Wedding Dress Code for Guests: How to Interpret It

It seems a long time ago now since wedding guests were asked simply to come in their best “smart casual” outfits and you could make do with your favourite posh frock and a little hat or fascinator in your hair.

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Nowadays, couples will theme their big day, and the dress code for wedding guests is changing accordingly. You might look for trends in the photos of vintage, rustic and beach weddings at

Whatever the wedding style and location, though, Little Mistress’ and Paper Dolls’ new collection can give guests some ideas to help choose the best dress for their summer 2016 weddings.

Traditional Country House

Go for pretty blush pinks and flattering A-line dresses with feature prints of festoons of flowers. Little Mistress’ new collection features the perfect dresses for this type of summertime wedding, keeping the styles short and flirty but with delicate embroidery for added class.

Wedding by the Sea

There’s only one key detail for that upcoming beach wedding – crochet. Be it in soft china-blue patterns, bright reds or lemon yellows, you will find something fashionable enough for being beside the sea. If you really want to get noticed on the sand, perhaps try Paper Dolls’ bold lacy red dresses.

Rustic Outdoor Soiree

For that country retreat or rustic wedding, think subtlety and femininity: classic shapes in soft shades or with flower-spray prints if you really want to look at home in the cottage garden. Alternatively, for something a bit more unusual, choose a trendy culotte jumpsuit.

Vintage/Retro Glamour

If you have a vintage wedding theme to work with, much will depend on the era selected by the wedding couple. Style and the Bride can give you plenty of ideas for vintage style, from Old Hollywood and Art Deco to 1950s diner chic. Either think big Grease-style skirts in vibrant shades for fifties glam or try a shoulder-revealing sixties style. Perhaps pick Little Mistress’ simple classic navy shift dress with modest high neckline and oversized detailing in lace.

Opulent City Wedding

For an upscale city wedding, pick a demure ankle-skimming dress and add an understated corsage or sophisticated lace posy for cool city style. If you’re looking for something a bit different to a dress, then Little Mistress’ embroidered wrap skirt and co-ordinating crop top will give you the edge.

What can be More Elegant than Maxi for Mother Bride??

Mother of thebride (Info)

Maxi dress is a long dress that differs in styles and lengths and is worn by women of all the ages, religions, cultures and tribes. This dress got popularity due to its elegance and comfort.

It looks wonderful on the women of every size and shape and proves to be a universal best dress that is a perfect blend of elegance, style, comfort and attraction.

It gained popularity when pregnant women started wearing long gowns of stretchable material supported at the waist in such a way that it falls all down the belly to the feet. With the passage of time, they became popular and women started to wear them as formal and informal fashion dresses.

Many celebrities wear them at the red carpets and formal dinner. The wedding gowns were also started to get replaced by Maxi dress an in this way they became a fancy formal wear on the weddings as well and are available in all sizes including plus sizes.

Mother of thebride maxi dress is the best ever thing a mother of the bride can get to wear. It looks equally elegant on all the woman no matter what is the size and the shape of the body. Furthermore, it is very easy to carry throughout the wedding ceremony.

Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses – Make a Grand Show Inexpensively

Weddings are always a grand affair and require you to loosen your purse. Over the years the grandeur has only touched with roof. Things that were once considered a luxury during weddings have become more of a norm. Ask any couple who have tied the knot recently and they would agree to the fact that it is finance intensive. There are dozens of things that you need to spend on as a bride right from buying outfit and accessories for yourself to that of your bridesmaids.While all of us want to make this ‘Big Day’ in our life memorable it requires huge financial resources. If you don’t have such resources you would have to look at ways in which you can minimize the expanses during your wedding.



Going The Smart Way
We have heard so many stories of couples where they have had to borrow money from their friends and colleagues to pull off a wedding. It isn’t surprising that we often come across people browsing through the Internet looking for ways to minimize expenditure on their weddings.There isn’t anything to be ashamed of as you are about to start a new life and there is no point in sowing the seeds of bankruptcy. There are many smart ways in which you can cut down on your expenditure during a wedding without quite denying yourself and your partner of the grandeur and greatmemories.

If you are looking to cut expenses bridesmaid dresses would be a great option to start with. You may have heard stories from friends and colleagues how much money they have had to spend on bridesmaid dresses. Since most weddings have four or more bridesmaids you can multiply the expanses. If you browse through online bridal stores you would come across a wide selection of cheap bridesmaid dresses and these are one of the best ways of cutting down on some unnecessary expanses on the wedding. While the very mention of the term ‘cheap bridesmaid dresses’ may act as a turn off too many it is important to realize that they don’t look ‘cheap’ and are just affordable compared to premium outfits.


