in the environment. Natural herbs which are included in the incense are composed with the essential oils with different flavours in order to give the environment soothing and relaxing experience.

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Light layers for the summer

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Every season has a certain trend and dressing style associated with it. Summer brings with it the ease of dressing up light but also the harsh sun pricking the skin. The need to wear sleeveless and short dresses is such a huge temptation but saving the skin from sun burns and tan is a big concern. In times like this, layered clothing comes in handy and solves the dilemma. Both men and women clothing can be layered to attain this look. Latest fashion for women at abofincludes a variety of sheer shrugs and lacy stoles to guide you through the harshness of summer in style.

Sheer Jackets and Shrugs

With a host of options from thin jackets to light shrugs, you can now fashionably layer your clothes without having to succumb to the burning heat of the weather. Carry off a light wind cheater with a plain white tee, and a pair of boyfriend jeans to complete the look. Ballerina flats and perhaps a light stole if you’re going to the movies, is a smart decision.

Shrugs and Cardigans

Team it with something as simple as a tank top or a tunic, and be sure to have put on the most comfortable clothing for the season. Casual jackets and blazers can be teamed with casual wear or formal wear. abof, Only, Femella, AND, Nineteen, Vero Moda, Style Quotient, Global Desi, Pantaloons, Ayaany, Izabel London, FabIndia, 109F, W – the best of brands are brought together at abof making your shopping much easier.

Fashion online is the new venture that has taken the shopping experience of every individual and taken it by storm. Lace jackets to translucent jackets, pick what compliments your taste and you think best suits you and suits what you’re wearing for a day out in the sun.

Layering for Men

Layering your clothing add an extra flair to the outfit. Layering is also a great option for men with cardigans and jackets. A plain t-shirt and a pullover can do the job. New fashion clothes for men are at your disposal at abof, along with jackets, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jeans and bags. Layering for men can work well for both formal and casual wear. Add a dash of elegance with a light scarf for a business meeting and or a light sweater for casual outings, and make an everlasting impression.

Shop at abof to enjoy great deals to great clothing options at the click of a button.


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Summer fashion: 6 Dresses that should rule your wardrobe

Who said dresses are only for dinners and parties, now flaunt your style with our high-end fashion clothes which is sure to allure you to want them. Presenting our latest collection for every girl who is special in her own way. From brunch parties, window shopping to evening movies and dinner dates, we feature here exquisite and latest dresses and give quick style tips that you would make you stand tall in the crowd.

Brunch party:


Meeting your fun loving girl gang? Then show your fashion end by wearing this floral print latest dress which is perfect for summer fashion. The high neckline with orange border adds a vibrant look to the dress. For vivacious look wear orange heels or you can prefer nude pumps. You can go for top knot hairdo and peach makeup to complete the look.

Noon Fun:

This would be a perfect outfit if  you are looking for street style fashion. The maxi dress gives an illusion of blouse and skirt, and the unique thing about this maxi dress is that it would hide all your belly fat and flatter every body shape. Online shopping fashion clothes will make your day bright as online stores give exceptional apparels at a price that would make you smile.

Beach Party:

Summers are incomplete without beach/pool party. So, go grab this stunning printed dress which would bring fun to the party. Flaunt your beach body in this latest dress and get loaded with compliments. Online shopping for women has become fun and interesting when you shop with us. Get your favorite outfits at your favorite price.

This stylish dress is sure to turn several heads, the halter neck dress gives an ethereal look and an apt outfit to beat the summer blues. Make sure you wear proper inners with this outfit, wear high heels, statement jewelry and look charming. What is the wait for, get this elegant yet blase looking outfit when you do online shopping fashion at stalkbuylove.

Fall of the day look:

Fall in love with this ruffle bubble gum pink dress, it is adorable, must-have and feminine. If you have pear shape body, go for this dress and accentuate your upper bodice. Look bright during the sunset in this lovely latest dress and enjoy online shopping for women and revamp your wardrobe.

