Uses of beads in our daily life

Beads are used everywhere around the world in one or another way. There are two types of beads, one is manufactured by human and one is gifted to us by nature. They are produced by the oysters in the sea. They are quite unique and very difficult to find and are called pearls. These natural beads are used in medicine too. Many people make high end, delicate jewelry from it, which is then sold at a very expensive price in the market. The demand of this type of jewelry is increasing day by day, especially in the elite class. The more money you invest in it, the more pure and delicate jewelry designs you can get. You can get jewelry that is made by using these beads, ranging from the low end to the high end, depending on the customers demand.


1.     Personal use:

They are used in houses by women for decoration purpose also. They use it to make handmade props and items for decorating and renovating their house. It gives them the chance to show their creativity and artistic personality. Most women sell their handmade items in the market and earn money from these crafted items. They support their families with thatmoney. Beads make everything look perfect and pretty. It adds a look of fineness to it. They are not only used in the jewelry but they are also used to decorate different clothes these days. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that they are in fashion and have been in fashion for a lot longer. Everyone has them on their shirts, bags, shoes etc. Some are small beads which are used for fine and delicate look and other are large beads which gives you a funky and bolder look.

2.     Commercial use:

Commercial uses of beads are quite ample as well. Beads are used in many designer clothes to enhance the style of the clothes as well as to add an element of elegance in the clothes. They are applied not only in dresses, but most designers and artists use these beads in shoes and bags as well. Beautiful and elegant pearls are used to design expensive and sophisticated jewelry by most high end jewelry companies. These pearls and beads jewelry is also custom designed for the customers who want to their own personal touch to the design.

Beads are easily available on the bead store. These beads are available online as well. Many websites sell beads of different sizes andat different rates. They are providing you with the best quality of beads in the world. All you have to do is log in to the website and order for them and pay through your credit cards. They will deliver your product in your house. You won’t even have to go out to get them. They are perfect for those housewives, who don’t go out to the job. Instead, they stay home and make different item and sell them for profit.

5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas to Remind Your Loved One of Your Love Every Day

When your relationship makes you giddy with joy at your luck and blessings to be with the one you love, it becomes a goal to find the perfect gift to honestly express your love on Valentine’s Day. The good news is that there are plenty of gift ideas to say “I love you” without completely emptying your bank account. Here are five perfect gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that can say “I love you” right on them, reminding your significant other of your love every day of the year.

  1. Trinket Dishes and Trays

Trinket Dishes and TraysTrinket dishes and glass trays are perfect for home décor. They look beautiful and can be used to store everything from small pieces of jewelry and change to car keys and hobby materials. This gift is bound to find a special place in the home or apartment beyond February 14.

  1. Wall Art and Keepsakes

If your loved one enjoys unique art and home décor, then go with wall hangings and pillows. Street art styles provide a rustic feel for any room. If it’s appropriate, you might even consider decorating a room before your significant other gets home.

  1. Candles

RedAmaryllisGlamCandles definitely set a specific mood on a day as special as Valentine’s Day, and a votive with a clearly printed “I love you” on the front is perfect for expressing your feelings. One makes a great gift, but going with several lighted candles in a single room decorated just for him or her is sure to be memorable. Just keep fire safety in mind if you decide to light the candles.

  1. Lovey Mugs

When you and your loved one require a heaping helping of coffee each morning, send a reminder of your love with a mug adorned with a love message. When you know it will be used every day, it becomes a gift that’s both practical and meaningful.

  1. Vases

A bouquet of flowers is a lovely thought, but the price often skyrockets when florists include a vase. Instead, get your own simple vase and put some flowers in it. It can be used any time of the year, but your loved one is likely to appreciate the floral gesture as well.


Use this gift guide to help find a gift to remind your significant other you love him or her every day of the year, including Valentine’s Day. That simple gesture is bound to go a long way.