5 interesting ideas for UPDOS for long hair over 50 according to the modern trend

Description: so you want to know about 5 interesting ideas for UPDOS for long hair over 50 according to the modern trend? In this post you are about to find out all the relevant answers to your queries and doubts.


It has been seen that women who are over 50 has generally lost their touch of being charm and charismatic to try some new hairstyles. Mostly older women have either fed up because of their age or only prefer to have shorter hairstyle. It will be a miracle to see any older women who is more than 50 carry’s long hair. Some of you might think that older women usually cut their hair off because of ageing naturally the reason they can’t carry any kind of hairstyle. But you don’t know they are also the one who has seen the world more than you and knows what to do with their long hair.

As the world is becoming more and more advanced the modern woman is seems to adapt to carry her hair. There are some older women who love to make UPDOS for long hair and now this trend has become a phenomenon that has no equal. For all those women out there who are very old you don’t have to cut your precious hair rather try some ideas instead.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about 5 interesting ideas for UPDOS for long hair over 50 according to the modern trend to help you understand do their age makes any difference to carry un UPDO, and how much these ideas can help older women to make their beauty still intact.

1) Straight bun UPDO style:

Even if you are aged your hair length still matters, this straight bun UPDO is just perfect, it also the most common one around. Takes few minutes to make and you can carry it with every dress and makes you look younger as well.

2) Easy UPDO style:

You can make a simple UPDO no matter your hair is thick or thin, first part your hair from the middle and wrap it in the shape of ponytail then knot it on your upper head.

3) Messy waves with UPDO:

You long hair just got better with a messy waves and UPDO, combining these two styles together and you can still charm your way into the economy. You can also make curls with it and wear any outfit for the occasion and you bet you will look younger than the other trendy girls. Go for a pro hairstyles ideas only on fashonik official website.

4) Sleek curls UPDO style:

Your age isn’t matter if you know to make UPDOS for long hair over 50, you can make a dramatic UPDO if you have curly hair or straight hair. Your confidence is important.

5) Wavy UPDO style:

You can always try two hairstyles and mix it with one this one here can give you a fascinating idea for wavy UPDO. First just open your hair, roll them back and left the sides which don’t come in it and after making it, comb them suitable for all face types.


Play with your hair colour more often with safer and flexible options now available!

To dye the hair is amongst the most common in-things for the youngsters. They love to change the colour every now and then so as to look a bit different than the others. However, the parents are always worried about the hygiene and safety of the colours that are used. In fact, today the youngsters and kids are equally if not more aware of health and fitness. But there are very few options that ensure and guarantee the safety of the dyes used.

Dyes as safe as drinking them!

Among the very few certified dyes that are 100% safe is the Kool Aid! It even claims to make no damage to the body even if drunk with water! Such safe dyes have increased the rate of colouring the hair for the youngsters. With virtually no side effect, even the parents are absolutely safe about them.

It is really interesting to know about how to dye your hair with Kool Aid. Besides being safe, the product is easy to apply and remove as well. The easy removal of the colour helps the youngsters to frequently change the style and hence these products are very popular among them!

Huge range to choose from

Unlike many other synthetic dyes for hair, this product offers a wider range to choose from. It has colours in the shades of yellow, purple, pink, orange, green, blue, blue and green, red and maroon. This wide range actually gives the youngsters a lot of reason to frequently change the colour of the hair.

Easy to apply

Applying these colours to the hair has also become extremely easy! In one method, just take two sashes and mix in two cups of water. Put it on boil for 5-10 minutes which prepares the solution. Add conditioner to it before starting to heat.

In the meantime, get yourself ready with a ponytail and a backward leaning couch or chair. As the solution reduces in temperature, dip the ponytail into it for 5-10 minutes, possibly with the help from another person.

In the second method, mix three sashes of Kool Aid in water along with a conditioner. If the water is lukewarm, the solution can be prepared faster. Apply it in thick condition to the chosen hair strand with the help of a dyeing brush.

How to remove the colour

Unlike earlier days, now the youngsters do not want the colour to stay for too long; rather, they want it to be removed faster so that they can apply another vibrant colour from the huge range available.

To remove the colour, wash it with hot water. It will not get removed at once though, but repeated hot water wash over 3-5 days can get it undyed. One can then prepare for another set of colour.

If one wants the colour to stay for longer period of time, one may choose to wash the hair with cold water so that the rate at which the dye will get washed away will be slower.

Guerlain L’instant magic

This perfume originally launched in 2003 and is known for its hints of Magnolia and the delicate harmony that Guerlain created for this scent. With instant notes of Magnolia this scent is also heavily draped in citrus honey and Amber Harmony. What you are presented with in this perfume is an enveloping feast for the senses. The main smells of citrus honey and Magnolia combine beautifully in a sweet and sparkling perfume that is bound to be a favorite of many.