One Time Use
If you have been a bridesmaid before you would know that these dresses are often meant for a single use as the bridesmaid may not find another suitable occasion to wear these dresses. There is no logic that justifies spending a princely sum of money on an outfit that would be used only duringa single occasion.

Simple Yet Elegant
Cheap bridesmaid dresses aren’t cheap because they are made from poor quality fabrics or don’t embody perfect cuts and design. They are cheap as they are simple and don’t have the kind of sophistication associated with the premium line of products that often push the price high. What these dresses have are common colors and patterns over quality fabrics that help in keeping their price within the affordable range.

Exclusive Outfits 
You may have bought yourself an expensive outfit for you wedding day but ask yourself one simple question, do you need exclusive outfits for your bridesmaid. These dresses are very expensive and can easily burn a whole in your pocket. If you choose readily available bridesmaid dresses you would be able to cut down on the expanses to a fraction of what exclusive designer outfits would cost you.

Variety of Styles & Designs
If you are opting for affordable bridesmaid dresses it doesn’t mean that you would have limited choice of style, color shade and design. Online bridal stores have a variety of bridesmaid dresses that would suit your taste and needs and also body shapes and style quotient of your bridesmaids.

Cheap bridesmaid dresses are one of the best ways of making a grand show on your special day without burning a hole in your pocket.

About the Author: Sandra Jones is a fashion designer who has been designing cheap bridesmaid dresses for many years. She uses quality fabrics to make these outfits and reduces the cost through bulk production and less amounts of sophistication in the outfits.

Essential Things That Have to Be Decided When Planning Wedding

Getting married is a very big deal and making sure all of the plans are made well in advance can remove a lot of stress from your big day. For most couples, taking the time to get everything planned out can be a bit difficult due to the number of other things that they have going on. In order to make sure that this day goes off without a hitch, you will have to put some time and effort into it. The more time you are able to put into the planning of the wedding, the less likely you will be to have any mistakes or issues on the big day. After diamond rings are bought, a couple will need to get down to workThe following are a few of the essential things that have to be taken care of in order to have a successful wedding day.

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Where Will You Have It?

One of the first big decisions that you will have to make about your wedding is where you are going to have it. You need to make sure that you put in some time to research the venues in your area to make sure you are getting the right one. Make sure that the venue you are choosing is big enough to accommodate all of the guests that you have.

The Right Photographer

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The next thing that you will have to make sure of when trying to get the details of your wedding planned out is that you have a good photographer. Being able to get the events of this big day on film can help to preserve the memories that you have. By taking the time to find a great photographer, you will be able to get the pictures that you want with no problems. You need to do a bit of research around the area to figure out which photographer will be able to get you the right results you are looking for.

Knowing the Particulars of the Reception

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Another important thing that you will have to make sure of when planning your wedding is that you have a firm grasp on what you are doing for your reception. Getting the food and drink lined up for this event needs to happen well in advance to ensure that it is handled. The time that is put into doing this is worth it considering how important it is.

When trying to find great rings, a person will need to find professionals like the ones at Randor. The professionals will be able to give a person the guidance they need.


How can the boutiques change your fashion statement?

Fashion is the word that has probably revolutionized the entire world. There can hardly be seen a person, who is not keen about fashion. Having your own style is the only way to look different amidst the crowd. And when it comes to women, fashion can be considered to be the connecting thread. Women always seek an opportunity to look good and they have every right to look their best, no matter what the occasion is. Even if it is something as simple, regular and casual as visiting the college or university or if it is something formal like visiting an office, finding the right clothing for the right occasion is very important.
If you want to make sure that do not lag behind in this rat-race of looking good, then you must update your wardrobe with the most elegant and beautiful clothes. There are however, many people just like you, who are always worried and in tension about ending up buying clothes that would not suit them; then it is a very good idea to trust the best online boutiques for women.

The concept of online boutiques:

A boutique itself is a unique concept, where you will find only the best, the most unique and innovative designs that you will not find anywhere else. When you choose these boutiques to shop for the clothes, you will find that the designers have a keen knowledge and idea of the latest trends and popular styles. The designers of the boutiques come out of the general trend and offer something more than what you will find at an ordinary store.

How can the boutiques add style to your fashion statement?

If you are looking for a way to add some innovative style to your fashion statement, then the best way to do so is choose a boutique to shop for your clothes. These online boutiques for women will offer you a wide range of accessories, jewellery, shoes, scarves and many more that you can choose and customize with almost anything and everything that you wear. If you are afraid to try something new and bold, the boutiques will help you to break that niche and try something out of the box.