Bold and chic:

The night party look must be the classic black dress, this scoop neckline latest dress is sure to show your sexy curves and make you look sensual. The lovely thing about this outfit is the gold hardware, which looks like a belt, enhancing the outfit. Get this outfit by online shopping fashion dresses from us, we bet you would be appreciated for your sartorial choices.

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Metro male best website for men


In order to find the best website that is very useful for the people that can have their skin in very good condition then the website Metro male is the best for them. The categories that this website is consists of are anti aging, beauty, treatments, uncategorized, weight loss and what the heck is. There are many useful things in this website and if you are having problem with your nose that is big, fat or on the face it look very odd then the you might go for the surgery but this side can help you out without having any surgery. It is occasionally leaded to stinging and mild irritation, dryness or itching. This treatment is very much useful of removing such spot and wrinkles.

What the heck is non-surgical Rhinoplasty? It is the method of making the nose without breaking any bone and the look of the nose is made by injecting fillers into the nose and making it attain a perfect shape. This procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes and this result will last long for 10 months or may be 12 months. There are many different types of filler and all depends on you and the selection will show the result for the term that you like to have the perfect nose. Quality matters a lot and you must take the best quality so that you are able to have the nose perfect for 24 months.

When you go for this treatment then you have to prepare yourself and for that you have to stop taking the medicines before the treatment. You have to protect yourself from all sorts of allergies and you must consult your doctor for a study about all the details related to your particular case. In this treatment the procedure that is used is the fillers and according to the situation of the patient the treatment is given. The filler is used for smooth a groove, scar, or crease that may be lying over your nose area. To get the perfect result then you have to include 1 cc or 1 tube which is found to be enough for perfect results and you will be achieving in minutes without any pitfalls.

The important things that you must take under consideration are that you must make sure to sleep on your back post the treatment because this is done to prevent the nose from feeling any extra pressure through pillow or bed while sleeping on chest. Secondly try and consume squashy food for some time post treatment. Solid food may release pressure on nose. It is sure that you will have the perfect nose and that also for 10 to 12 months. Metro male is the best place because for more information you are having this beautiful site that will help you to have the places where you can have the treatment and also that places are specially for taking the care and the treatment of the people.


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Awesome salwar suit designs


Women are very conscious about their dresses. They are very much fond of buying different dresses in different designs and latest trend. It is really hard job to find the favourite suit in the market. Salwar suit is the most favourite dress of the woman which can be worn in any occasion. You will get the best designs and dress pattern at our site. Here we will provide you the lots of the options in the beautiful salwar suits. These are very unique and you will have the lots of options here. You can choose your favourite colour and favourite design from one place you have not to roam in the market from shop to shop. You will get lots of choices here in colourful print or in plane designs. People like the idea of the online selection of the suits.

You at one time can see different patterns as well as designs of the suits and you can select your favourite one on the behalf of the selection. There are so many choices there. You will get the so many beautiful dresses at your door steps. We provide the comfortable as well as high quality stuff to the clients. You will be amazed by the price list of the items. These are so cheap and in market you will get them in very high prices. These suits are very beautiful and attractive people love the idea of the online shopping in our site. You will get the great deal here. There are so many options in front of you.

You can choose the best design in the favourite colours. Through this site you will be able to know all the information about the trade name as well as textile feature of the cloth you will get the best pieces here. With the exposure of the internet people will come to know about the different tradition and culture in the India. We have brought the different and dashing choices of the colours and the designs through our site. You will have the great choice over there. It is the easy as well as too accessible way to reach at the destination. Designer salwar suits are very prevalent now a day and you will have the option to select the best design from enormous selecting pattern.

You will get the material in the different designs and these designs are very unique in own way you will get the wonderful choices of the salwar suit design here in our site. You will get them in very reasonable prices. These are awesome in appearance and you will love the colour pattern as well as different features of the textile which are very comfortable to wear. You will have the choices and the great options of the designs. You will love the designs as well as format of the clothes in the attractive way. There are great ranges of the design as well as colours in the salwar suit dresses.