Overall this perfume is very well-liked with the top notes of citrus and fruit giving way to the flowery aromas and honey scents at the base of the smell. It’s a perfume it certainly cannot be ignored and it is heavily regarded as a moderate scent with a very long-lasting profile. This is a perfume that you can enjoy for everyday wear with a soft and elegant scent profile that will be complemented time and time again. Although Guerlain L’instant Magic isn’t exactly regarded as a passionate lust driven perfume it’s definitely a softer more floral scented elegant scent for every day wear.

Finding Guerlain L’instant magic isn’t particularly difficult either. Beautyspin and a number of online sources have carried popular Guerlain scents like this one over many years. You can also find it online from a number of sources as well. Many wearers site that L’instant Magic is subtle but also one of the most complemented scents that they wear and this could be potentially why this product is so readily available.

With the average price of the perfume in its 1 ounce format ranging around $70 this may be a little more than what you are used to spending on a scent. The good news however is that with its extremely long lasting bouquet and from the respected experience that Guerlain perfume has amassed since 1828, you know you will be purchasing a quality product. Guerlain l’instant Magic comes highly recommended from many different sources internationally and is a scent you should seek if you are interested in something moderate, elegant and classical.


Tips to Make Your Hair Look Fuller and Richer

A person’s hair makes a big difference to a person’s face. Healthy, rich and full looking hair is a sign of good health and mental peace. One the biggest giveaways of sickness or stress is a person’s hair. It becomes greasy, scanty and loses its shine when a person is under stress or suffering from a sickness. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to make sure that your hair looks full and rich. Rich and full hair does not come without any effort. The current beauty regiments, diet and lifestyle altogether do not have the most positive impacts on a person’s hair. Some extra effort is needed in order to ensure that it looks full, rich and healthy. Here are some tips to ensure that your hair too has that healthy, rich sheen to it.


Not everyone has the same kind of hair. Some of us do not have thick hair while others may have rich, thick hair. For those who do not have thick hair, permanent hair extension treatment is an alternative. It is easy, simple and lasts for about 2 to 3 months or longer. The lasting time really depends on the type of hair. What this treatment does is, it chemically binds the extension to the end of your existing hair to increase length, or to your scalp in order to increase the volume of your hair. The extensions can be made out of natural human hair or synthetic material, the former being more expensive than the latter. The wisest thing to do when getting hair extensions is to talk to your hairstylist. Modern methods of attaching the extensions are less damaging and painful. Hair extensions, however, do not come cheap. It is best to inquire about the prices before your hairstylist has glued them on to your head.


Proper haircut

A hairstylist can either make or break your look. They can leave you soaring with self-confidence or in throes of misery by simply messing up your haircut. That is how important a haircut is to how you look. The right kind of haircut can leave your hair from looking limp and scanty to full and rich in a flash. That’s right. Such is the power of a proper haircut. Hair that simply hangs down you back does very little to increase the volume of your hair as opposed to cutting it in a certain style. The best haircut to go for would be a layered cut when looking to increase the volume of your hair. Make sure that your hairstylist creates a lot of layers. The more layers you have, the fuller your hair will look.

Change your shampoo

Today almost all of us use shampoo to wash our hair. It cannot simply be any old shampoo. It has to be the right kind of shampoo with the right kind of nutrients, so that your hair can look full and rich. There are many shampoos out there in the market today and you maybe at a loss to choose one that suits your hair. It is always best to stick to shampoos that contain natural extracts, rather than the ones that contain chemicals only. Too many chemicals cause damage to hair and will leave it looking dry and limp. Select a shampoo containing natural ingredients, from a well reputed brand.


Protein treatment

It is not enough to simply shampoo and condition your hair, if you are trying to get a healthy head of hair. It needs extra treatment and protein treatment is one of them. There are many benefits of protein treatment. It helps your hair to grow and strengthens it from the root. This will reduce hair fall. Additionally, protein treatments also give that shine to your hair, making it look rich and healthy. There are many protein packs out there in the market today. Choose a pack from a good brand and use it every time after a blow dry or any other kind of hair styling. Whisk an egg white with some vitamin E oil and you can get your own homemade protein pack.


Your hair follicles, just like the rest of your body, need nutrients to grow. To get the nutrients to the hair follicles, the blood flow to them should be increased. Massaging the scalp is one of the best ways to increase the blood flow to those follicles. One massage per week and you will notice a remarkable improvement in the volume and texture of your hair.

How to Grow the Perfect Manly Hairstyle

Short hair has always been considered to be the perfect hairstyle for many men but this trend is changing with some making the decision to grow out their hair instead. In most cases, growing out hair takes time and can sometimes be an uphill task for men that would like to change their appearance by having longer hair. However, with the right information, you can be able to grow a manly hairstyle that will enhance your look regardless of the age. You can even pair your new hairstyle with a well groomed beard to give you the perfect look.


In order to grow such a hairstyle that enhances your masculine look, it is important to keep the following tips in mind.

First, it is good to know that hair grows at a slow rate, usually half an inch every month, which means that you will have to be patient for it to reach your desired length. Even so, there are some products that are used to accelerate the process but these have to be selected after proper research to avoid damaging your hair.

Second, when the hair is growing, you are likely to go through phases where the length is uneven making it a bit hard to style.