If you have been looking for clothes that will make you look different and help you get that stunning look amidst the general crowd, this is what you must look for. You will find many online boutiques available in the internet, but the one that will suit your taste, budget and also offers the type of clothes that you are looking for, is the one most suitable for you. However, there is yet another factor that you must keep in mind that is to make sure that you do not have to be disappointed about their categories. A good boutique for women will always ensure that you choose the clothes that will suit the taste of almost every woman, belonging to different age groups and professional background. If the one that you have chosen does not offer this, you must look for better ones.


Summer is round the corner and most Indians face the dilemma of picking the best and comfortable Indian ethnic clothing’s to wear in such hot weather. Our months are filled with festivals, weddings and occasions where wearing western outfits are a big no. Picking an ethnic wear, which is comfortable and will make you traditional at the same time, can be an excruciating task.

There is a wide collection of Indian ethnic wears and you can easily pick the one that suits you the best. The most important concern should be of material and colors, which will go in accordance with the hot weather. Below mentioned are some of the best Indian ethnic wear you must own this summer.


What can be more ethnic than a saree and India holds the best and greatest varieties of these amazing clothing. Cotton is a material that is considered as the best to wear in summers, as they are soft and tend not to stick to your skin.

Sarees made with these materials are a favorite in this season. They come in soothing colors and can make you feel relaxed, even in sarees. You can wear them on a simple event or a big occasion like weddings and you will never go wrong.


A simple and elegant kurta with a pajama is the best way to rid any occasion with style, during those hot summer days. They are comfortable and will always make you feel at ease, with their soft fabric and very contented lowers.

This is a piece of clothing that can be worn by both women and men during special events. They will always keep you at easiness and with wide range of colors; you can always pick your favorite


Suits are another form of Indian ethnic wear that is famous all around the globe. There are many fresh and cool summer colors available in suits, which will make you survive this summer with ease. They are available with both salwars and palazzos, which give you the option to feel comfortable in any wear you like.


If you are not up for the traditional saree and suit ethnic wear and want to mix the pleasures of wearing western with Indian, then Chanderi apparels are your best shot. Created with the finest materials, you can get Kurtis and stylish tops that can be matched with lowers to make a complete and unique outfit.

Enjoy the summers at its finest with some of the best Indian ethnic wear mentioned above and make a style statement of your own, at any event.

Things to consider while planning for the Marriage

People are concerned about the marriage occasion that it should be the best among all and it must be well maintained and organized. For this cause they consult various marriage service providers and they pay extra money for it. If you are planning for the wedding you have to focus on some of the things, you can take a look of the instructions that are provided below:

Look for the Expert advice or contact a Wedding organizer:

You can do this if you are having troubles in planning for your wedding. As most of the spouses believe that employing a wedding organizer will break their financial plan and disturb their budget. It is some what known reality the wedding organizers can really spare you the cash after you get all the rebates and the advantages they have organized it with the vendors who are said to be their partners. If you are paying to the organizers, you have to pay them, but wait, in this way you can spare extra cash for you. So, the view of most of the spouses is totally wrong and you must go for the hiring of the wedding organizers for saving your time as well as money.
They appear like a unnecessary cost, however relying upon the extent or size of your wedding, they may not just have the capacity to spare you cash utilizing their associations and information of the industry, in addition to this they also spare a great deal of time for you. Their insight and knowledge of the weddings will help lessen the anxiety of arranging and improve your wedding and make it a better show in terms of the innovative decoration and wedding cards design. Additionally ask the companions and relative who recently arranged and planned a wedding, about the sellers or vendors they contracted and their experiences or encounters. This will likewise help you to comprehend late pattern and merchant costs.

Spend Admirable and Wisely on the Adornments:

Most of the people spend a lot of cash on the wedding adornments and as far as the Indians are concerned they spend more than any body else, so it is critical that you have to deal with the extra expense painstakingly and carefully as well. For this cause you can settle on a wholesale gem dealer or a goldsmith telecommuting rather than an architect or designer store to spare impressively on making expenses of the adornments. This will really help you out and spare you the cash, and you can use this extra cash for the Indian wedding cards, and you can have the best wedding cards for your wedding.

In addition to this if you get your work done on what sort of adornments you wish to have, for example, they jadau, kundan, gold adornments, diamond ones, and visit the diamond setter that is telling what sort of jewelry you want, it will again spare you a decent measure of cash and you can use it in the Indian wedding invitations without having extra to use for this very purpose. You can take these simple instructions and can save your money as well as the time.

Gota Embroidery

Gota, or the Indian appliqué work, hails from Rajasthan. Embellishing every fabric from sarees to suits to dupattas, gota is arguable India’s most beloved craft, used extensively in wedding and fancy attire.
An extremely painstaking task, gota takes precise movements and skilled hands to create. Gota is originally a lattice of gold or silver, native to Lucknow.