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How to Place Captions in Fashion Photos

Would you like to place captions into some of your fashion photos before you share them on social media, upload them to your blog, or even just send them to a friend? Adding captions to fashion photos is a great way to label items, or even insert witty remarks or an explanation of sorts – but you may not know how to place them in your photos in the first place.


If you want to place captions in your fashion photos and at the same time make them look great too – the Movavi Photo Editor is the best tool to use. It will let you fully control and customize the captions that you add and all you need to do is:

  1. Click ‘Browse for Images’ and select the fashion photo you want to edit.
  2. Open up the ‘Text’ panel and select ‘Add Text’ and position the text frame that appears.
  3. Type the text that you want to insert as captions and adjust the font, color, size, justification, transparency and so on until you’re satisfied.
  4. Save your fashion photo by clicking ‘Export’.

See how easy it is to add text to photo?  By handing you all the options you need to customize the captions you place in your fashion photos, it will be easy for you to style your captions in different ways and find one that is just right.

For best results you may even want to look into some of the other features of the Movavi Photo Editor that will let you enhance the quality of your photos, apply special effects and filters to change its visual appearance, remove objects that are in the way, switch the background, and transform the frame and orientation.

If you’re willing to experiment and try out different improvements to your fashion photos you’ll soon find that you’re able to really bring out the best in each and every photo with the help of the Movavi Photo Editor. It will supply the tools and make them easy to use – so all you need to do is exercise your creativity and let it flow.

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Dressing for your Personality

It’s hard to find your own personal style these days, there’s so many duplicators out there. Being original can really be difficult at times. Department stores all seem to carry the same boring pieces that you see everyone wearing, and even thrift stores have been taken over in some areas. Places like MissesDressy and other sites can be of help in this venture of finding originality in your closet, but if not using a site, there’s plenty of other ways to stay feeling like you when you open those closet doors every morning.

While some may say that clothing doesn’t matter, and your style is something made up of only material things, however one’s personal style could play a big role in many aspects of his or her life. While we would all like to think ourselves better than judging people by the way they look, everyone has a shallow reflex to pass judgement even for just a second. You want to feel good in what you’re presenting to the world, and if you look good, you’ll feel good.

When choosing new clothing be sure to follow your gut, if you like the way that cardigan looks right away, get it. If you really feel that it will improve the way you feel, or say something about yourself to the world, then by all means, buy that item of clothing and flaunt it. On that same note, don’t let other people in your life influence your fashion decisions. If you are interested in a certain style that might be completely different from what your friend group is currently into, don’t let them discourage you from your interests. Which brings us to a very important tip, be fearless and unapologetic. The most important trendsetters, and all who are first, are fearless in their choices and don’t feel the need to explain their fashion choices to people who simply don’t understand. If you feel that a dress says something about you that no other clothing item could, then you wear that dress and you show the world that you’re not scared to try something new, you’re not scared to dress in what you believe in. Last, but certainly not least, just be yourself. Don’t try to imitate your favorite pop star or celebrity. Be original, and be comfortable in the clothes you’re in.

In the end, clothing is about you, you have to find your own style in your own time. Don’t feel like you have to make some type of statement every day, just wear whatever suits you best. Don’t be afraid of what other people think, because in the end, it’s all about you.

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How to Buy Stylish Dresses for Women

Buying clothes for women is not really easy since there are so many choices and variations available n the market. You should consider stores like Forever 21 for shopping. Even though there are lots of shopping options available like online shopping and so on, it demands lots of efforts in order to get nice clothes. For those who have to live alone, there’s no way to divert shopping. They have to go for it forcibly. However, there are plenty of ways to make it easier and fun. Things can get much easier if you know where to find the right things and what price. Besides this, it’s always better to go shopping with a prior idea and plan, unless you want to spend some extra amount of money and your precious time. However in order to lessen your problems and worries, we are here to present some tips on how to buy stylish dresses for women.

images (58)


Even if there are extra advantages for women with hour glass figures, there are vast and wide varieties of dresses of different price, styles and so on to suit every body types. Dresses can present you very different kinds of looks, from elegant, girly, and smart to classy, bohemian, chick along with different kinds of moods.

