Five Tips on Planning Your Marquee Wedding

Not familiar with marquees? But how about canopies? They are almost the same, but marquees are huge blank canvases that come in different sizes, style and shape. It is used in covering a certain area that houses in people. Just think of a tent, yet comes with frames, ropes, etc. Marquees have been used a lot in weddings as of recently, since they provide a different kind of atmosphere that is not possible with the usual kind of reception, such as those in function rooms at hotels. They combine flexibility and elegance that will hold a wedding in place. When a wedding that makes use of marquee hire Sydney is planned and organized properly, it will become the most stunning wedding ever.

So where do you begin your adventure with getting a marquee?

Your first tip is to find a reputable supplier. It would be very easy for couples if they hired an event planner that has connections with marquee companies since they will be the ones to introduce the marquees couples can use during the wedding. This will also include the internal styling, lighting, flooring and seating. Otherwise, you should look for a marquee company all on your own.

Second is to choose the right location. Not every location will allow putting up marquee in place since it might ruin the view of the place, especially when it is put up in grassy areas. Make a list of venues that allows marquees. Make sure that the place is easy for the marquee company to access and also have plenty of parking spaces.

Third is to think about photographs. This is not about taking out photographs of past marquee weddings. This is about taking into consideration about the view and how the surroundings will affect the photos that are going to be taken during the day of the wedding. You will also need to consider the month of the wedding and the season of that time whether it will affect the overall feel and look of the wedding.

Fourth is power. Most wedding receptions take place at night, so you need to do a research about the power needed to be supplied for the wedding. Will you need a generator at the site? You don’t want your wedding to fall into endless trouble since you have not properly planned it out in the beginning. You can talk it out with the event planner on how you are going to arrange this so that you can avoid any mishaps during your wedding day.

Lastly, don’t forget to read the fine print. The problem with most people signing contracts is that they never read the terms of agreement. There are some details in the payment terms and cancellation policy that you need to look out for. This depends on the company that you are going to hire the marquee from. To avoid misunderstandings, always check out the terms of agreement.

Marquees can be very complicated since there are so many factors to consider when choosing one. But when you are able to successfully procure one, expect your wedding to be the most memorable and elegant one of all.