Nowadays, coloured ribbons of different sizes woven in satin or twill are also used as gota. The first step is to trace the design on the fabric. This is done by placing a tracing paper with the design on it on the fabric and spreading a paste of chalk powder over it. This traces the design on the fabric. Depending on the design, the gota is cut and folded into various shapes. It is then appliquéd by hemming or back stitching it on the fabric. These lattices or strips of lace are then sewn onto georgette or bandhini fabric to create the final ensemble.

Gold and silver which were originally used to make gotas were replaced with copper and now copper has been replaced with a polymer to make it durable and resistant to moisture. The motifs commonly used in gota embroidery are centred around nature like flowers and leaves, ambabutti motif, elephants, peacocks and parrots to name a few.

The Gota is a unique embroidery which looks heavy, but it light to carry. It exudes royalty and fine craftsmanship, and is extremely opulent while maintaining elegance. Buy embroidered sarees online

Most people ever attending a wedding ceremony

An impending wedding is an opportunity to pull out all the stops and show your friends and family just how hospitable you can be. Whether you are the blushing bride, the handsome groom or parents of the bride or groom, this is your moment to shine the spotlight on the way your family hosts a party.


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Smallest weddings

At its smallest, a wedding party can consist of just four people – the bride and groom and two witnesses to sign the register. This may have been all well and good for couples back in the days when elopements were sometimes the only way to tie the knot, but nowadays most couples hope for something a little more extravagant, with rather more guests.

The type of wedding celebrations that you host can define you within your social circles, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to blow the budget in order to show your guests a good time. It’s perfectly possible to have a low-budget affair that still manages to be the highlight of the neighbourhood’s social calendar.

From pie and pasty wedding breakfasts, bride and bridesmaid dresses sourced through eBay and even a plain old horse and cart in place of a Rolls-Royce, you can entertain guests without ending up in debt. One area where most brides are reluctant to make savings is with the photographs, as these will represent your wedding day memories for the rest of your lives together. Make sure you look through prospective photographers’ portfolios to ensure that you like the style before making a firm booking. Have a look at to see some examples from a skilled Wedding Photographer in Hampshire to whet your appetite.

The biggest wedding of them all

No matter how big or small your wedding, spare a thought for everyone involved in some of the largest wedding parties the world has ever seen.

According to the Mail Online, Nisansala and Nalin from Sri Lanka bowed to pressure from Nisansala’s sister-in-law, Champi Siriwardana, a wedding dress designer, and made a bid for the largest wedding in the world.

Held in Negombo, just 30km north of Colombo, the record-breaking wedding party included 20 page boys, 23 flower girls, 25 best men and a staggering 126 bridesmaids. Reports do not indicate how large the top table was at the wedding banquet!

But for sheer extravagance the award for largest wedding party must surely go to Jayalalitha Jayaram, awarded the Guinness World Record for the wedding banquet for her foster son in 1995. A former movie star, Jayalitha Jayaram went on to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in India and was determined to make her son’s wedding the event of the season.

The wedding banquet catered for 150,000 guests, and cost well over 23 million dollars in total, making it one of the most expensive events in the world. Just imagine the logistics of arranging the seating plan for that number of people!

Fashion Trends in Ethnic groups

Fashion has been known to mankind since the very first days. Humans try to look apart from each other and stand out among other with the help of fashion. Fashion has evolved a lot over the last thousands of years with the mankind. It started with handmade necklaces and bracelets and over the time it has evolved into a multibillion pound industry. Millions of people all over the world are working day and night to improve fashion and bring about fashion revolutions that effect minds of people. Fashion plays a huge role in any society; it molds our minds and makes us what we are.

Even in one single country one could see many different fashion trends. Fashion trends mostly differ with the ethnicity of the people. If one takes a look at a multi-ethnic country such as the UK they will surely notice that people from different places in the world could easily be told apart from each other. You could tell this difference either by looking at ones faces and body or the fashion in which they are dressed. East Asians such as Chinese and Japanese could be detected due to their facial complexions. While the people from South-East Asia especially the Sikhs could be notice because of their turbans.

Africans could easily be spotted due to their skin complexion. The hard part is determining which part of Africa they belong to. So people who are looking black singles could get a bit confused about their partners background at times. If in any case you are looking forward to meet black people then you might have to learn a bit about Africa. As the trend of African dating in many European countries is increasing, people have started liking and using the fashion which was earlier only attributed to the Africans.

If you somehow are interested in dating an African but hesitate to meet them directly in public then use one of many African dating websites. You could visit websites such as,, and many more and look for a perfect match. Haiti Dating is among some of the biggest African Dating websites and it not only has African users but users from many other ethnicities too who are looking for a partner. Before dating someone from another ethnicity just try to know as much as possible about their culture and lifestyle to enjoy a happy and lasting relationship.