You have to make a plan regarding what kind of style you want, what kind of dresses best complement your body type and what is your budget. After this plan, things will be much easier.

In order to look attractive and, different choose your dress wisely. If you want to go for an off shoulder one or something like that, be careful about showing off your skin strategically. For example, if you want to show off your legs, cover the upper parts well.

Match your dress with nice and bright accessories which may include colourful sling bags, heavy or sleek one piece jewellery, and watches and so on. Pay attention to the shoes also.

Must-Have Dresses:

There are certain types of dresses that you must have in your wardrobe. One is the classic LBD or Little Black Dress, which is ideal for cocktail parties or dinner. Black is something which goes with any other accessories and moods. Choose this dress according to your body types. Make it knee length or shorter in length. The finish is also very important.

The elegant evening gown is also a must have item. First it is better to choose a budget. In case you want to get a good deal, buy it off season, for example, winter. Don’t go for sequined ones in case you want to wear it pretty often. This kind is not for rough use.  You have to plan according to your budget whether you should go for designer ones or local ones.

If you are confident and bold enough to carry the vicious red colour, go for red cocktail dresses which you can wear to any date night or parties. Forever 21 is a famous brand to contain all of these dresses at quite an affordable price. This has outlets in different countries and option of online shopping too.

So, here you go, girls, and get yourself a pretty dress.

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With every passing day, there is something new in the fashion world. Every year we see many fashion trends and sometimes they are really expensive to follow. If you are a fashion freak and at the same time don’t want to make it a burden on your pocket, here we will discuss some trends that will not break your account and still you look cool and fashionable.

  1. Lace Dresses are In, as Always:

There are some dresses that always look stunning, and lace dresses are one of them. If you have a tight budget but you want to wear something that looks trendy, fashionableand elegant at the same time, you could not have a better choice than a lace dress. No matter you wear pure white or black, you can give a perfect look to yourself with a matching clutch and a pair of sexy heels. You can find a number of lace dresses online that will not harm your budget at all. Visit and get a considerable discount on your purchase by using Kohl’s coupons.

  1. Pants You Should Choose this Year:

This year low slung pants are again in fashion. Get the soft fabric pants that are tailored carefully so you can carry yourself comfortably. Lower slung pants are perfect for both weekends when hanging out with buddies, and the tiring office days. A cozy T-shirt or a silk top with these pants will highlight your personality.

Floral printed pants that were in fashion few years back, are again on the track. These pants give you a younger look and you feel fresher. Many famous brands have launched their pants with floral print, you can choose one from your favorite brand or the one that fits in your budget.

  1. Bags for 2016:

If you are going to gift yourself a bag for this year, buy a bright colored bag. No matter what is the size and shape of the bag, any bright color will be the choice of fashion freaks. If you are travelling on weekend, an oversized royal blue tote bag could be your good companion, and for an official dinner, a red clutch will be perfect. You can choose your favorite colored bag from a vast variety available online. Use Kohl’s coupons to get the bag in reasonable price.

Embellished patched bags will also be a hit this year. Many embellished bags are available in the market and you can get them in reasonable price, but you can also DIY one of your old bags. You can find many DIY tutorials online with the help of which you can make your bag a big eye-catcher.

  1. Bold Stripes are Trendy:

Colorful bold stripes will be in fashion this year. From a casual wearing T-shirt to a formal cocktail dress, choose bright colors with bold stripes and become a fashion icon. To be in a budget, you can DIY your old one colored T-shirt in a multicolor striped one.

  1. Trendy Shoes:

You cannot have a complete look until you are wearing the best footwear to compliment your dress. Make sure that you have a silver pair of sandals this year as silver will be the color of this year. Bold heels, booty shapes, and even the sneakers will give a fashionable look with an elongated front. Buy a sexy pair of shoes online using Kohl’s coupons now.

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