However, to maintain a manly hairstyle at such times, such as the pompadour hairstyle, you can have the barber trim the sides as well as the back so that length is only maintained at the top. If you have good length on top, you can achieve a number of manly hairstyles such as the comb over fade and the side part with a fringe among others.

Third, if you already have long hair but would like to increase its length, it is advisable to have it trimmed regularly but maintaining its current length. It is likely that your barber will be able to maintain and even style the hair as it grows to ensure that you do not lose the length that you are working so hard to maintain.

Fourth, keep your hair moisturized so that it does not become dry and make it hard to keep the style in place. Regular use of proper styling products as well as tools to keep the style updated is important if you are to enjoy your grown out hair for as long as you want. Finally, make time to visit the barber at least twice a month to have any split ends removed from the hair and they can also trim the sides of the head and back so that the hair in the area remains short and neat.













In conclusion, ensure that the hairstyle you choose when the hair has reached the desired length goes well with your personal style. Since there are many to select from ask your barber to recommend a good one or browse through the internet and choose one.


Medium hairstyle is the modern trend of women hair style

Hairstyles are one of the easiest methods to express the beauty of women and it acquires the changes based on the time and preference of the people. There are hundreds of hairstyle is available in the beauty world. If you want to look pretty, then the medium hair style is the best choice for all kinds of faces, whether you have the round or oval face you may select the medium hairstyle without doubt.

gdrtDifferent kind of medium hair style:

Medium hair style follows the various hairstyles for women to enhance the beauty of women. Foxy layers and the tight curls are the most popular medium hairstyles for women and in the hair style easily grab the attention of the people. So that in recent days, many celebrities prefer the hairstyle for their functions. Veronica Lake is the common and elegant hairstyle and it is perfectly matched for the corporate women. If you want to change your hair style for your profession, then you may choose the veronica lake hairstyle. In these hairstyles follows the simple method so that you can simply adopt the hairstyle in a short period of time.

First, you may use the gloss enhancing shampoo and the conditioner for your hair it is the initial step for getting the veronica hair style and then you have to dry your hair finely. Utilize the round brush to hold the end of your hair and obtain the strong wave at the end of the hair. If you want to get the perfect curl in the end, then you may use the curling iron. Choppy hairstyle is another type of women medium hair style and it is considered to be the brand new modern edge of the hair. In the choppy hairstyle contains different combinations like choppy hair style cut with layers and the choppy bangs, etc.

drgtReason for selecting the medium hairstyle for women:

Every hair style depends on the lifestyle of the human so that, in the medium hair style preferred by most of the women now a day. For the reason that, in the hairstyle is constantly suit for all types of face cuts and the life style. Choosing the medium hairstyles for women acquires so many reasons as well as the benefits so that in the hairstyle having great demand from the women. In the modern world every woman having too many responsibilities so that they never provide proper time to care their hair. For such approach they can easily loss their hair in a short period of time so that most of the people prefer the medium hairstyle. In this hair style never takes too much time to maintain your hair through that you can easily protect your hair from the hair loss. Compare the medium hairstyle with other hairstyle, it can be easily manageable and controllable. One more important reason for acquiring the medium hair-style is, in the hairstyle enhance the beauty of the women.

How to hunt for trendy hairstyles

Times have modified thus has the design and appearance of the ladies. Today we see that there has been a stunning change in the marriage hairdos as well. Various beauticians throughout the years have presented differing state of wedding haircuts. Here are some of the tips for how to hunt for trendy hairstyles and you ought to take a gander at it if you are in want of the most trending hairstyles throughout the year:


  • Fall and winter are the seasons of long hair, and there are a few things each young lady ought to recall when attempting to make sense of what long style is ideal for her.
  • You can wear whatever style you need, however it doesn’t hurt to consider how diverse cuts outline your face. The best thing to recollect is that long, straight hair makes disappointed looks look longer. On the off chance that you have a disappointed look, take a stab at considering level or adjusted blasts, or even a wavy style.
  • On the off chance that you remain focused of keeping your closures trimmed, shaking long straight hair that is the same length crosswise over keeps your hair looking sound, as well as developing quick. In case you’re attempting to become out your hair, avoid layers!
  • The drawback of having long hair is that the heaviness of it will draw down and take out any normal body you may have, particularly in the event that you have slight hair. This is a decent time to take a stab at layering, yet in the event that you need the advantages of having your hair at a uniform length, there are different alternatives. There are a huge amount of awesome mousses out there that you can play around with.
  • Another approach to add some volume without cutting layers is to play around with waves and twists. Waves can frequently be the best of both universes, permitting you to hold your length yet at the same time including some body.
  • In case you’re not very worried with developing your hair out or just truly like the one of a kind assortment of looks you can accomplish with layers, unquestionably get layers! They can be fun, provocative and a simple approach to get volume. Simply recall not to get your layers cut too off in case you’re an aficionado of putting it all up in a tail!
  • The best part of having long hair is that there are huge amounts of updos you can do. You’ll never turn out badly with a basic low or high, smooth, long tail.